I was raised as a JW's since I was a toddler. My mother started studying with JW's and got baptized in the late 1960's(around)1968. I was baptized in the 80's even though I had many doubts. I pushed the doubts away and was very active in (pioneering, and aux pioneering) I always wondered what the 'evil slave'/apostates knew that I did not know. This curiosity got the best of me and I went after them after leaving an assembly at Dodger Stadium in 1991. Well after 5 hours of debating with them and looking at all of the old Watchtower publications I was convinced that my doubts were right along and that JW's had been very deceiving and deceptive with their dates and prophecies such as 1914, 1915, 1918, 1925, 1941, 1975. I only knew of two failed dates such as 1914 and 1975 but the other dates I knew nothing of. I did not know about Johannes Greber, Beth-Sarim and many other crazy things that Russell and Rutherford and Knorr and Franz and Henschel had promoted. I will never let the JW's have controll over me again. I must admit after I sent in a letter of "Disassociation" I now am in controll of my life. JW's don't scare or intimidate me like they used to. I look them right in the eyes and tell them they are false prophets. I still have my whole family in the WTS but I hope their eyes will open up one day to see that the WTS has lied to them. I still don't like what I see as JW-bashing enough is enough. It is time for ex-jw's to move on with their lives. I hold no malice towards JW's but the leaders I hold responsible for lying to the members and threatining them with "disfellowshipping or disassociation" if they question the WTS. That is very cult-like to me.