“New light” Watchtower magazine leaked from organization weeks ahead of general release

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  • Chaserious

    Great article. If only active members gave a tenth of the amount of thought to the doctrinal changes and basis (or lack thereof) for all of this new light.

  • cedars

    Thanks miz. No, I haven't used any pictures from the magazine. The ones I've used are from older books/publications. It's still conceivable that they will try to launch a copyright protest, but I've tried to limit their excuses to do this wherever possible.


  • wannabefree


    (PM'd a few typos)

    One thing that these articles accomplish ... in my opinion ... is making even more clear the cult characteristic of the organization.

  • cedars

    Thanks so much for those typos wannabefree - I've fixed them!!


  • Theocratic Sedition
    Theocratic Sedition

    Good work man lol!! This tickles me!! I always look forward to albums leaking so I can give a listen before purchasing. That way I don't purchase a piece of coal for my ears. It's always inevitable that after an album leaks, the label will shut it down unless they purposely leaked it. I'm glad you pulled out all the stops so the WT won't do the same, or at least have a hard time pulling it off.

    By the way, that article is going to be one massive headache and nightmare to wrap one's head around. You obtaining that copy as a leak made my day too. I've been thinking for a while that there's a war going on in Bethel. I think at times there's more than a few up there itching to make a move.

  • Dismissing servant
    Dismissing servant

    I agree. There must be some reason for a bethelite leaking information. Maybe it's a bit of turmoil/discomfort at Bethel right now?

  • Splash

    "Makes sense to me."

    (get ready to hear this phrase a lot!)


  • pixel

    Excellent excellent excellent! many thanks to Cedars and Co ;-)

  • pixel

    Blondie: Can you do a ahead-of-month-review? Lol.

    Cedars: In case you can share, the person that leaked it, knew it would end up here? Or it was innocent?

  • Brother of the Hawk
    Brother of the Hawk

    Great article Cedars!

    Thanks to you & your source both.

    I wonder how Russell & the IBSA would feel about this statement?

    This is confirmed on page 19, where it says: “Were the Bible Students in the years that lead up to 1914 the appointed channel through which Christ would feed his sheep? No. They were still in the growing season, and the arrangement for a channel to provide spiritual food was taking shape. The time had not yet come for the weed-like imitation Christians to be separated from the true Christian wheat.” (w13 7/15 p.19)

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