Proof of Noah's Flood - Presently watching a Documentary about Europe & the Ice Age

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  • cofty
    the bible is proof enough that the flood happened but I am a faithful believer

    So you are a faithful believer in an ancient book. Why?

    It isn't a matter of opnion that there was no global flood it is a matter of fact.

    Most scientist probably would not say it did not happen even if they were atheist because there no evidence one way or the other

    Actually all geologists and biologists would say for a certainty that it didn't happen. There is abundant evidence that makes it impossible.

    How do you think all the same species got from Mt Arrarat to the same places around the world without leaving any remains? How did all the marsupials get to Australia and not one of them died and left a single bone on the way?

    Biogeography makes the idea of the bible account impossible.

    Then there is geology. Have you ever seen a muddy puddle that has dried out and is covered in a patern of cracks? As you look through the layers of rock that were laid down over millions of years you can see many examples of these sort of layers. Sediment - water - dried out - more sediment - dried out and cracked - more sediment and so on.

    How could that happen in a deluge?

  • cantleave

    A website that has not been updated since 2003 would not appear to have much of worth to add to this discussion - although some of the man's claims are so far out there laughter does seem like a very healthy response.

    Steve you come across as such a supercilious jerk at times, I am not sure why you say laughing at something so obviously risible is unhealthy.

  • bats in the belfry
    bats in the belfry

    Each time there are findings of a sort, religiously inclined people attach a significance to it, matching their particular theology.

    The Broadcaster, July 16, 1925

    The Broadcaster was a four-page, second-class publication, that hoped to reach hundreds of thousands of persons through the mails. Later, this publication was discontinued, because so many failed to reach their destination. Witnesses everywhere were then called upon to put their efforts into distribution of The Golden Age, a magazine the circulation of which today is not merely in the hundreds of thousands, but in the millions. It is now known as Awake!

    1969 The Watchtower, October 15, page 637

  • Comatose

    I fail to see how asking what name the show had or what the proof was, is evidence of a mean old atheist attack. When you create a title that says there is proof of the flood any person should expect to get those questions. To then feign ignorance regarding the controversy you create, is the height of ridiculousness.

  • *lost*

    Comatose - if you actuallyread what I said, which I quite clearly stated I was caught off gaurd when I heard it.

    So to comment on something you obviously have read and don't understand, or comprehend, is the height of ignorance, stupity and ridiculous.

  • Comatose

    I still fail to see why asking what proof there was or the name of the show was an attack from an evil atheist.

  • AndDontCallMeShirley
    To be honest with you the bible is proof enough that the flood happened but I am a faithful believer.


    This view is no different than modern Muslims who firmly believe the earth is flat- because the Koran says so.

    Beliefs are not evidence.

  • cantleave

    Most scientist probably would not say it did not happen even if they were atheist because there no evidence one way or the other just questions and theories.

    Any scientist would agree that such a flood was impossible and that story as presented in the bible is a myth.

  • punkofnice
    (God will it ever end) so, emotions are a bit all over the place.

    Join the gang!

    On the subject of the flood. I find documentaries like this really interesting.

    I'm not sure that finding bones in the sea proves a world wide flood. When I was an exJW Christian I felt that the flood story, in fact all of Genesis was allegorical rather than factual. But then that's my confirmation bias.

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