this site sucks! its just a buncha athiest on soap boxes.

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  • clarity

    Hi Cross ... welcome here first of all!

    I like your style, you took some flack and stayed with us!


    Takes a strong person to do that ...especially a Newbie! lol


    I was a born again for a few weeks, after leaving WT, but then

    things kept coming to the fore ... right now I do not believe in the

    bible as being the word of god you can see where I am at.


    As far as I am concerned, I was critical of all religions & people in

    general, while prancing around as a JW I have had ENOUGH of that!


    I hope you stay and share you ideas & thoughts ...we might all learn something!


  • jam

    cross; My intention in studying the bible was to know God and his will, not

    to become an agnostic, hell I didn't know what an agnostic was.

    This is a place where people know the bible. I hate it when someone ask me

    my faith or belief and when I tell them (agnostic) they try to convince me

    of my misunderstanding of the bible. The sad thing, most believers have no

    clue what's in that book.

    This is a place where believers(those folks here) knows the bible and a funny thing

    also agnostics and atheists.

    You need a common ground for any discussion , that common ground is the Bible.

    It is so hard having a conversation with some one when they have never read the book

    or seen the movie.

    Where else can you go??? Famous words of the WT.

  • Aunt Fancy
    Aunt Fancy

    I don't usually comment on these posts but I will read them and listen to both sides. I have gained a lot of knowledge by reading the points each side has and it has opened my mind to a whole different world. I don't agree with everyone and if someone gets out of control I ignore it so maybe if you would try that and not take it personally you might get some valuable information on the subject. Anytime you talk religion or politics it is bound to get heated because most of us have a certain belief but if you keep an open mind you might learn something new you never thought of.

  • snare&racket

    Urghhh how can i heal myself after being duped into worshiping a genocidal, infanticidal, sacrifice demanding, blood expectant, sexist, racist, jealous, wrathful Deity, with all you people using "LOGIC" and " REASONING" to codly explain why going back and worshipping the same god from the exact same book but in a diffferent building under a different name ...would be silly and a bad idea!

    What an awful site!

    What an awful bunch of people you are!

    Don't you know I have come up with explinations that may make sense if you give me half a chance to explain why my god can be such a huge wanker!?

    Thankfully your faith in science means you still have some faith, your worship of darwin may replace my worship of god, but was darwin a better man than the god of the bible...? Hmmmm well, maybe that is a bad way to put it.... Can Darwin juggle lions whilst pissing lava? No! He's dead! My god can!

    I hope you all find my god, the father, the personification of love... and if not.... GOOD LUCK IN HELL! Ha ha ha ha

    good day to you......

  • bohm

    Snare&racket: that was so epic!

  • jwfacts

    There are a lot of different threads on JWN on all range of topics. The majority of threads are not discussions between Atheists and Christians, with many being offers of help to those that are struggling. If a topic is not of interest, or is offensive, there is no need to read or contribute to it.

  • ablebodiedman


    I believe in God and the Bible.

    Atheists are essential to my convictions.

    If atheists were not abundant I would have doubts.

    However, they are abundant.

    It cements my belief.

    I don't understand why a believer would have a problem with atheists?


  • FlyingHighNow

    Things can swing out of balance here at JWN where belief and unbelief are weighed too often against each other. Everyone has unique experiences when they leave the JW organization and they are all valid. We need each other's camaraderie and support. Point well made and taken.

  • unstopableravens

    hey man, it can feel like a wolf pack attacking sometimes with theses guys, however they are respectful most of the time. thats why i love talking with them. even if they dont believe and come to christ maybe someone else reading a friendly talk will read something that will move them. stay i would love to talk with you.

  • KateWild

    crossquestions6995, I am glad to see you have been having a good exchange in your thread. It was a good OP, and there have been a few who want to engage with you who will be understanding of your circumstances.

    Keep posting. You are doing great. Thanks, Kate xx

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