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  • Giordano

    The illustration has more to do with the 'selling' work witnesses engage in. Apart from looking like the 1950's this is the Amway model...... in fact it really represents any corporate sales structure. It totaly lacks the divine.

    Any witness looking at this and doesn't get their back up has sold out their intergrity.

    Joan Rivers got it right....."Jehovah's witnesses should also sell Avon products that way I only have to open my door once!"

  • punkofnice

    Why do the WBT$ illustrations remind me of WW11 nazi propaganda filth?

  • sd-7

    Cedars, first I'd like to mention that I actually didn't start a thread specifically about this picture. Outlaw was kind enough to include a picture of it on my thread, which was about the article on p. 22-26 (and kind of also about p. 27-31). Gorbatchov did a thread on the picture before I did my thread. But thanks for the nod to my thread, nonetheless.

    Even though this picture is about the 'earthly organization', the fact that the art department saw fit to include a picture of Jehovah and the angels is an indication that they felt that was important--to show that the heavenly part supports and directs the earthly part. Right? With me so far? So with that said, one should expect that the King, the Lord and Savior, the Head of the congregation, Jesus Christ, would be depicted somewhere in the picture so that it would be very obvious, just as it's obvious that Jehovah is sitting on the celestial chariot. If you're going to depict heaven, it's unreasonable to not include Jesus in the picture somewhere. So why didn't they?

    Now I don't believe they're booting Jesus out--as my thread mentioned, he is referred to 6-7 times in the article this picture is taken from, and is referred to about 18 times in the previous article. So Jesus clearly gets a measure of respect in that he's mentioned, but the organization is the central theme, and Jesus is referred to for the sake of building on the article's main theme, which is keeping 'in step with Jehovah's organization'.

    That said, Jesus is still getting shafted--I mean, he's basically supposed to be CEO of the organization (not to mention the person who made everything and has all authority in heaven and on earth), but the organization itself seems to be more important than him.

    The concept of a pecking order is no surprise to anyone, and wouldn't shock a JW--there's a certain cognitive dissonance about the fact that it's a hierarchy. Since it's all under God's direction anyway, it's perfectly okay in a JW's mind. I don't really think it was Cedars' intent to use this picture to convince a JW that the religion isn't true--it wouldn't really be a rational place to start, if you ask me. It's only when you're on the outside that it seems unsettling.

    Clearly, this picture could have been done without the painting of the celestial chariot and without putting one entity on top and the others underneath. But no doubt is being left as far as the Governing Body's position in the scheme of things--#1. And this set of articles is about praising #1 and following #1's example and looking out for #1. (Are you giving your money to #1? If you lost your job, can you give more of your time to #1 for the recruiting work, since you don't have money anymore?)

    But really, this won't even be noticed by JWs. They're not going to be wondering where Jesus is in the photo, or if they are, they're going to leave it at an idle question to themselves at most. More time will be spent underlining paragraphs and looking up isolated verses than thinking about the design of the picture. It'll be a good chance for the kids to comment on each number in the picture, and when they run out of kids to call on, an older female pioneer or three will elaborate on the rest. Nothing to see here. Carry on.


  • LongHairGal

    A picture says a thousand words and this picture says so much more! So, they've set themselves up as top dog.

    I guess they have no fear of divine retribution.

  • wasblind

    Question : Explain to the board in detail why you think Cedars is paranoid

    as to the things he point out in the pics______wasblind

    1 The picture is about the earthly part of the organisation. Nothing to do with the heavenly part. Do many of you really think that Jesus is about to be booted out, because he is not in the picture?

    Yes, if it didn't include the heavens, why put it in the pic , if it didn't have a specific meanin'

    2 The comfy chairs. As I have already stated chair quality changes wherever you live in the world. I already said in Denmark they had a 3 piece suite in the library, while we in UK had hard uncomfortable chairs. It did not mean they were any better than us did it? If the gov body had been shown sitting on old hard chairs, the immediate response would be, 'no way do they sit on old chairs'

    This is an American made religion, that mess came straight out of brooklyn . Those are brooklyn chairs

    3 Sitting on part of Africa. The yearly report spells out exactly what is happening in the world. They don't need subtle pictures to add to that report.

    I wouldn't bet on it, How many reports have you faked in fieldservice, I did a couple myself, and the book study conductor excepted it wit' no question

    4 Cedars I know you are not looking for supporters, I was trying to tell you that you usually write well written blogs. They are very interesting and informative. It’s just that this time I do not share your view.

    That's all good, this ain't the Kingdom Hall , ain't nothin wrong in havin' a different point of view, but when you claim a person is paranoid, prove it

    5 The hierarchical nature of the religion. As I have already stated, this picture is nothing new. It has been the same for decades. Publishers bow down to elders, elders bow down to circuit overseers. (By the way there is no district overseer there, do you think he has been done away with. And yet the circuit overseer has to bow to him.) To continue, circuit overseers bow down to branch elders and the branch bows down to governing body. That is how it was and that is how it is. Nothing has changed. No need for subtle pictures to add to that report.

