An exiting Witness who spent three decades in "the truth". I have resigned from the forum in protest of the manner in which the forum is run. This is not a welcoming place unless you are prepared to fall in line with the beliefs of the administrator and the most prominent posters, or else keep silent on certain subjects. I do not believe that ridicule is ever an appropriate response to someone who is arguing in good faith. I see it as bullying, and I will never associate with bullies. I came here because of the insightful posts about history vs. the Bible and the history of Witness beliefs, but unfortunately it seems that the forum's best days are behind it. Most discussion of the religion is thoughtlessly negative rather than thoughtfully critical. The front page currently calls this "a friendly, tolerant and informative environment". Depending on one's perspective, all three of those adjectives can be considered incorrect. Although I am disappointed at the lack of rationality here, I am leaving not just to avoid a toxic atmosphere, but also to focus on positive, constructive activities and make up for the time I lost to the religion, something that I cannot do while actively discussing the religion regularly. In case anyone has anything to say to me, I will try to check for PMs once in a while.