Elders receive a report that I am openly displaying false religious symbol

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  • Calebs Airplane
    Calebs Airplane

    Snitch Pioneer: Brother Jones, I saw Confusedandalone at Walmart the other day wearing those Jamaican Rastafarian shoes again. This time, I'm pretty sure he also had some marijuana in his pocket. You know how those Rastafarians are.

    Clueless Elder: Sister Snitch, thank you for informing me about this again. This time, we will take full and immediate action.

  • adamah

    Yup, they're gunning for you, and the truth is they don't need a stinkin' reason to get rid of anyone who's targeted for DFing, since they just rationalize that you must've done something wrong which they don't know about (which in everyone's case is true: the Bible's over-regulation and/or nebulous nature means EVERYONE has some sin in their closet). So who needs actual evidence when they can go by attitude, alone? Your open contempt for the authority of the other elders is all the proof they need that you don't want to be in the Playhouse Fantasy Club any longer (which also IS true, too).

    Here's irony for ya': the rampant abuse of power is even worse than in the military, where generally one's chain of command has to search for and find actual evidence of poor performance to justify giving someone a bad EPR/OPR (enlisted/officer performance report) which can lead to torpedoing their military career by blocking future promotions. The person writing the report knows the member can demand an independent agency within the military to provide a review, and then the report writer has to JUSTIFY their actions by offering evidence. That tends to discourage attempts to drum a productive member out, driven by only personality conflicts and ego battles (AKA pissing contests, driven by "mine's bigger than yours" thinking; that's human nature, but it is only allowed to be expressed under certain circumstances, and in this case you're in a battle YOU will lose, guaranteed).

    People prone to leading evidence-free lives (driven by faith, alone) are setting themselves up for a World of hurt: when will people learn the irrationality of living life based on evidence-free thinking?

  • braincleaned

    This is so funny! That elder is a nincompoop!!! Hahahaha! THank you so much for posting this confusedandalone! Excellent example of how stupid some can be.
    Well answered... ;)

  • KWJoe

    Always make sure your dreadlocks are tucked under your rastacap, while wearing those shoes

  • MadGiant

    “Let me ask you this, some might reason that the car Mazda is a way of honoring the god Ahura MAzda. Should Christians not drive Mazdas... sure they are great on gas but we dont want to send the wrong message, right right right” – confusedandalone

    Should have been funnier with Subaru instead.


  • WTWizard

    It won't be long before the witlesses can't do anything. A simple circle can be a "pagan symbol", and they are sometimes used in sorcery (abusive sorcery, but sorcery nonetheless). Triangles? Sorry, those are parts of Satan's sigil. As are the letters V and X. Red and blue anything denote Satan's colors, and Astaroth's color is green (as in green plants). A star--a regular 5-point star? Too bad, Astaroth has one in Her sigil. Just about every shape and color is found in some Demon's sigil or is one of their favorites. There are also Demons that take care of deceased animals--hope the witlesses are scared of snakes, since they are sacred to Satan (as is the peacock).

    And after researching, the witlesses will be afraid to eat anything. It will be "celebrating Christmas". Turkey, beans, squash, pumpkin, any type of pie, chocolate, cherries, peppermint, eggnog, ham, potatoes with gravy, and pineapple slices (on the ham) are obvious. So, the witlesses will try eating things like strawberries, kiwi fruit, whipped cream, fruit salads, shortcake, and lemonade. Sorry, but those are used in a New Zealand Christmas. They celebrate with those things in the southern hemisphere, where it is summer on Christmas Day. I am afraid it's going to be lean pickings for the jokehovians. Even hamburgers, french fries, Coke, pizza, and chicken nuggets are part of some pagan holiday somewhere in the world if they just do the damn research.

  • oppostate

    Write the BOE a letter telling them you are withdrawing membership from that congregation.

    Include that you in no way are disassociating yourself from the greater Jehovah's Witness community.

    Only that you no longer want to be recognized in the membership list of that particular congregation.

    Then write another letter telling them to cease calling or making contact with you, threaten with

    legal measure against the local BOE. Tell them that you will not include the Watchtower Society in

    the legal case unless they start giving legal advise to the BOE and by their association they are

    including themselves in your legal case against them. You want to repeat clearly that you will

    sue the local BOE for any judicial action they take against you, since you don't consider yourself

    a member of that congregation and you will sue them for any negative mention of you in a public

    setting or any announcement. End by saying that you are not disassociating yourself and you

    reserve the right to join another JW congregation of your choosing where you will feel they won't

    harass you mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Due to their mistreatment of you, and

    their discrimination against you (for all these reasons against the BOE), you find no alternative but

    to withdraw membership from that congregation and their biggoted pioneer representatives.



    Oh dear! I would rather die in Armageddon than living forever in paradise with this bunch of people.

  • Giordano

    More evidence that JW'S live in a self made fantasy world devoid of intellectual depth and human compassion especially to non members. They have turned themselves into Ozzie and Harriet (1950's T.V. Show) with fangs.

  • adamah

    MadGiant said-

    Should have been funnier with Subaru instead.

    Should we start a list of products JWs cannot use without risk of stumbling others?

    Mars bar (named after Mars, the Roman God of war):

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