Elders receive a report that I am openly displaying false religious symbol

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  • DesirousOfChange

    All it takes to DF someone is for 3 Elders to make that decision. I know of a similar BS case, but the brother complied to prevent them from taking any action. He played their game well.

    It would not surprise me that the way you SPOKE (disrespectfully) to that Elder could eventually be considered "brazen conduct" or a "brazen attitude" towards Jehovah's appointed representative (Princes in all the Earth).

    You're in their crosshairs. Thankfully, you don't give a $%&t!


  • ruderedhead

    That is so bizarre!

  • confusedandalone

    I have already been shunned by family for months so I am pretty much out of it already.

    The big boys just want to make it official in I think the most embarrassing way possible. I however have no shame.

    I am aware of what the colors represent my wife is from there after all and we visit alot - the fact is I am not one so why the big deal.

    Even it I was why not just leave it alone. These peopel are just so freaking stupid


    What a bunch of idiots. Good for you! You took control and I am sure that it felt great! These people are ignorant in the true sense of the word. Sadly, that ignorance is combined with arrogance and pride. They actually believe that they are the "stars" of Revelation. Imagine that! This Elder was calling you to re-adjust your thinking. You were already guilty in his mind as his comments show:

    "Elder: You are taking this overboard, just as I would expect... you are diverting attention from your own wrong to something trivial that you can place on your brothers."

    He took it overboard by calling you about your shoes. You told him to man up and say what he was really thinking and he pussed-out. Next time, tell him that you are sorry that his conscience was offended by your shoes. Some of our brother's conciences are weaker. That will piss him off. Make sure to have a drink next time..


  • konceptual99

    FFS - I don't know why these people let their time be wasted like that.

    I would have also asked the elder why he had not asked the sisters to apply Matt 5:23,24 and Matt 18:15-17.

  • KateWild

    tell him that you are sorry that his conscience was offended by your shoes. Some of our brother's conciences are weaker.-DD

    Funny stuff, I wish I could use that. - Kate xx

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    good grief !!! Why did you get kicked out of the Jehovah's Witnesses ? Because my shoes had stripes of the wrong color !

    They will not stop with this idiocy until they can find something stupid enough to say You ,yourself have disassociated from the congregation by your own actions ...mark my words .

    I think you stood your ground well with him . It is amazing how in every case they start off the same way with that serious tone ,and those key words "it has been brought to the Elders attention ",and 'it needs to be dealt with immediately ' . What a load of crap .

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    He wore those shoes that fateful day

    and oh a pioneer would say

    that as she reached for deli meat

    her eyes were shocked by someones feet

    a pagan symbol pierced her brain

    she thought she might have gone insane

    it was a brother from the hall

    she hurried off to make the call.

  • Comatose

    Sounds like brazen conduct to me! How brazenly disrespectful of Jehovah's elder arrangement. Brazenness is evidenced in not only your brazenly wearing the shoes, but also in your brazenly telling off Jehovah's chosen anointed one. Brazen, Brazen, Brazen.

    thats how I expect the reasoning to go. Idiots.

    (edit- missed your post Doc)

  • Stealth

    What a bunch of morons. They just can't stand to NOT be in control. You can't quit! .... Were going to kick you out!

    Reminds me of when I got counceled for owning a 1980 Oldsmobile Cutlas Ciera that had an internation flag emblem on the fender because some were stumbled. I had to sell the car to appease those idiots.

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