Elders receive a report that I am openly displaying false religious symbol

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  • confusedandalone

    When you look at the image above what do you see? A sneaker or an outward display that I am now following after another religious group?

    Well yesterday I had a 10 minute conversation with an elder who finally got the balls to call me. A huge mistake on his part. The convo begins:

    Elder: Good evening Brother SOOOOOOOOOANDSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO how have you been. You know something disturbing has come to the attention of the body tha tneeds to be addressed immediately. Twooooo (notice the emphasis) pioneer sisters said they saw you a few days ago in the store and you were wearing shoes that had religious icons on them. What can you tell me about that.

    Me: What...

    Elder: Yes, they stated that you had on Jamaican shoes with religious symbols.

    Me: (Intense Laughing)

    Elder: Brother SOANDSO as one of Jehovah's Witnesses and as a former elder I am sure you...

    Me: Listen up for one second, you WILL NOT call my home and speak to me like I am your child lets get that straight RIGHT NOW.

    Elder: I ....

    Me: Do you understand meee. I am a grown man. Do not call me and speak to me like I am your child. As for my shoes yes they have colors which happen to be the same as the colors that are on a Rastafarian flag. They are also the colors of various other countries as well depending on the order. So are you wondering if I am a rastafarian... No I am not. THey are addidas. Addidas have 3 stripes. They just happen to be the colors on the shoe I am wearing end of discussion

    Elder: Well you wife is from Jamaica, so I would think that you would be aware of the fact that the colors represent Rastafarians... be side I have addidas as well the come in a million types why those?

    Me: Your wife is from America so can you never wear red white and blue? Can you never eat apple pie... this has to stop. If you want to get me for somethign just do it. Let me ask you this, some might reason that the car Mazda is a way of honoring the god Ahura MAzda. Should Christians not drive Mazdas... sure they are great on gas but we dont want to send the wrong message, right right right

    Elder: You are taking this overboard, just as I would expect... you are diverting attention from your own wrong to something trivial that you can place on your brothers.

    Me: So IIIIIIIII am taking something overboard??? IIIIIIIIII am making something trivial into something it is not... you are a joke. *Hang Up*

    Now what will they not go to in order to take someone down? If you are a lurker and wondering why people are so fedup with this group just look at this foolishness. You want to disfellowship someone for the color of their shoes??? Wonderful group arent they

  • KateWild

    You carved a pumpkin for haloween, and jumped out on the kids before you gave them candy. Wouldn't Jehovah's holy spirit guide the two pioneer sisters to that crime, rather than the crime of banned footwear?

    I suppose there are two crimes here though. You need to attened a JC hearing about all this. Please record it too. We all need to expose this nonsense to the full.

    By the way I can't see a picture of your shoe if you posted it

    Kate xx

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    You are absolutely CORRECT about Mazda automobiles, CONFUSEDANDALONE.

    ...and I am *stunned* by the "elder's" leap from " What can you tell me about that?" to " you are diverting attention from your own wrong" before any "wrong" was established.

    What a moron!

    ...and since WHEN are stripes a "religious icon"?

    How stupid are those two nosy Pioneer bitches?

  • confusedandalone

    You are right Kate I just added the picture LOL

    I am eagerly awaiting what happens next. This has turned into a 3 ring circus and I do not feel that there is going to be an easy resolution anymore because anywhere I am seen people are looking for all sorts of things to condemn me on. It is annoying to say the least

  • confusedandalone

    " before any "wrong" was established"

    I truly think that at this point they are just throwing Shiat at the wall to see what sticks. THe rules no longer matter it appears once they really want to get rid of you.

  • LisaRose

    A long time ago they said that wearing red white and blue, even wearing a garment that had part of the US flag in it was OK. Now this one guy is saying you can't wear shoes with a certain combo of colors? That is ridiculous even for a cult. I am glad you told him off, what nonsense. Every combination of two or three colors is probably part of some flag, so are they going to then say you must stick to one color in every outfit? It's absurd. It would almost be funny if they DF you for that, you could use it as example of how crazy this religion is.

  • Bruja-del-Sol

    CAA, isn't it a good idea to record any incoming calls from now on? Would be so funny to hear conversations like this for real and expose them online.

    Just showed your shoe-pic to my non JW husband and asked him what thought came to mind by seeing your shoe... his answer: "rasta"... hahahahaha.... When I told him about the call you received he was mind blown and couldn't believe this happens for real! Even I am having a hard time to decide whether this is something to be upset about or just laugh... it's too crazy, things like this happen in really bad written movies, meant to be funny but nobody laughs...

    Looking forward how this story will continue... you did a good job by the way, guarding your boundaries!

  • KateWild

    they really want to get rid of you.-confused

    They certainly do. Time for you to play by your rules now. Dont let them stess you or control you. For the kids sakes. You need to have a plan that suits you and make the preparations you need to make. Looks like fading is not an option for you.

    You are very intelligent, you will formulate a good exit plan that suits your family best.

    Keep us informed of the progress- Kate xx

  • cantleave

    JW's are petty little twats!

  • wearewatchingyouman

    you should have told him you were showing your support for the Jamaican bobsled team. lol

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