“New light” Watchtower magazine leaked from organization weeks ahead of general release

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  • cedars

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  • The Quiet One
    The Quiet One

    gingerbread Re: “New light” Watchtower magazine leaked from organization weeks ahead of general release posted ~ 2 hours ago (3/28/2013) Post 76 of 76 "During our recent circuit assembly, the District Overseer stated in his concluding talk thatwe don't know the day or the hour when the Great Trib will begin. It could be "tomorrow or next week. It may not be this year or in this decade or even in this century." -- Have they all forgotten the overlapping generation teaching already? Surely he didn't say not even in this CENTURY.. I'm lost for words. Unbelievable.

  • cedars

    I've just gone into the spam filter and fixed it so that Terry can comment, which hopefully he will try to do again. If bats in the belfry could email me his IP address, I will try to do the same thing for him.

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  • franticfran

    Cheers cedars,terrific article I have just "leaked it" to the sister who brings me my magazines,I bet she ignores it!!

  • konceptual99

    @gingerbread - I think you can call out anyone who says the GT might start in the next century. I don't have the references to hand but off the top of my head the following currently applies:

    - generational overlap is limited to one overlap

    - some of the anointed now living will see the GT start

    - there will be no successor to the Anglo American world power (feet of mixed clay/iron)

    The last one is not so much time limited but is anyone likely to suggest that the UK and the US will dominate world politics in 100 years time given the rise of all the other powers?

    If I get a chance I will put some references up in a seperate thread.

  • *lost*

    Excellent work Cedars .... and everyone else who is involved and assisting.

    I'm so thankful I found this site. You set me free. Haven't read a thing of there's or been to a meeting. Can't risk being seduced, I'm a weak one. lol. Funny thing is, I am so much more spiritual as a result, I have done indepth study, I've learned loads, I have met great people, shared their stories etc. It's amazing. i have new figure for life, I am living, not waiting for the big A. I'm more relaxed in my life as i'm not as restricted in the things I can read, watch, say, do etc.

    i have totally wrecked my boyfriends head though ... ha hahahahha .... he must think I'm nuts. IT'S THE TRUTH, it's gonna happen, this, that, the other, FACT..... lol

    now I'm NO.....its not the truth ... THIS IS THE TRUTH , so on, so forth. ........... haahhahaa It's like a comedy,horry,sad movie.

    UN TURNING ON RELIGION .... is the BIG thing there are focused on now, it's their energy now, keeping them going as it is major sign for THE START of gt, big A.. Jehovah puts it into their hearts (UN) REMEMBER ..... that is why it will be such a huge shock. Jehovah does it. So it WILL happen.

    Also Satan is causing all of the upset on the earth at the moment, as he is bound to the earth, the wars etc ... these things act as a distraction to the kings of the earth, so that they may not start thinking about God and Armageddon and see that revelation and bible prophecy are being fulfilled. Satan is keeping them blinded.

    There is already hype now about it. They are at the edge of the cliff now, again. hyped up. Praying for it, needing it, as they are so worn out and ground down after so many years of slavery. The excitement is now, that this year 2013 gonna be big, and if it doesn't happen this year, there will be a lot going on in the way of things getting worse and then it will HAVE TO BE next year. 2014. 100 yrs.

    Hopefully many many more people will start to rebel, even if it is out of desperation, at least they will hopefully find this site and get the help they need.

    YOU ALL should be very proud that you have all helped a lot of people and of your efforts are gratefully appreicated by many. Every poster that posts helps.

  • Bella15

    WOW... awesome information ... I will try to see my sister and make comments about this so when they study this magazine something rings in their heads ...I HOPE

  • heathen

    that was an interesting article , now all they have to admit is that they play the role of the evill slave if not by lying by then by attacking others who probably tried to inform them in the past , I think they even demanded more out of it's follwers because their failed prophesies were about to be exposed . Sick and tired of them trying to call everyone that gets a public forum such as this site being called the evil slave , hello!!! noone here ever said they were any kind of slave .They should apologize to all those they stepped on for questioning .

  • Londo111

    1914 seems just as important as ever…thus they still need 607 to support that. It will be interesting to see how they will reinterpret Daniel and Revelation in regard the “1914-1919 testing” or if they will even bother. Did Babylon still fall in 1918? Is 6/21/1918 still the end of the 1260 days? So many unanswered questions. I wonder if there will be a new Daniel or Revelation book forthcoming.

  • frankiespeakin

    Boy I would sure hate to be the Governing Body, theyv'e spread so much bullshit around I think their tired old minds can barely keep tract all this new light and how it changes so many other previous prophetic interpetations given by them. It's got to be rough getting old and being on the Governing Body and trying to stay focus on all this bullshit they are writting. I don't think they are going to pull this one off, I see a big exodus in the makeing over this blatant power grab by these new boy Governing Body member, they have gotten too power hungry which is bound to wake up many.

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