Super Bowl Predictions

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  • DFWnonJW

    Is it too late to make my Super Bold prediction?? I'll have to go with the Chargers in 7 2/3 innings.

  • WildTurkey

    OK I,m a big old dummy. I was so wrong about the big game. Who was right??

  • dubla

    a bit of history from THIS topic......

    dubla said:

    ill believe in the raiders if they can come down to miami next weekend and come away with a win.

    well, the raiders didnt win that game against miami, and i still dont believe in them .


  • Elsewhere
    Here is my prediction:

    The score will be 27 to 6, the game will be between a team with an animal mascot and one with a human mascot. The team with the human mascot will win.

    Ahhh yes! See how accurate my prediction was? Amazing what Jehover's Spirit Directed Bookie can accomplish with proper guidance from Jehover.

    The score of the game was 48 to 21. If you take my predicted 27 and double the first digit 2, you get 4 and then just add one to the second digit you get 8 (notice the multiplication and addition follow the pattern of the 21 in the score)... and there you have it, 48 emerges from the 27.

    Now, again using the "double the first digit" rule (as clearly supported by Gawd's spirit directed prediction), we take the 6 and double it to 12. Take that result and turn it around and you get 21.


    Now, the two teams were the Buccaneers and the Raiders. Buccaneers are enjoyable sailors and the Raiders are animalistic brutes. When looked at in this light, we can clearly see that the original prediction that one team would be symbolically human and the other symbolically animalistic has come true!

    Praise Jehover! Once again he has provided his Spirit Directed Bookie with prophecy and knowledge that is clearly of divine origin!

    So there you have it! 48 to 21 with the Buccaneers and Raiders as was predicted.

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  • Solace


    Uhhhhhhhh............ OK

    I'll bet you cant name the one NFL team that both quarterbacks once played for.

    Ok , I'll make it easier. I'll bet you cant name the quarterbacks from each team.

    Ok I'll make it waaaaay easier.

    I'll bet you DO know how many diamonds were on the bra Shania Twain wore during the halftime show.

  • WildTurkey
    I'll bet you cant name the one NFL team that both quarterbacks once played for.

    They both played for Denny Green. But did they ever throw one pass to Randy Moss?

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  • Elsewhere

    Oh, that's easy!

    Five hundred and thirty seven!

  • crownboy

    Well, I guess I was right. The Raiders just got killed, I certainly was not expecting the result to be that lopsided.

    I know Penn and Teller couldn't possibly have known the final score of the Super Bowl, and they probably didn't know who Dexter Jackson was before the game ended, so they certainly didn't know he was going to be the MVP. I think the little old lady was in on the magic trick, provided that nothing really happened to that jar of pickles as they said.

    My favourite commerical was the Budweiser one spoofing the replay system with the zebra and horses. The Micheal Jordan commercial was good too, but I had already seen it before the Super Bowl, though.

    I knew the Vikings was the answer to your question, Heaven, and I can one up your second question.

    Raiders QB's: (note: I haven't checked any of these answers)

    Rich Gannon

    (something)Tuiasospo(sp?), or more easily, the guy who used to be the QB for the University of Washington

    Bobby Hoying

    Bucs QB's:

    Brad Johnson

    Rob Johnson

    Shaun King

    WildTurkey, Gannon definitely did not throw a pass to Randy Moss, but Brad Johnson started the first couple of games for the Vikings during Randy Moss' rookie year (before loosing his QB job to Randall Cunningham), so I'm pretty sure he threw at least one pass to Randy. Hell, Jay Fiedler was the third string QB on the team that year and completed a pass (the first of his pro career) to Randy Moss and he certainly didn't get a lot of time that year.

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