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  • dubla

    was that the sound of the raiders 5 game winning streak being snapped i heard yesterday afternoon? or maybe that sound i heard was rich gannons back being broked by jason taylor on one of his 3 sacks of the day (he now leads the nfl in qb kills). anyone still want to talk smack about the "ivy boy" jay fiedler? hes now only 29-11 as a starter, which is a mere 72.5% winning percentage....nothing special by any means. i guess i could also praise the accolades of the leagues leading rusher, the best cornerback tandem in the league, a little known middle linebacker named zach....etc, etc.....but you all know the story. just to refresh everyones memory of my previous post......

    ill believe in the raiders if they can come down to miami next weekend and come away with a win. miami has owned oakland in recent years, and im expecting another dolphins victory this time around......


    that wasnt the same hapless bears team i saw last monday night in miami, was it?


    kudos on ignoring my entire post which more or less debunked all of your slams against the nfl.

    heaven and xena-

    looks like the pack finally found a way to win a tough road game......better hope they can do that in the playoffs, bc it looks like they are the odd team out afa tiebrakers go right now. but, theres still two games left, so anything can happen....if they win out, theyve still got a good shot at it. they need it bad, imo......i dont see them going into philly or tampa bay and coming out with a postseason victory.


  • Shakita

    GO EAGLES!!!

  • Pardus

    Colts - Packers

  • Beans


    Please remove the cheese cloth blindfold from your head and side with my fish. I love your Packers too, so share my love for my fish with me as Jesus would share his fish!


  • xenawarrior

    Anything for you Beans!!!

    XW of the "feeling the love of the fish- wondering if it's served with cheese" class

  • dubla


    where are you? its tuesday now, you can take that bag off your head............i was remembering a few of your quotes today........

    I think you seriously under estimate the talent of the Jets, though. Our offense is better than your teams own, and our defense has been looking Miami-esque

    still think the jets offense is better than miamis? or were you just joking? and how about that miami-esque defenses performance against the bears? i mean, the bears offense scares who exactly? lol.........

    a stunning upset by the hapless Minnesota Vikings in a couple of weeks ought to get you guys into the late season talespin that hopefully is due .

    well, this prediction still has a chance, and miami is notorious for blowing road games late in the season. but, arent late season talespins pretty familiar to you as well, being a jets fan? heres an excerpt from a recent article on i thought youd enjoy...........

    "Every time I step on the field I expect to lead my team to victory,'' Pennington said Monday. "What I'm concerned about is the perception around this organization and any other person has about the Jets. I'm concerned about getting that changed.

    "I'm not worried about December flops or heartbreakers that cause people to say, 'They did it to us again.' We are setting about changing that. We will change that.''

    Not if they continue to play small in big games. While Pennington and coach Herman Edwards and his staff will argue that past regimes have no bearing on what the current team does, results speak loudest. Here are some of those results:

  • In 1986, the Jets were 10-1, having won nine straight for the league's best record. But injuries tore them up and they dropped their final five, including a 45-24 home loss to Pittsburgh, which finished 6-10. New York sneaked into the playoffs as a wild card.

  • The next year, the Jets were 6-5 before a four-game slide in which they fell to the Eagles (7-8) and the Giants (6-9).

  • At 7-5 in 1991, the Jets lost three of four, including an horrendous 6-3 loss to New England (6-10).

  • At 8-5 in 1993, they lost their final three, but at least they all were defeats to division winners.

  • The 1994 Jets were 6-5 and wound up 6-10. Two of the December losses were to the Patriots (6-10) and the Oilers (7-9). The infamous Dan Marino "fake spike" started the five-game tailspin.

  • Three seasons later, New York lost three of the final four, falling to Buffalo (6-10) and Indianapolis (3-13) to wind up 9-7, one game short of the postseason.

  • The 2000 Jets were 9-4 and needed one victory to move into the playoffs. They lost all three, with a 10-7 home loss to Detroit the worst of the bunch. That game was eerily similar to Sunday's effort in Champaign, Ill.
  • ouchie......and history repeats itself. heres hoping my fish wont share the same fate.............


  • NameWithheld

    Yep, dubla, the fishy dudes have a rep for blowing it in Dec too. Of course, so far they're proveing that wrong this year. I still am suprised they shut down the Raiders like they did - hats off to them. Looks like Marino's passing record will still stand. Still don't like 'em though

    But for a little turn around rub your face in it - the pack look like themselves again. T.O. was Taken Over by the pack defense, and shut down. I think the pack can handle Feidler and Williams if need be

  • Crazy151drinker

    Goodmorning folks!
    Just thought I would slip in real quick and say GO PACK GO!!

    The Pack game was great!! Very RAINY and Windy but it was a good game. When I develop the roll I will post some pics up for you folks!!


    GO PACK GO!!!

  • dubla


    you must be on vacation.........hey, if it makes you feel any better, ill definitely be chanting J-E-T-S jets jets jets! this weekend.......probably one of the few times youll ever see me rooting for the team at the top of my most hated list, so cherish it .


  • Crazy151drinker

    Are the Jets getting their butts kicked this week bye the Packers?? Or is that next week. I get the Buffalo/Jets schedule screwed up.

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