Proof of Noah's Flood - Presently watching a Documentary about Europe & the Ice Age

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  • *lost*

    First time I ever heard anyone say there was 'proof' of Noah's flood.

    Very interesting,

    Showed a trawler, where the team dredges regularly in the North Sea - for animal bones, massive land animal bones, Mammoths.

    He said, originally, the bones were sent for analysis, and the Dr stated, they were proof of Noah's flood.

    The North Sea area was a land mass of dry grazing lands. And it was very similar to Africa.

    many bones were found in London, of Lions, hippos, etc ... when they were digging out the underground.

    That was all I could get... for now.

  • Captain Obvious
    Captain Obvious

    And that is proof why? Because some of the uneducated public might be so uninformed about the early earth that they might believe it?


  • CyrusThePersian

    Any time anyone says"proof" you should take it with a large grain of salt. "Evidence" is a much more appropriate word and in this case the evidence is very scant indeed!

    The fact that animal bones are found in weird places is more evidence of plate tectonics rather than an earthwide flood. An earthwide flood would have caused a great deal more damage and would be vastly more obvious than what we see here. Please check out the talkorigins website for more scientific information about the possibilities of a "Noah's Flood."


  • GromitSK

    Plenty of places once under the sea are now above it and vice versa. I don't see how this has any connection to Noah lol.

  • cantleave

    What is the name of the documentary? Who made it?

  • cofty

    In relatively recent history you could walk from England to France.

    Its about geology not mythology. There was no global flood.

    The world used to look like this...

  • cofty

    If you want to understand the history of planet earth watch this series of 6 videos from National Geographic. Its much more interesting than silly Bronze Age stories..

    Here is part 1 of 6, click on the title to go to YouTube for the others...


  • AndDontCallMeShirley

    Noah's Ark has been "discovered" more than 70 times, and each time it's discovered it's "proof" of the Flood. However, as Cyrus stated above, evidence is never presented. The charlatans make their discovery, declare it's "proof" of this-or-that, and the rest of us are supposed to take their word for it.

    That six episode series Cofty posted is excellent. Once you start considering science the various pieces of evidence begin to make more sense and shatter the claims of 3,000 year old books.

  • Quendi

    Thanks for the link, cofty. If *lost* could also provide a link to this material, I’d be grateful.


  • Chariklo

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