Super Bowl Predictions

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  • Solace

    Fanning dublas pretty new manicure.

    And you thought we couldnt have fun together.

  • xenawarrior

    *Slips a Brett Favre Jersey on dubla*

    Well Heaven, we don't want to distract him too much, let's go shopping and leave him to watching his Packer game(s).

    *Straightens dubla's cheeshead hat on her way out*

  • eyegirl

    **lending her packer's earband to the cause**

  • dubla

    lol....hey, id wear that stuff for a few games anyhow...ive already been a packer fan once this year (new england), and ill root for them against the bills and jets too.


  • xenawarrior

    hey, id wear that stuff for a few games anyhow...

    LOL dubla- your gonna have to cuz we aren't letting you out of the duct tape just yet!


  • Crazy151drinker

    Where is my green and yellow face paint?? When I find it dubla, your in trouble......

  • Solace

    Awwww, ( Removes tape and hands dubla a beer )

    You are a great sport!

    Lettin us tie you up and everything! Ya know, Im almost wondering if you didnt enjoy that part though.

    Anyway, I like ya! You can tailgate with us anytime dubby!

    (Passes Crazy the face paint)

  • WildTurkey

    Hey what are the odds that the cowboys come back and take it all the way baby!!!!!!!!!!! lol

    If you want to know who is going to the Super Bowl look back at that real smart guy that posted first on this thread.

  • ITguy

    The Steelers will never win a Super Bowl with Bill Cower as coach. He simply gets outcoached in the big games. See last year's AFC championship game. See numerous other playoff games including several AFC championships. He made it to the big game once, only to get trounced by the Cowboys.

  • WildTurkey

    ITguy i agree, i dont think they will win but i think they will make it to the Super Bowl. I hope im wrong i dont like the Steelers.

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