I'm Returing To Become A Jehovah's Witness Again

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  • RottenRiley

    Steve I wonder if your the reincarnated Confucious! You amaze me constantly with your wisdom, you must have had good parents!

    "Some people have a strong need to stay on medication that soften's life's hardships. Understandable - but not a good longer-term strategy for getting a life worth living." Steve

    SpaceMadness has your life gotten more simple since rejoining the Organization? I hope it's more sane and life is treating you better, just don't share your inner thoughts with anyone, it's for the best to remain Double-007 agent.

    How are you battling the crazy comments coming from the mouths of uneducated whack-jobs spouting off Scriptures that have no meaning for the 99 percent? The New Testament was written only for the Annointed according the the hard-core Reps from the Watchtower. I don't understand how the Kingdom Hall provides people with a stable environment, there are so many two-faced, backstabbers attending, it's more a Spiritual Hell and Pedophile Paradise than a aid for good people like yourself!

    Keep us posted how life is treating you!

  • Ruby456

    space madness, do you need to do field work in your studies? if you do then this can be an opening in to the social world around you and can prove to be quite interesting and vitalising.

    Is getting to know what local gov is doing or planning to do in your area part of your course in sociology? local gov considers what the desire of the people is alongside what needs to be done socially and structurally and this can be fascinating. The problem with social life inside the JW organsiation is that it is so authoritarian and one sided - there is no consulting with the rank and file no consideration of their desires. All the structures therefore that are put in place favour a group of middleaged to elderly men and moreover a desire to be controlled and dominated all the time is developed within people. Try and ask yourself when you are next at the KH the question - which group do conditions here favour and what feelings prdominate? I'd like to know what you come up with.

  • smiddy

    Are You Insane ?


  • Ruby456


    perhaps you are

  • sarahsmile

    Hello,I did go back and things changedl. I can say that some times I missed what I thought I had in the organization. Friends. I thought I would do better in life maybe find friends to socialize.

    None of it happened it was odd! They do not have get togethers. I was never invited to anyones homes.

    After so many years of sitting there,I had to get out! It was not going to happen.

    Life can be tough but going back to.the JWs was a shock. Most were so unfriendly and paranoid.

    They do nothing for fellowship. Jehovahs Witnesses do not fellowship with each other. No gatherings!

    Also, the teachings changed.

  • kokyong.soon3

    Hi Space Madness

    My case is that whenever I leave the Jw organisation I will fall seriousely sick.I am actually now well enough to leave the Jw. But I am afraid that I may get sick again.

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