Proof of Noah's Flood - Presently watching a Documentary about Europe & the Ice Age

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  • slimboyfat

    There are no facts, only interpretations. Of course. Ten points if you can name who said that.

  • cofty

    Nietzsche - He was a buffoon.

    I am opting out of any further conversation with you about your relativism. I have utter contempt for it and I am in danger of disrespecting you as a result.

  • slimboyfat

    Nietzsche a buffoon? Oh Lordy, he is the prophet of our age. "God is dead", that was him you know. Have you ever read any of his stuff?

    I can't blame you for bowing out. The reasonableness of relativism is too powerful to negate without suppressing it.

    I don't disrespect you, there are some things you cannot bear at present, as Jesus would say.

  • cofty

    I respectfully ask to quit a conversation that I find too ridiculous and you take the opportunity to score cheap points - idiot.

  • slimboyfat

    Well I can't say you're wrong, can I?

  • hannes

    @ brother of the hawk

    What I find fascinating about the languages is the observation of the grammar ever getting less elaborated, making speech a little clumsier and less to the point in the nuances and losing some of the beauty of the original brevity (due to the former grammatical density).

    Another interesting thing is the differences of the languages a n d their similarities and parallels, the drifts in the semantics from one to another.


    You are right. Excuse me. My English is weak. I meant the reporting and handing down of scientific findings. Science tradition or the reception of scientific concepts in the public intellectual debate is what I wanted to refer to.

  • hannes

    What definitely would speak against such a flood from an ethical point of view is the notion of a final individual judgement that goes with it against scriptural hints that point in a different direction: God making everything new and bringing back into life all that has gone lost.

    Judgement in its true sense is a bringing to right and repaying for loss, a healing i.e. a making whole and sound again and a revealing of each one's truth.

  • *lost*

    Nice try cofty

    You have written lots of questions, why you think they are relevent to the discussion I cannot fathom, instead of asking everyone else questions, why don't you explain it in your own words.

    Also, you did not give a basic explanation for the one question I asked.

    Instead, as usual, you use ridicule, and take the intellectual higher ground, which, by the way, you have basically, by the sound of things so far, plaguerised from others who have done their own work and research, and have come to their own conclusions on given subjects.

    Really, am I to believe the word of someone, anyone, who has never done any field research, of their own, and quite possibly has no hands on real experience of these things. (no offence my dear)

    I never, ever, believe anything just because someone 'tells' me I should, no thank you. I do my own research in my own time.

    Please, and you people call me stupid and take the peese, ha hahahhah, Is that irony.

    Not got much time, got to go, will be back later with notes on koala's and the migration of animals and how the original habitats of the ancient world, are nothing like our modern world, let me see now, for how many thousands of earth has man been raping and pillaging the very planet that sustains us, and thereby brining it to ruination.

    BEE's, there's one example of what 'science' has done to decimate a species.

    NO BEE'S - NO FOOD. GLOBAL DISASTER PEOPLE. End Game, so simple.

    Maybe Monsanto can 'create' a new supa species of bee's.

    Comatose, as usual, you never have anything constructive or worthwhile to add. there are rules, follow them, or else you will have to be complained about. You are stifling discussion.

  • 2+2=5

    Wow. Some of the comments on this thread are special.

    A huge wooden box, is built by a man who is hundreds of years old. He fills this box with every kind of living thing that exists on this planet.

    Let's just ignore the fact that this impossible before we mention the insane amount of water that this box was constructed in preparation for.

    We are talking rain so heavy that it would more likely kill everything on this earth rather than anyone drown. Even the magical box that the ancient old man put together in his spare time would be obliterated in seconds by the deluge required to flood the entire earth 40 days.

    The evidence for any of this happening is non existent.

    I am honestly intrigued by anyone who has given the global flood subject as recorded in the bible some thought, and can still beleive it possible. It would seem to me as probably the most easily disproven myth of the bible.

    The global flood is far more easily dismissed than arguments for intelligent design, or even other bible miracles.

    I am not an atheist, but the whole global flood story is just extremely ludicrous.

  • cofty

    Lost - If I haven't answered a question you asked you only have to say so - no need for a rant.

    I have explained lots of stuff but I have never asked anybody to believe a word I say. That's the thing about science, anybody can do the work and study all the evidence for themself.

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