Super Bowl Predictions

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  • xenawarrior

    *stirs the nacho cheese hot tub*

    okay, cmere crown and Beans- it may not be jello but you'll like it- trust me, I'm a Packer Fan!!

  • crownboy

    I'll only go into the hot tub if you come in and get your body all cheesy with me, heaven .

    The preliminary reality check still has me believing in the J-E-T-S. Perhaps 3 Brett Favre interceptions will seal the loss ? Maybe a couple of solid Mo Lewis tackles will remind Ahman Green of his fumbling troubles?

  • Crazy151drinker

    I dont remember seeing anything about Chad Pennington in the Probowl or any "MVP" letters by his name. The JETS suck. They are like 8-6 or something horrible. The Bengals could beat them.

  • Shakita

    Yes. The Pro Bowl. The Eagles have 7, count them, 7 going to the Pro Bowl!!!!

    GO EAGLES------ALL THE WAY------ TO THE SAN DIEGO!!!!!!!!!

  • Solace

    XW & Beans,

    OMG!! What are you two doing under there?

    Shouldnt you at least come up for air?


    You need to quit yakkin and start listening to that Crazy drinken man who just told ya a thing or two.

    Oh, & I aint gettin in NO hottub, I mean cheesetub till you get with the program.

    Now be a good boy and and repeat after me,


    BTW, I think Shatika is SO cute popping in out of nowhere with all that "Go Eagles" stuff.

  • hannibal

    If the packers win the bowl this year than I am for sure going to

    become atheist! ;0000000000 nooooooo..... please God;)

  • Solace

    Oh Hanni,

    Dont be silly, God has nothing to do with this.

    Have some cheese, or would you prefer more whiiiine?

  • crownboy

    Ok, Heaven, for you I'll get with the program and say :


    (can't believe I'm doing this for the cheese jacuzzi )

    Hey, dubla, just call me Nostradamous.

    (bigger gloat pending if the Jets win tomorrow).

  • NameWithheld
    The JETS suck. They are like 8-6 or something horrible. The Bengals could beat them.

    Maybe the Bungles could - they did beat the Saints (or is that the 'aints' now?) - but the Pats couldn't handle 'em! I guess after McNair and co. spanked Brady he just can't seem to get back in the groove. And I think Chad P did a great job last night. Not a Jets fan, but more so not a Pats fan. Glad to see 3 things fall into place this weekend - Packs win again (but a tough game they could have easily lost!), the Pats go down in flames again, and the fishy dudes lose to the purple people eaters - yea!!!!

  • Funchback

    Still no respect for the Eagles, eh?

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