New here and just sick!

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    That video from
    is such heavy propaganda.

    David Splane's concluding part indicates the real thrust of the reason for this change: They want to kick all anointed outside of the Governing Body down a notch. "We are all domestics." Of course, a very small handful of men are important and in charge, but the rest of you, be you anointed or other sheep, are just nobody..... er, ...I mean domestics.

    I love how he has to tell everyone how to feel about this change, one moment after he says it. "Brothers, we love this teaching, we love this idea." That's just in case someone wants to slow down and think about it. WRONG- just love it. He goes on to say "....because it really truly does dignify the members of the great crowd." He doesn't say how it does that, but somehow the average JW is supposed to feel elevated that they demoted anointed outside of the GB, and the main idea there is that the great crowd has no reason to complain about it (and the anointed are outnumbered and should just STFU).

    The end of the video even focuse on what members should remember about the annual meeting- the kids singing. Forget that all kinds of doctrine was turned upside down. Remember those kids singing. If you need more, remember the older ones remaining faithful being interviewed and all the "expansion" going on that we showed you (while ignoring the shutting down of branches and Kingdom Halls).

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    3 Words


  • daringhart13


    do you happen to have a reference on had for that ridiculous teaching regarding Jesus mediatorship only for the 144,000?

    I'd love to put it in my library.

    Its a death knell to everything Jehovah's Witness

  • jgnat

    If it is any consolation, an active elder joined today.

  • EdenOne

    Christ Alone

    You were spot on on what you said regarding the heavy cussing against the JW and the WTS and the GB. It really may scare off those who are coming here just out of curiosity. I had that feeling right off the bat. It is a disservice if your whole point is to help those who are leaving the org or at least are diverging from it or learning TTATT. It just scares them back to the org, who so warned them about the "mentally diseased apostates".


  • Fernando

    A hearty warm welcome msconcerned!

    Actually the truth is very simple.

    A real Christian is one who pursues and embraces the "unabridged gospel" or "full Good News" (about Jesus - including a clean and right standing with God by imputation as a free gift that cannot be earned, deserved or paid for).

    An apostate is one who embraces religion instead (legalism, works-righteousness, self-righteousness etc).

    (g79 6/8 pp. 27-28; w80 5/1 pp. 5-8; w79 12/15 pp. 5-6 pars 1-3)

    (Why do followers of the Watchtower religion call themselves “publishers of the Good News” whilst unfamiliar with the “Good News” according to Paul, Moses, Isaiah and Psalms?)

  • Gorbatchov

    I did what you did in 1997 @ and I know how you feel!! Bad!! It will change when you know TTATT.

    Take care for your self!


  • Splash

    @daringhart113 - Take your pick:


    Anointed - w50 11/1 p. 412 par. 22 New Systems of Things

    The new covenant is no part of the old world arrangements but it takes out of this world a people for Jehovah’s name. (Acts 15:14) These are no longer a part of the old world, no more than Jesus their Mediator was ever a part of it.

    All men - w54 10/15 p. 622 Why Prayers Go Unanswered

    Now what does it mean to pray in the right manner? First of all it means to approach Jehovah in the name of Christ Jesus, who the Bible says is the “one mediator between God and men.” So can one expect an answer to his prayer if he does not ask it in Jesus’ name? Said the Son of God himself: “No one comes to the Father except through me.” Since Christ is the only mediator, the “one mediator,” there can be no more mediators between God and men.

    All men - w57 12/15 p. 747 “Confess Your Sins”

    The overseer does not presume to take the role of God, nor to be the mediator between God and men. Rather, as a loving Christian brother, he approaches God in prayer along with the spiritually sick one, doing so through the one Mediator Christ Jesus.

    Anointed - w59 12/15 p. 750 par. 4 The Pursuit of Peace

    By Jesus Christ as Mediator between God and men he established a new covenant with Christians.

    All men - w60 10/15 p. 629 par. 49 Security During “War of the Great Day of God the Almighty”

    We cannot seek Jehovah today except through the kingdom of his Son, the Mediator between God and men.

