Wrong type alternative service

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  • Yadirf


    Now don't go giving yourself a pat on the back for having upset me. I'm too old to be getting upset. There's nothing you can throw at me that I haven't already endured with flying colors. I'm the one that makes YOU upset, remember?

    Btw why do you phrase yourself in such unchristian
    way...just to argue, discuss or explain your viwpoint?

    ex. "Of course you've never had the balls to shoulder the responsibilities that the Governing Body has accepted with pleasure, so nobody should expect you to really understand. I've seen you make a fool out of yourself so many times on this board that it's pathetic."

    I stand by what I said. If the truth hurts, then change if you don't like it.

    No amount of verbal abuse, or similar kind of things will be
    a substitute for the " truth " of the word of God.
    Why not tell that to your apostate buddies here? Hypocrite!


  • AlanF

    Hey DakotaRed,

    In case you haven't already figured it out, this "Yadirf" entity is actually a mildly insane wannabe JW who has been DF'd for apostasy, but hasn't got enough balls to admit anything one way or another, and so goes limping on the opinion any number of losers who will take pity on his sore, but entirely self-inflicted, estate.


  • jerome

    If your id is yadirf do not reply to this post as it is addressed to the rest of the board.

    Today this guy hit an all time low in my mind. What little respect I would have had for him as in terms of standing up for his beliefs has been totally eroded by his display of unbelievable ignorance and hypocrisy today.

    I never thought that they were people that could stoop this low anywhere alive on earth.

    We all agree that war is a bad thing and that we would love to never have to fight another war again but with tyrants and madmen taking up leadership positions in the world we have no alternative.

    I once though JWs were a queer but harmless religion that were just like any other christians. But on finding out that they can produce people that think like this guy and have absolutely no respect for the sacrifice of others that has struck a nerve.

    I just cannot imagine how someone could knowingly benefit from the hard work, effort and even lives of others and then turn around and condem the ones who fought to ensure his freedom as they were the scum of the earth.

    I have realized that Yadirf is beyond reason, beyond intregity beyond hypocrite. I have never come across anyone who has stooped to as low as a level as he has today.

    Please donot respond to me because I couldent care less about what you say from now on.

    This guy has truly displayed a character and an attitude that truly only his mother could love. With the utter disrespect for other lives that he has shown today I can barely consider him to be a person.

    A part of me wishes that I could some how take you to some alternate universe to this one to an earth where the Nazies won the war. And then abandon you there and then see how long you would last there with the attitude towards the lives of others that he has today.

    You cannot reason with him, you cannot trust him you cant understand him soits best that I ignore him.

    I have nothing more to do with him because it appears that he is beyond help.


  • ThatSucks

    I've got to admit one thing about this guy Yadirf. He sure knows how to talk his way around a subject's issues. Man, he should go into comedy. It's fun to watch him cut people down to size with tissue-paper scissors.

  • TR


    Well it looks like Farkel was one up on you then wasn't he Friday? You're saying he was right to ignore his doubts and listen to the Society? Why don't you do that yourself? I'm sure the brothers would love to see you at the next meeting. Or.. am I changing the issue here?
    Yadikweed hasn't been to a meeting in 25 years. He's admitted that himself. Some bullshit about "waiting" to see if they change somehow. So, Yadickweed doesn't practice what he preaches. He enjoys all of life's freedoms and pleasures, just like anyone else that is not a 'hovah. Yet, he trumpets the "virtues" of the WTS. I think he hates the JW routine, but is afraid of getting fried with the rest of the 99.9 % that 'hovah will kill. LOL!

    Yadickweed is the ultimate hypocrite.


    Unseen Apostate Directorate of North America- Washington Division

  • ThatSucks

    jerome wrote:

    With the utter disrespect for other lives that he has shown today I can barely consider him to be a person.

    This is truly a sad thing to see. I'm just glad that many on the board can see (unlike Yadirf himself) that he is merely a product of an opportunistic cult. Those a$$holes in brooklyn should be ashamed of themselves for what they have done to him.

  • TR


    Just wanted to thank you for your service to our country. That goes for the rest of you that served.

    Note: "service to our country" not to be confused with service to a false religious organization.


