Is it just me or has this site become a Believer/Atheist warzone?

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  • adamah

    Yes, by all means, let us allow the voice hearers to continue to control the discussion, by giving them that power....

    BOTR said- Others here can respond to TEC. When I respond, I only give her a platform to air her views.

    You have the insight to realize that, so now extend that logic to others, and realize that when ANYONE responds to an attack on her claim of authority, it gives her an excuse to respond to talk about the voice ad nauseum.

    Heck, look at the pyramid above, and note how the definition of 'ad hominem' is given:

    "Attacks the characteristics or authority of the writer without addressing the substance of their argument"

    Now, does anyone REALLY believe that TEC is hearing Jesus? If you're a skeptic, you don't believe in Jesus or God, so OF COURSE not: she's not channeling for Jesus, but thoughts that enter from elsewhere.

    The entire 'schtick' relies on an implicit (unstated) "appeal to Divine authority". And since the existence of deities is untestable, attacking her claim is an invitation to enter YET ANOTHER vortex of infinite loopiness regression. The answer is that we don't HAVE have to accept her invitation to the Mad Tea Party, and jump down that rabbit hole.

    I suppose you've all never heard the saying that there's no such thing as bad publicity? As long as we're talking about the voice thing, TEC and her group 'win': the only worse thing than being talked about negatively is being ignored, since it diffuses them of their self-perceived sense of superiority, which is their 'power'. Simply ignore the emotional bait (if you don't feel you're capable of diffusing it by posting a single paragraph as I did above, responding with facts about auditory hallucinations from the word of science and psychology). However, protesting endlessly and spouting meaningless platitudes ("someone should DO something about TEC!") only feeds it. Surely you've learned THAT by now?

    BOTR said- I am not the only who feels they are a threat.


    BOTR said- We also don't need you telling us how to respond to people. This is not a philosphy class.

    Great, so you see "them" as a threat AND you pooh-pooh MY suggestion. That means "you're it!", and you just volunteered to provide an idea, since you don't want to listen to others since you perceive it as "telling you what to do" (is that your legendary anti-authority issue on display, BOTR?)

    So, what do YOU propose as a better approach to dealing with TEC's "My Lord tells me" baiting?

    You're not calling for banning her, so what do you suggest?

    From where I'm sitting, it looks like you're just rambling incoherently again and venting, but from the coherent sentences I can make out in your rambling diatribe, you're quite willing to shoot down suggestions, but don't have anything better to provide....


  • flipper

    BU2B- Like I've said many times this board is just like a television- if you don't like the thread- change the channel. There are MANY various threads on the board that are welcoming newbies, helping others to think clearly about mind control, etc. Hey look- in the REAL world there are atheists, agnostics, and religionists. In the real world - they disagree. People debate and disagree. That's a fact. In the JW world NOBODY was allowed to disagree with the WT Society or other JWs. That's a fact. So open discussion with varying views is a good thing. If you are not into that then there are lots of great threads on this board dealing with other subjects. Change the channel. Lurking JW's coming on seeing atheists ans religionists arguing aren' t going to be affected one way or the other- in my opinion. If they are- they should stay a JW anyway as they're already brainwashed or mind controlled. Nobody exits the JW cult until they are ready anyway

  • LisaRose

    Why do you Athiests get so upset about Tammy posts? Just don't read them if it annoys you so much. She has just as much right as you to state her beliefs as you do. I am not a believer, so I mostly just don't read her posts, you could do the same. To say she is violating the posting guidelines is ridiculous, she could just as easily say you are violating the guidelines by annoying her and she would have a much better case because she is much nicer to you as you are to her. Some if your attacks on her personally are just plain silly and unnecessary. She believes God talks to her, you think she's deluded, so what, get over it.

  • designs

    The essense of the New Testament is to view humanity as either Saved or Unsaved, how odd is that.


    LisaRose Why do you Athiests get so upset about Tammy posts?

    Well as it happens - I don't, nor do a number of other Atheists, many of whom have now left this forum. It is my opinion that Tammy has an overactive imagination, combined with a need to believe that there is more to existence than that which is immediately obvious. She also places great emphasis on love and kindness which is often lacking in the world. Her belief in Christ offers hope and fulfils an expectation that all will be perfect one day.

    Many on this forum were Jehovah's Witnesses and looked forward to a new world in which righteousness was to dwell. We believed we had the truth, but alas we were duped. I sometimes wonder how Tammy would cope if she found that she too had been duped. That may never happen, so all is well for now.

    Tolerance is essential, though that does not rule out robust debate. We are all volunteers here and, as has been said earlier, we can avoid threads that we object to or leave the forum. At the end of the day, debates are entertaining and help to adjust our views, expectations, and beliefs. Onwards and upwards!

  • This_suit_doesnt_fit

    Why do you Athiests get so upset about Tammy posts?

    Because mental illness is not a belief.

    Psychopathy is not a philosophy.

    Cult thinking is dangerous & harmful. It is not love. It is not sprituality.

    The fact that so many cannot tell the difference is frightening.

    PS: Sane people find mental illness a problem, not just athiests.

  • adamah

    LisaRose- Why do you Athiests get so upset about Tammy posts?

    "You atheists"? Stereotype much?

    BOTR is not an atheist, but she's declared TEC as a threat, and gets upset over TEC's posts. I AM an atheist, and I'm saying the opposite: TEC is no threat to anyone, and her claim doesn't elicit any emotion but sympathy, since if true, auditory hallucinations incredibly distracting until the person is able to gain control over them.

    TSDF said-

    Why do you Athiests get so upset about Tammy posts?

    Because mental illness is not a belief. Psychopathy is not a philosophy.

    Like others, you are projecting your own fears which are based on ignorance, since you're clearly unaware of the phenomena of auditory hallucinations as you haven't bothered to learn what the World of science has to say on the subject.

    Besides, you seemingly don't understand that the point of a debate is to directly challenge an opponent's CLAIMS, and NOT the SOURCE (unless they appeal to an authority, which is a logical fallacy, since imaginary beings aren't considered as 'experts'). Her arguments are easily-refuted, regardless of wherever she says she got them (whether from Ahuru Mazda or Flying Spaghetti Monster, her claims are easily-dismantled, just the same).


  • KateWild

    Besides, you seemingly don't understand that the point of a debate-Adam

    You make me smile everyday Adam. Please read just that post again and see if you can figure out why I find it so entertaining. Love you to bits Adam, Love Kate xx

  • KateWild


    Welcome to the forum, I see you have posted 29 times and you have not started a thread yet about yourself. We would love to hear your story. Adam has mde some really nice comments on my personal threads, he is a top bloke and here to help as are all of us.

    Love Kate xx

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Tec is well pleased with this thread, she is now the centre of attention yet again...


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