Super Bowl Predictions

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    tell that to all the packers d-linemen who are recovering from broken ankles right now.

    Yep, Vic was pretty amazing - keeping his cool and not coming into the famous Lambo field defeated - it was obvious who wanted to win that game the most. Still sad to see the Pack fold that way - I know they are beat up, but as said, even early in the game even Farve looked like he just wanted to go home. No fire at all.

  • truthseeker1

    Vick is good at dodging blocks, and he is quick, but he isn't amazing. The pack played, much to my disappointment, HORRIBLE. I agree with crazy, they need some people who can catch. WAY to many dropped balls. They kept Atlanta to only 3 points the second half, but the offense just blew. It was a painful game to watch. Lets get some recievers, guys!

  • dubla

    Vick.......isn't amazing.

    well, youre one of the few people that think that then. imo (and the opinion of just about every sports writer, nfl analyst, ex-player, current player, current coaches, etc), hes one of the most if not the most amazing player in the game today. he runs like a faster barry sanders, and has the strongest arm in the nfl. his acuracy and pocket passing will only improve as he plays more.....dont forget people, its only his first year as a starter! if you dont think hes amazing now, you will eventually. i hear people talking about how favre didnt have any recievers to throw to......who does vick have?? finneran? 80 yr. old jefferson? what vick has done with those thats amazing.


  • ashitaka

    Vick is good, and we're going to have a helluva time with them this weekend. Still, with seven Probowlers on the team, I think we're going to do just fine.


    Raiders 28- Jets-17 (although this game has the biggest possibility of an upset)

    Titans-10 Pittsburgh -7 (Who knows?)

    Niners-14 Bucs-3 (the niners are scrappy and I think Tamps is way overrated)

    Eagles-35 Falcons 28 (my Eagles will step it up and pull it off, especially if Donovan gets into his groove.......he doesn't have to run around like a madman to win)


  • Hmmm
    [Vick is] one of the most if not the most amazing player in the game today.

    Amen! I wondered if he would make the transition to the pros and discover that the faster defenses could negate his speed. Obviously not.

    It was scarey to watch. GB looked like they could/would not commit to a defensive play until they knew what Vick was going to do... which meant he got 3 extra seconds for passing plays and 3 extra yards per run.

    Speaking of defensive speed: Ashi, I don't see how SanFran can overcome Tampa Bay's speed on defense. Garcia is going to be harangued all day.

  • crownboy

    Hey, Crazy151drinker, still think "chadwich" sucks?

    Pennington is probably the most accurate passer in the NFL. He throws to recievers no taller than garden gnomes and damn near never misses. Don't blame Green Bay's loss on the wide receivers. The great Brett Favre was very inaccurate with many of his throws, and while there were indeed a few drops, his performance was still inexcusable.

    I'll openly admit I was really hoping for Cleveland to hold on to the lead in their game so that the Jets could travel down to Tennesse to face the Titans instead of the Raiders. The Jets and Raiders will play something like 7 games in the last 5 years against each other (all in Oakland. And low and behold; the Jets schedule for next year has them playing a road game in Oakland. I swear, these guys are starting to feel like divisional opponents). The Jets only lost by 6 in the last game, and of course beat them last year, so while I have some concern, it's not the same concern like a Miami fan has when the calender turns to December.

    Wow dubla, I think the two of us may actually agree on something . Micheal Vick is easily the most exciting player in football, and he'll only get better. I'm guessing the NFL schedule makers will give the Falcons 6 prime time games next year. And Brian Finneran is a decent receiver (a better receiver than Fiedler is a QB, at least ).

    While Dan Marino definitely deserves to be on the short list for best QB's ever, I'd place Otto Graham (7 championships in 10 years), and Johnny Unitas ahead of him (if Elway didn't beat the Jets in the 1999 AFC championship game, maybe I'd bring him in, too ). But obviously, you have more than valid reason to hold Marino there as well.

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  • Crazy151drinker


    Yes. Chadwick still sucks. I dont think he will be very accurate after Romo plows his goofy butt into the ground. The JETS are going to get SHELLED in Oakland.

    And VICK is NOT all that. Look what Tampa did 2 him! You have a fast d-line and he SUCKS. You take the speed from him and he becomes nothing but a poor passer. Even in the Packer game he only had 170 yards passing. Sorry, no Marino, and not the best player in the NFL. Good highlights. Thats it.

  • dubla

    vick naysayers amuse me. he does things on the field that no other player ever has, yet he is "NOT all that", lol.......he is all that, and like i said, the professional analysts agree. ill use some exerpts from a recent espn article (bold mine) to back up what most of us already know....this guy is amazing.

    The 22-year-old improvisational genius led the Atlanta Falcons to a shocking 27-7 upset of the Packers

    "He's amazing, It seems the tougher the situation the better he is.''

    "Michael Vick's a great player, he made some great plays, we couldn't tackle him,'' Sherman said.

    that was just a couple......i could fill pages and pages with quotes about how unbelievable he is. of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion of him, i just think anyone who says hes not that spectacular, really doesnt know much about the game of football.

    crazy said:

    Even in the Packer game he only had 170 yards passing.

    yards are only one part of a game, and numbers arent everything. theres the intangibles, the leadership, and the ability to frustrate a defense all night long, like he did against the pack. heres another quick quote from that article:

    Vick's numbers weren't great -- 117 yards passing, 64 rushing -- but he was his usual phenomenal self. Over and over, he turned broken plays into big ones.

    and those big plays from broken plays were a huge factor in accomplishing what no other team has ever accomplished.....winning in green bay in the post season. it was quite a feat, one many other very talented qbs have tried and failed at........pretty amazing stuff.


    article link >>>

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    . it was quite a feat, one many other very talented qbs have tried and failed at........pretty amazing stuff.

    And therein lies the rub - since the NFL was founded, nobody has ever gone to Green Bay and won a playoff game. There were a lot of very talented teams and QB's who tried. To have notched that accomplishment in your belt during your first season playing in the NFL already qualifies M Vic as 'amazing'.

  • crownboy

    Crazy151drinker, here are the passing stats for the Jets from their first matchup with Oakland this season:

    C. Pennington22/3426521

    (BTW, Romanowski had 3 tackles in that game )

    Looks to me like Chadwick was on his game to me . He'll be on it again come Sunday.

    dubla, are you trying to say Micheal Vick is better than Jay Fiedler?

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