Do you think "Blondie" is addicted to reading Watchtowers and Awakes?

by booker-t 86 Replies latest jw friends

  • Old Goat
    Old Goat

    An internet troll on a religion board? Typical. Live your own life, and let Blondie lead hers. Were you a control freak when in the Watch Tower too?

    If you don't like her posts, don't read them.

  • tornapart

    Thanks to Blondie's breakdown every week of the WT I can sit in the meeting (I am still in for family reasons) and I can ask myself 'what would Blondie make of this'. It helps me think critically and see the propaganda and control clearly between the saccharine words.

    Sometimes I see different things than she does but it amounts to the same thing. She helps so many of us who are trapped inside not to fall for the propaganda each week. As well as being able to seemingly pull articles out of thin air where someone needs to find it and has been unable to.

    Blondie is a diamond!

  • jgnat

    Her photographic memory helps, too. Pity the poor elder who might try and fake her out on current "wisdom".

  • blondie

    Why do researchers research

    Nazi Germany

    Serial killers

    Why do people clean sewers (to make things safe to find and identify and warn of dangers)

    or other not so nice history

    I would like to stop and I have at times, but enough ask so I come back

    My time is my time.

    BTW, I speak 5 languagues including my native German

    The only thing I read of the WTS are the study articles in the WT...nothing else.

    Has Barbara Anderson stopped

    or Randy Watters

    or Ray (oh yes he died...)

    or James Penton

    or Don Cameron

    or any who try to keep jws, ex-jws, and non-jws in the know about the WTS.

    So it's my time, my choice, something I see that I can still contribute.

  • Ding

    Blondie is very good at exposing the hidden assumptions and meanings in WT literature -- things JWs have been indoctrinated to accept as true without even realizing they have been trained to do so.

    Even if I disagree with her on some point, I still enjoy reading her take on it.

    She's also good at taking WT arguments and using them in other contexts, thereby showing how a person could come to accept almost any conclusion using the WT's "reasonably, then..." "evidently...." "most likely..." lingo.

    I can certainly understand those who have had their fill of the WT and no longer want to know what they are saying.

    If that's you, then just skip those threads.

  • Justitia Themis
    Justitia Themis

    So Blondie please live your life and do not let the WT have so much power over you.

    BookerT, were you an elder? Because your behavior towards Blondie reminds me of the crap I experienced from the elders while 'in.'

    Is Blondie just an uppity sister that you feel the need to bring down?

    Even IF everything you say about Blondie is true (which I do not think it is), what business is it of yours?

  • spirituk

    yes she is addicted. shes is so traumatized and she finds shelter in wt sad but true

  • Jaidubdub

    I just recent learnt TTATT & I'm still trying to get my head around what the Borg has done to me, my family & my life. Blondie's posts have helped me immensely. Thank you Blondie, I think your awesome

  • poppers

    But I did it because I believed JWs were the truth. I sometimes wonder why Blondie reads the magazines and post "what you will not hear in the so and so Watchtower study". I believe Blondie just cannot let the JWs go and reading the magazines keeps her still in so to speak. Blondie I applaud you for all of the information you have given us over they years some of the info I would not have known unless you did not tell me but I sometimes wonder are you hooked on the JWs and like reading their mags?

    So, you take your own experience and extrapolate that it's the same for Blondie. Bad form, booker-t

  • pixel

    Two thumbs up for Blondie and five stars also!

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