New here and just sick!

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  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I no longer worship Jehovah. The only suggestion I can make is that everyone has a different faith journey and the important thing is to be true to what you feel in your gut. I left b/c of my gut feeling. A crucial part of my journey was to read the Bible in consecutive verses without any commentaries. I still do so. Only after I have asked what it means, do I read commentaries.

    I always believed that the Witness knew their Bible. Even when I could not stomach another meeting, I believed they have superior Bible knowledge. Reading the text of the Bible carefully, I found how wrong they were on many matter. Part of what I found was outright lies about the scripture. Most of what I found is that the Bible is not clear on a range of topics. Rather than live with uncertainties, the WT invents stuff. I suppose most churches do so.

    My personal experience was that there was no love with the Witnesses. Others here remark about how they felt loved and miss the people. I would say to honor your own abilities.

    If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him. Many people with doubts have had their faith renewed through questioning and research. I submit there is nothing the GB knows that you cannot also know. I hate when people order me what to believe so I will not order you.

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    Welcome - read and learn and enjoy the path to real enlightenment and freedom from a cult.

    Reading suggestions - Crisis of Conscience, Captives of a Concept and Combatting Cult Mind Control.

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    Welcome, msconcerned!

  • jookbeard

    dont worry turning your back on Jerkhoobah will come soon enough, she'll do nothing for you.

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    Christ Alone

    When I first was waking up to the organization there was something that really turned me off. I would talk to some that had left or were at least "awake" to TTATT, and they were knowledgable, respectful, and knew what to say and how to talk to someone who was terrified that they were making a wrong decision (me).

    But then I would talk to others that were so bitter, angry, and disrespectful, and it almost made me want to run back to the organization. They were the ones that the society warned me about!!!

    I think we need to be careful of how we talk to someone just leaving. They are looking for people to be blasphemous to God. I know that we've all been hurt by the organization because of feeling lied to, betrayed, etc. and we want to express it. But using terms like "Witchtower", "Jerkhoobah", "Beth Hell", etc just turns people off. Don't we want to help people that are in the beginning stages of waking up? Why let our bitterness contribute to driving them away again?

    I don't mean to judge anyone here. But someone just starting to question is very fragile. Most of us have read "Combatting Cult Mind Control". Using terms that are "disrespectful" of the organization will not do any good. Hasaan would not have been helped as well if, when he was deprogramming, he was exposed to bitterness and terms that he considered disrespecful to the Moonies. I think we all need to watch what we say, especially when trying to help a newly awakening Witness...

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    yes---go back to the basics---jehovah--??? who invented that name??? do some research !!

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    Christ Alone: I don't mean to judge anyone here. But someone just starting to question is very fragile. Most of us have read "Combatting Cult Mind Control". Using terms that are "disrespectful" of the organization will not do any good.

    That's a really good point, especially on threads where new ones introduce themselves.

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    msconcerned - welcome!

    Firstly I'm not an apostate either - I am a person who has a fluctuating opinion based on considerable experience.

    I used to go to a book study taken by one of the annointed. They were the most humble, respectful positive person one could ever meet. They saw the events of 1914 too. You would have faith in WBTS interpretation by just going to that group. That person has now been surpassed in terms of hierarchy by an arrogant group of men. Arrogant because they slander with impunity, they never apologise for the mountain of old light they got completely wrong. They still damn other religions for things they themselves are guilty of.

    The truth will set you free - you don't need to protect yourself from everyone and everything that may not believe exactly what it does. Live away from it for a while - and if it's true you'll go back to it.

    I had a hobby - I enjoyed it. If anyone disliked it, saw failures in it or criticised it - it didn't make me feel anything different about it. I haven't had time for a while - I can go back to it and enjoy it and believe in it. It doesn't change but doesn't demand exclusive devotion that I shun anyone who might say a negative word against it.

    Talk about the JW religion (some say cult) in an abstract way and you'll be amazed at how crazy and controlling it is - if it's true it wouldn't need to use such outrageous controlling techniques.

    As one most learned JWN member used to say - think about it ;-)


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