this site sucks! its just a buncha athiest on soap boxes.

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  • braincleaned

    I continue to be amazed by those who belonged to a ridiculous cult like JW's and now believe in NO Creator!

    I'm surprised! I left the JW cult BECAUSE I concluded that Jehovah was just a nasty villain invented by ignorant men.
    Your god makes NO sense at all — furthermore, I could repeat yet again, and scripturally, why that is.

    It's obvious to any non-bias reader. (it was a hard realization for me, because I LOVED Jehovah... biased FOR him)

    MsD, your comment is an embarrassment to yourself, and to your ignorant dogmatism.

  • DJS


    As so many theists before you, you spout statements based on your feelings without any proof. As Cofty has mentioned, and as I can validate, 'leaving' my theism took decades; it was not an overnight snap decision. It was the result of an evolutionary journey filled with meditation, analysis, self reflection and research. That you would try to reflect that non-theists change overnight or because of some 'event's is ludicrous and simply not supported by the facts.

    And your other rant as to the reasons why non-theists come here: it is crap. I 'lurked' this site for a dacade without joining or participating in any manner until a few months ago. Why did it take that long? Because I was living life. I only began participating because I thought I could assist those leaving, thinking of leaving or having just left the Borg. Admittedly my frustration gets in the way of 'helping' anyone because of the K-Hall lite, congregational biblical theist discussions which dominate this site, and the lack of an academic,intellectual or researched view on much of anything other than god, the holy spirit, his son and the bible by the theists. All of which nauseates me and all of which I left behind very soon upon my JW exit nearly 20 years ago.

    In the few years between exiting JWdom and becoming a card carrying non-theist I studied everything I could to understand the theological viewpoint, why and how I was duped by JWs and if there was anything else out there that made any sense. I knew the wall was coming down but I wanted to be darned sure as to why I was removing each brick. You insult me, and other theists, by your comments. What I didn't do was hang onto a failed belief system or try to seek out the 'real truth' or make my own version of it. All of which I find pathetic, arrogant or both.

  • 144001

    <<<< I continue to be amazed by those who belonged to a ridiculous cult like JW's and now believe in NO Creator!>>>>

    I'm even more amazed by those who were able to grasp the falsity of the "Truth," but didn't notice that all of man's religions are bogus.

  • MsD

    Braincleaned (still not cleaned up I guess ?!)

    I've never been or wish to be a jw (like many of you have been on here)

    For you to call me dogmatistic is absurd!! I listen to both sides of an argument.

    This is why I continue to stay neutral when it comes to believing in a Creator or not!

  • cofty

    MsD - Just because you haven't yet had enough time/interest to fully consider all the relevant evidence doesn't mean others who have, are closed-minded.

    Your post on the previous page was a self-righteous rant.

    P.S. " dogmatistic " isn't a word.

  • snare&racket


    You can be amazed at non believers all you want, but at the end of the day they are just being the honest people in the debate

    "We humans don't know everything"

    "The god of the bible commands,behaves, asks, performs in a manner we would as humans in 2013 consider highly immoral and wrong "

    "There is currently no evidence for intelligent design, a god, the afterlife"

    "Things we have observed contradict the bible and the biblical account about our universe."

    What amazes me, is that I know the bible very well, I know science well, I know everything I wrote above is 100% true. I know that if you were being honest you would have to agree with all the comments above too. The answers, though undeniably true, amount to an honest answer and perspective of god that we were not sold. As soon as you admit that everything sbove is true, your amazement as to why people become atheist, would dissipate like fog in the sunlight of honesty.

    Combined, these above issues lead to people making desicions concerning their beleifs that change their life forever. Argue evolution, god, the bible all you want, but those 4 statement are undeniable.

  • UN informed
    UN informed

    Wow! Lots of great comments, but the winner is: Band on the Run.

    "Believe what you want....the flaw is demanding endorsement from others"


  • UN informed
    UN informed

    I also liked the distinction between Atheists and Anti-theist.

    pretty smart.


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