    As for the DO, give it time the WTS make changes everyday. I'm sure you can name some things that have beeen done away wit' lately

    6 jwfacts mentions the fact that there are no women leaders. This is true, and a good point to make, but again it is nothing new. JW women all know their position in the org. They agree to it at their baptism. That is the structure the org has. If women don’t like it, they are free to not join up. Of course that is a terrible way to be going on in the 21 st century, but that is how this organisation works. All witnesses know that, they know about the steps from the governing body to the publisher.

    Yes, it's a good thing we can point that out for all the world to see

    If all of this was shown to someone studying, then yes it is very useful imfo. But the converted already know and accept this. The society are purely pushing the point home, just like they do in every article they have ever written.

    Usin' carefully crafted pictures that have a meanin' in every little detail


  • ProdigalSon

    The Watchtower is indeed "Jehovah's Earthly Organization" and it is indeed the "mouthpiece of Jehovah".

    "Jehovah" is the Demiurge of the Zionist Khazarian Satanists, who infiltrated the Masons but actually go back thousands of years. They were the old Mongol war tribes who moved to the Caucasus Mountains and adopted Judaism as the State Religion in the Eighth Century. Basically, they were pissed off Jews of ancient times who learned some really dangerous tricks while exiled in Babylon and put it to use controlling the goyim ever since. Since they control the money they simply made their Cult the one that controls the Western Hemisphere, where most of you live. So ever since they got their Federal Reserve we have had nothing but wars and rumours of wars. And big business that makes money off wars. The Watchtower simply resurrected the old asshole Desert God of the Jews and made him into THE GOD who will kill everyone who doesnt worship his sorry ass.... instead of Jesus, that is. Simple aint it?

    Those of you who don't believe in black magic or talking to the dead will never understand how they keep this Cult going. You don't even understand that the world is one big Jehovah Cult, and the Watchtower was invented and funded by THEM, the same assholes who wrote the Bible. So basically, Jehovah is SATAN and is indeed God of this world. Deep down, you all have seen enough evidence here on this site to KNOW this. You escaped one Cult but are still captivated by the Mother Cult... and you believe all that shit they tell you on TV lol.....

    Does it all make sense now?

  • Borges

    perfect1 -

    "As a born in- I NEVER KNEW the NAMES or FACES of the men controlling every aspects of my families lives.

    I dont think my family knew then or know now their names either! Even my Dad who was an elder!!!"

    My dad, an elder since the late fiftees, had pictures from the GB Members on his desk (cut out of the proclaimers book I think) for years. We travelled hundreds of kilometers to attend special meetings when Franz or Knorr visited Germany and gave talks in stadions or big halls. There were international conventions where members of the GB gave talks ( I remember Sydlik, Henschel, Barber and Berry). They were by no means mistery man.

    There were even series of articles about the GB members in the WT as far as I remember (in the ninetees?).

    The great difference is, that the GB in those years was still very embedded in the jw history, at least since Rutherford. But as much, as they try to get rid of their past as an organization, they try eagerly to establish a new legitimation for their position in power. They can't do it by pseudo-scholarship like Franz did, so they rely on the mere power of words and pictures.

  • notsurewheretogo

    Erm isn't Jesus supposed to be Head of the Christian Congregation? The Christian Congregation ON EARTH?

    Surely that makes JC very important in a picture of Jehovah's Earthly Organisation...and he ain't in it...

  • undercover

    I find myself in the odd position of defending the WTS in one wee little bit... The title of the illustration says "The Earthly Part of Jehovha's Organization". Technically speaking, if you believe in WT doctrine that is, the earthly part of the organization does start with the GB and work it's way down. So, the 1 thru 6 is somewhat accurate.

    Now, OTOH, the illustration goes to the trouble of showing Jehovah on his chariot thingy, along with the angels driving the wheels or whatever. So there's where the argument for Jesus comes in. If you're going to show Jehovah overseeing the GB, then shouldn't you show Jesus? Some have said the Kenny Rogers looking angel is Jesus, but this is inaccurate, because technically speaking again, Jesus is sitting at the right hand of Jehovah, so shouldn't he be up there with Dad? Maybe a somewhat smaller throne, but still in a position higher than the angels in steerage.

    And another problem with this arrangement is that it completely ignores the True Christian Congregation arrangement, which is Jesus as head of the congregation, and the 144,000 making up the actual Christian congregation.

    So even if the 1 thru 6 is technically accurate as far as the WTS power structure goes, they've managed to throw the rest of the heavenly organizational structure right out the window.

  • wasblind

    My dad, an elder since the late fiftees, had pictures from the GB Members on his desk (cut out of the proclaimers book I think) for years._____Borges

    " Those who rely on images as aids to devotion are not worshipping God " in spirit " but they depend on what they can see with their physical eyes."_________Reasoning From the Scriptures book page 184


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