Do you think "Blondie" is addicted to reading Watchtowers and Awakes?

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  • Justitia Themis
    Justitia Themis

    Spirituk, I don't think you are in a position to comment on Blondie's emotional motivations considering your ridiculous post concerning getting "revenge" against a JW girl. Troll alert.

  • LisaRose

    I used to wonder why Blondie did the Watchtower threads, I myself haven't picked up a Watchtower in 14 years, so I didn't understand why she would want to even read them, much less take time to comment and breakdown every study study article. But as more time has passed I realize how important it is that she keeps doing what she is doing. As many here have pointed out, some members here are still active in the organization and must read and study these articles. Her ability to see through the manipulations and falsehoods is very helpful for them. For those those who are still under cult mind control, her threads may be the first step in breaking free. I imagine it is not easy to do what she is doing and takes time and effort. She is doing important work, so I hope she continues, even though some question her motives.

  • Vidiot

    What she said. ^

    Spirituk, I skimmed your "revenge" thread and your posts in this one.

    What are you, f**king twelve???

  • eyeuse2badub

    Hi everyone,

    new to this type of thing. been a dub for 60 yrs. as i look back now i realize that, like so many of the current day dubs, we were all just members of 'mama's' club. i read years back of a study conducted that concluded that 80% of people that claimed or practiced a certain religion, did so because of 'mama's' influence. (did anyone else read of this statistic?) we all want 'mama's' approval and in order to have it from a jw 'mama', we MUST be a dub. by the time we are old enough to 'think' for ourself, we are already completely indoctrinated and absorbed into the dub religion. all of our friends, associates, and family (that is, the ones we are allowed to associate with) are dubs. in reality, we never had a real choice IF we wanted to have 'mama's love. it's sad that i, like most, had never REALLY looked at the jw history. (WOW) i was a good dub, an elder, a 'spiritual' man, a good family head (i.e. i also forced my family to be dubs IF THEY WANTED OUR LOVE). when i came across BLONDIE'S COMMENTS some years ago, i thought of how thorough was her research and knowledge of the WTS. she i much younger than i but it sounds like her upbringing as a dub was similar. i applaude your well researched comments BLONDIE and hope u continue. i also hope your health improves. BLONDIE'S comments are much better thought out and arranged that the blather from the WT. after 60 years of repeated and rehashed crap from the WTS i find BLONDIE very refreshing. a quote i read a while back sums up my feelings about BLONDIE'S comments

    "There is nothing more horrific than the brutal murder of a beautiful dream by a gang of ruthless facts."

  • sd-7

    Well, I can't speak for Blondie--she spoke eloquently for herself, and in my opinion, just totally dunked on you and is like, hanging on the back of your neck, which makes for a magnificent photo op, I might add--but to an extent, I know I can't seem to shake reading their stuff. It's not a way of 'still being in' so much as it's a process that, for me, I feel like it's a monitoring of the machine. I need to know what my family is being exposed to, and I also need to remind myself why I made the decision to leave--this entity has a powerful pull on the mind, and it's critical for me, being a sensitive person, to keep reminding myself to be strong, to remember what they did and are doing, and to never let them dupe me into returning.

    I also need to fully understand what was done to me, in the decades I was amongst them. The literature is the best way to deconstruct all that, at least now that I know how they think, more or less.

    But absolutely, I enjoy Blondie's threads on the weekly study articles and usually try to read and comment on 'em if I can. She's one of my favorite posters especially because she's so expert at having great WT quotes to demonstrate the error of their reasoning or contradictions or etc. If I had half the brain power she's got...I'd be awfully happy.


  • JustHuman14

    I always feel appreciation for the time that Blondie spends for preparing the posts. Although I do visit occasionally the forum(I'm here since 2001), as I can see I still she is going strong. Is good to have someone to write something with a critic perspective, and analyzing WT's sayings.

    Keep the up the good work Blondie

  • 144001

    I haven't read all of her posts, but I have enjoyed reading the insight that Blondie provides on this forum.

    Booker-T, you come off like a gossipy hag in the kingdom hall. "Where does Sister XXXX get her clothes? Her dress looks like she made it out of drapes!" I

    If you were genuinely concerned about Blondie, why not express your concerns to her in a private pm? Did you choose to make these public statements out of concern for Blondie, or because of your own personal issues?

  • Truth seeker 674
    Truth seeker 674

    Hey Blondie! There seems something in the human experiance that demands truth! Because of your pictrure I have pictured you young but your words seem to me to be from an older person! Peace be with you and yours.

  • JeffT

    I haven't been in a kingdom hall since 1988. I'm writing a blog about JW related issues and working on a novel, both of which involve significant research into my former religion. I appreciate Blondie's efforts and I've made use of some of her insights, and willl do so in the future. I think she is a great person and a brilliant researcher/analyst.

    Go find something useful to do.

  • JakeM2012

    Greetings eyeusedtobeadub, I enjoyed your comments and welcome you to the forum. I didn't see where you had posted an introduction, but with your experience, we would love to hear your story.

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