    All men - w66 8/1 p. 465 par. 16 Baptism Shows Faith

    When one makes his dedication he prays to Jehovah in the name of Jesus Christ, the Son, the Mediator between God and man.

    Anointed - w66 2/15 p. 115 Benefits from God’s New Covenant Spreading Worldwide

    On the other hand, the new covenant is made through a mediator, Jesus Christ, with his 144,000 disciples. Hence we must distinguish between the Kingdom covenants that apply to the one person, Jesus Christ, and the new covenant that applies to the nation of spiritual Israel.

    All men - w73 2/15 p. 106 par. 6 God Cherishes the Lowly Ones

    6 That Jehovah does lovingly enable persons of all backgrounds to come into harmony with him through Christ Jesus is repeatedly shown. For example, 1 Timothy 2:3-6 states: “This is fine and acceptable in the sight of our Savior, God, whose will is that allsorts of men should be saved and come to an accurate knowledge of truth. For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, a man, Christ Jesus, who gave himself a corresponding ransom for all"

    Anointed - w79 11/15 p. 24 par. 12 Benefiting from “One Mediator Between God and Men”

    12 So Jesus Christ in heaven is the Mediator between God and the spiritual Israelites,

    All men - w80 6/1 p. 18 par. 11 Praying to Jehovah so as to Be Heard

    11 How can we gain access to the great “Hearer of prayer”? He has appointed that this be through Jesus Christ alone. There is only one Mediator between God and men, and one High Priest, Jesus Christ.

    Anointed - w83 3/15 p. 8 Who Should Partake?

    Moses was the go-between, or mediator, of that covenant made between Jehovah God and the Israelites (just as Jesus is the “mediator of a new covenant”)

    All men - w97 2/15 p. 28 Agreement Between “God’s Temple” and Idols in Greece?

    Jesus further stated: “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. If you ask anything in my name, I will do it.” And the apostle Paul stated: “There is one God, and one mediator between God and men, a man, Christ Jesus.” If we truly want our prayers to be heard by God, it is essential that we approach him in the way that his Word directs.

    Anointed - w08 12/15 p. 13 Appreciate Jesus ’ Unique Role in God’s Purpose

    11 Read 1 Timothy2:5, 6. Jesus is the “one mediator between God and men.” He is “the mediator of a new covenant.” (Heb. 9:15; 12:24) However, Moses is also spoken of as a mediator—the mediator of the Law covenant. (Gal. 3:19)

    14 What about those who are not in the new covenant, those who hope to live forever on earth, not in heaven? While not participants in the new covenant, these are beneficiaries of it. They receive forgiveness of their sins and are declared righteous as God’s friends. (Jas. 2:23; 1 John 2:1, 2)


  • Fernando

    Just absolutely awesome Splash!

    Summaries are just amazingly powerful at focussing the mind and unravelling confusion!

  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

    WELCOME MS! I am also a current JW and fairly new here to this site. i know how you feel. I had a knot in my stomach the first time I came here & it took me 4 months before i dared to start posting. I also had several questions and thanks to this site, jwfacts, jwstruggle, jwsurvey I've been able to figure quite alot of things out. Give yourself time. i do not like the term 'apostate' myself, because I am staying loyal to God & Jesus [i don't like to use the name Jehovah anymore because of the research I have done] I've put the link below that you might find interesting: Here's a thought from my husband who served as an MS for 8 yrs and a regular pioneer for 2- As you do your research, eventually you will discover under the theory 'New light' how many things have been changed, flip-flopped,& reversed thru the years, at some point 2 Tim 3:7 has to be considered. "Always learning, yet never able to come to an accurate knowledge of truth" Pray for wisdom and truth. Happy journey, and remember this...If a man/woman does not hold true to their conscience then truly, they have NO conscience. Sooner or later my brother the allusion will meet up with reality. Then your reality will change just like ours. Shalom

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