    Unseen Apostate Directorate of North America- Washington Division

  • Francois

    Yardif, "we were never meant to direct our own footsteps"? C'mon. Then what's free will for in that case? Of course we were meant to direct our own footsteps, to show discernment and to make choices after the answers were arrived at. Making choice is what it's all about Yardi. If I were you, I'd eschew any public decisions about my spiritual direction in life.

    You and your near-infinite density are very amusing, but I've always been taught to kinda keep that those things under wraps when smarter people were observing.


  • Farkel


    : Farkel's PREFERENCE is, to quote him: "The issue is not whether I'm alive today because I chose not to take up combat. The issue that I've always presented on that subject is that the society's stance on alternative military service when I faced it was idiotic."

    : You see, Farkel likes to be the one who dictates what the issues here are going to be.

    Uh, the title of your thread is "Wrong Type alternative service", Yadirf. Was your thread about alternative service, or not? If it was, then my comments about that subject were totally in line with the topic you started. Your whining about me "dictating" the issues here when I was talking about the issues you started is disingenuous and slippery.

    Your original argument seemed to be this: "Dubs should be grateful they are alive because of the society's position on neutrality." Wasn't that your original point? If not, then what WAS your original point? Assuming that was your original point then my comments were not only relevant, they demolished your assertion. I showed that in my Country no dub had to die in war because of the civilized attitudes in dealing with conscientious objectors. I showed that no dub had to even do any non-combatant service on the battle field, but instead could do civilian work to make their contribution to the society that was fighting for their freedoms. Furthermore, I showed that the society had a policy (since changed) that needlessly changed my life in a negative way. It was an idiotic policy and thousands of young men like myself were harmed because of the society meddling in personal matters of conscience.

    With regards to statements made about me becoming a doctor, I was told that even getting an undergraduate degree would be proof that I was scoffing at Jehovah's upcoming day of Armageddon in 1975. How many dubs did you know in the 1960's and early 1970's who left high school and went on to become doctors? How many, Yadirf? Someone has already shown you from the society's own publications how they viewed someone who went on to college, and much more so how they viewed someone who went on from college to get a medical degree.

    With regards to it being my choice as to whether I should follow the society's policy or not, technically speaking you are right. It WAS my choice. If someone put a loaded and cocked gun to your head and says if you don't embezzle money from your company he will blow your brains out and you choose to break the law and embezzle money it is still YOUR choice. You DID have the choice of watching your brains exit in big chunks from your skull. Some "choice."

    Well, the WTS also had a gun to my head. If I didn't do as they say, not only would I be shunned by all friends and family, but my eternal salvation would forever be lost. Still, it was my choice, but the consequences of doing anything other than what the society told me to do were severe enough to destroy my shot at eternal life.

    It was not me who started yapping about how bad and wrong war is, Yadirf. It was the non-thinking yappers who can't yet understand that a thread has a topic and that people should stay ON that topic, rather than blurting out the first thing that comes into their heads.

    As others have pointed out, you skirt around the real issues you started. What I've just stated are the real issues you brought up and my experiences with them.


  • LDH

    MacHislopp, As usual--thanks for the quotes! The quotes are valuable because they show the mindset of the faithful.

    No I understand ENTIRELY what Friday is saying! Farkel was the dumb-ass here because he listened to what the Tower said without compunction!

    Good argument Friday. *Farkel* is only ONE person, but I'll use his name here to represent the MANY who followed the dictates of the WBTS.

    1. Farkel Served the WT Gods implicitly
    2. Farkel didn't doubt anything they told him
    3. For his faithfulness, Farkel received a Felony Conviction
    4. WT Gods change their mind (SURPRISE!) and blame Farkel for his stupidity
    5. Farkel FINALLY catches a clue and leaves the WT whore for the rest of the dumbasses. (That would be you)

    So, you want me to blame Farkel for believing what the organization taught, is that correct? Well, if that's true at least he woke up to the fact that he was engaged in porneia with a spiritual whore.

    So, what's your excuse Friday? How long will you go limping along on two different opinions? If Ba'al is your God......

    Daughter of USMC veterans
    Semper Fi

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