Do you think "Blondie" is addicted to reading Watchtowers and Awakes?

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  • booker-t

    I remember when I was a "devout" JWs I could not wait to get the new Watchtowers and Awakes from the Wednesday nite theocratic ministry school. I would actually salivate thinking of the new information Jehovah had in the magazines for us. I was "franatical" and I would go home still in my three piece suit and devour the magazines that very nite. I just love reading the magazines I could not wait until the next one came out. But I did it because I believed JWs were the truth. I sometimes wonder why Blondie reads the magazines and post "what you will not hear in the so and so Watchtower study". I believe Blondie just cannot let the JWs go and reading the magazines keeps her still in so to speak. Blondie I applaud you for all of the information you have given us over they years some of the info I would not have known unless you did not tell me but I sometimes wonder are you hooked on the JWs and like reading their mags? It is amazing how much I have come to realize about myself through education at school. I love school and I am doing mind cleaning on myself so I hope it does not sound like I am judging you. I think you should just let it go and live your life. Instead of reading the Wt and Awake mags why not learn a new language like I have done. I am studying German and French and I love it. It keeps me involved in something I like and since I love to read these two languages keep me busy. I already speak Spanish and do Sign Language The Kingdom Hall I went to had a Spanish class and Sign Language class and since I was so "devout" I jumped in and learned the two language quick. So Blondie please live your life and do not let the WT have so much power over you.

  • Nosferatu

    One thing I've realized over the last 10 or so years that I've been here is people leave the JWs in many different ways. Some of them leave and work hard at becoming regular worldlings, some of them join new religions, some of them become fanatical apostates, some of them enjoy disecting the religion they once belonged to, and some of them enjoy helping others leave.

    We were all at one time in our lives supposed to make Jehovah our number one priority. Now, we have the freedom to choose something to replace that number one priority with anything we want, and if Blondie truly enjoys reverse engineering the Watchtower articles, then all the more power to her!

  • Hortensia

    Maybe it amuses her?

  • baltar447

    This thread is totally unneeded. How many people, including myself when I was lurking, benefit from her breakdown of the articles? I know you don't mean any disrespect, but to criticize one of the most respected and well researched posters on here just seems in poor taste.


    I think her threads are great. Baltar is correct, if Blondie can stomach reading them for lurkers, and help them to reason, awesome...

  • designs

    Blondie is our investigative journalist, archivest, and editor in chief all rolled into one

  • whathappened

    Why not pm her and ask the lovely lady yourself?

  • Nosferatu
  • neverscreamagain

    I personally am glad that she is "taking one for the team" so to speak. That she can stomach going through them is much better than I can do.

    The best that I can do is peruse her reviews of the study articles. Thanks for your hard work Blondie!

  • wandasue

    I enjoy reading things she says. She sure has alot of knowledge.

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