this site sucks! its just a buncha athiest on soap boxes.

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  • factfinder

    I am not an atheist and am too short to get up on a soapbox!

    I do not recall criticizing any who still believe in the Bible or in God. (Other than jws that is!)

    I have become agnostic but accept the possibility that a creator/god may exist who is beyond our understanding and concepts.


    I love your cartoon of God watching the starving child on his screen while eating popcorn and drinking his soda(?).

  • Blttex

    Romans 9:20 (NLTse)
    No, don’t say that. Who are you, a mere human being, to argue with God? Should the thing that was created say to the one who created it, “Why have you made me like this?”

    It still amazes me that some can have a supposedly bible based "holier than thou" attitude when it comes to what God wants and doesn't want, when you can find numerous scriptures like the one quoted above.

  • startingover

    So believers complain about the atheists and those that side with them applaud, and the athiests lay it on the line and the believers don't like it and the other atheists applaud. All I know is that I lived way too long in the JW world where no one was allowed to question anything. so now I can't imagine living in a non-skeptical world that doesn't scrutinize everything. If you want to live in a world where everyone pats you on the back and never challenges you, that world is readily available, but it doesn't exist here.

  • mind blown
    mind blown

    You have to realize you're on an "open forum" with a mixed bunch. Advice - Don't live your yourself on an open highway if you don't want to get run over...learn to say F**k off or don't read threads or post on threads that will only upset you...

    Right now I'm there some kind of god? Is there not a god? Who the hell REALLY's all personl opionion....anyone knows for sure...I've got a bridge to sell ya......

    What I do know without questions is....the WTS and GB are Con Artists....

    Anyway, as scary as the thought is.....I want to meet ET's.......

  • pronomono

    Cross, I have to attest to the usefulness of this forum. JWN has helped me immensely. I'm still not entirely sure what I believe as far as God and such. But everyone on here has helped me to see that this is okay. We've been lied to so much in our lives that we can't sort it all out over night. In the past six months I've went from ministerial servant to doubting to atheist to sure of my doubts, back to belief in God and a whole host of other emotions. Learning the truth about the truth can make you feel like you are going crazy. The people here have helped me to cope. You should give us a chance.

  • Phizzy

    I have found this place to be an excellent place for discussion and debate........... with posters who understand the meaning of those two words, which is the vast majority of posters.

    There are so many false assertions and notions in the O.P that it is pointless my adding a reply to them, other posters have done that.

    But I would hate it if any new reader or member on here felt there was a scintilla of truth in the O.P, there is not.

    This wonderful, well moderated site will always be the best for JW's and those who have left, Period.

  • DJS

    I think I'm stuck in the twilight zone. A lot of god bashing atheists? Really. All anyone has to do to detemine the true nature of this site is to examine the ACTUAL topics being discussed. They seem to rank over 90 percent in JW-dom of some sort. And most of the rest center around biblical/scriptural topics. If that is what this site is about so be it. Rather than whine about it I simply choose to rarely read or participate. And the site also experiences a lot of proselytizing, although this seems to have abated somewhat. I guess not having actual facts to support premises will do that.

    I don't participate frequently, and the theist/non-theist discussions bore me. They are circular. But to make it seem that anti-god mean ole atheists dominate this site or its content isn't supported by the facts. Those who believe in god have every right to do so; all of the atheists on this board (I assume) at one time also believed. But for a lurker or participant to whine about the atheists on this board??? Geeessh. Read the topics. It is JW-lite. It seems to me to be stuck in a dysfunctional post-JW funk where this is simply a different type of congregation with its own leaders/elders.

    Again, if that is what this site is about, so be it. I have voted with me feet. But for theists or lurkers or biblical/jesus/god believers to feign being wounded by the non-theist horde is not supported by what I see as the actual topics discussed. The non-theist points of view I read from Cofty, Snare and some of the others are the ONLY things that make ANY sense to me. I have 3 words for the whining theists. Wah. Wah. and Wah. They can't have it all their way so they cry like babies. Grow up, open your mind and learn something.

  • Qcmbr

    Having transitioned from one side to the other on this site (and yes I posted several boo arrogant atheist messages) I understand the desire to explore ideas a stage at a time. Losing one's religion for many does not equate to losing one's faith and while most are united in their analysis of JWs (mostly well intentioned people living in a structure that promotes groupthink and downgrades individualism and sometimes makes asshats leaders and often has tragic stories) not everyone is yet ready or willing to discuss whether that has any wider application within the faith based world.

    It is extremely frustrating to be challenged (ambushed ?) when you want to discuss some topic on whether Noah was a story with local application or global scope (i.e. you believe it happened) and some poster, usually one of the usual skeptics, starts quoting stats on water volumes and temperature gradients and shows how physics does not allow a global flood without suspending current models of knowledge. The challenge is what to do with that question. Its difficult to realise that the question originally posted may not be the question that people wish to respond to. That is the joy , price and opportunity that freedom permits. This is no JW meeting being led by an Elder. There are no set magazines to underline. There are no pat answers to recite. There is a higher standard of thinking required to avoid looking silly but that is all.

    When I transitioned I realised those who ripped up my logic and disrespected my 'facts' where actually great people who cared enough about me to disagree (and spend a long time trying to explain it!)

  • LucidChimp

    Can someone pass the soapbox please? I need the extra elevation to wipe my arse on the OP.

  • jhine

    O. K . ignorance alert here . What is the OP ? It seems very important so I feel that I have to break cover and at the risk of looking silly ( not for the first time . I know ) ask the question .


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