I'm Returing To Become A Jehovah's Witness Again

by Space Madness 85 Replies latest jw friends

  • Gopher

    When we remember older times as better, sometimes it's because we subconsciously filter out the negative things that occurred then. It is a very human trait to think that we can go back to better / older times. If you think about it though, it rarely works out that way.

    "You can't go home again." - Thomas Wolfe

    "It's the laughter we will remember whenever we remember the way we were." - Marvin Hamlisch, Alan & Marilyn Bergman

  • steve2

    Some people have a strong need to stay on medication that soften's life's hardships. Understandable - but not a good longer-term strategy for getting a life worth living.

  • greendawn

    Hi Space Madness, there are other groups out there that have good moral standards but if you really feel that you will fit in well and be more fulfilled in the JWs then you should return there. Some JW congregations are genuinely friendly so you may have been associated with one of these and have overall good memories from them. There are many persons that are genuinely happy in the JWs and enjoy being there and others that just can't fit in and leave.

  • cofty

    There are many persons that are genuinely happy in the JWs and enjoy being there

    I really doubt that. Perhaps they have never experienced the thrill of freedom of discovery.

    Not everybody has the courage to take the red pill.

  • clarity
  • Separation of Powers
    Separation of Powers

    I encourage you to take whatever path you wish. If you felt comfortable as a JW and you miss it, then by all means return. With regard to the negatvity in your life, simply a point of view, if things were that good in the JW's when you were in, why would you have left?

    It may well be that you need to address some deeper issues, we all have them. Those demons that move us in the self-destructive patterns that we learned in our formative years. My suggestion would be...before entering, excuse me, "reentering" a high control group, determine precisely why you feel the need to be controlled.

    Just a thought,


  • truthhurts13

    Its about time you realize that it was the truth all along.....back to sleep you go..........night night......

  • whathappened

    Best wishes to you Space Madness, even though I don't see how cult life is going to ever make anyone truly happy. You give over your authentic self to the cult leaders, aka the governing body. You know longer make decisions about what to do and how to live your life based on your own feelings.

    I would never go back to the Kingdom Hall and have found friends elsewhere. None of them are drunks or drug users. They like me not based on my sharing their religios views, but on me, the real me and only me.

    Have you tried the United Universalist Church in your area? I hear that they are wonderful.

  • jwfacts

    Now you know it is not the truth, it will be hard to attend the meetings without getting annoyed at the bigotry and ignorance that comes from the platform. Also, as mentioned, it was not all roses, or you would not have left.

    Since you need a social group, why not join a more modern, less controlling Church or club?

  • 144001

    Space Madness:

    What is really clear to me, in reading your post, is that you are in need of counseling. You are confused, and if you don't get some help to figure things out, you are likely to make a bad decision that will cost you dearly.

    Jehovah's Witnesses are programmed to believe that psychology is a demonic profession, while the WTBTS' policies have the effect of inflcting severe emotional trauma on many of those within their control. The WTBTS cares only about how much money the WTBTS "Capital" corporation has.

    Get some help before it's too late!!!!!

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