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    Cedars I normally am a very strong supporter of yours. You have written some excellent blogs. However you even seen surprised that the governing body members look like themselves. Who do you think they should look like Donald Duck?

    I'm not looking for supporters. People either agree with me or they don't. I won't lose sleep either way. And I never said I was surprised.

    This is a JW discussion forum, this JW-related picture is relevant, and I am drawing attention to items in the picture that I view as being significant. Frankly I fail to understand why you are going out of your way to criticize me for highlighting a picture that clearly demonstrates the hierarchical nature of the religion, right down to the need for comfy leather seats for those at the top of the pyramid. This picture is extremely noteworthy given that (as you will see from the quotes on the previous page) the Society has spent decades slamming the exact same hierarchical nature of Christendom.

    I feel like I'm beginning to repeat myself here. You don't think the picture is significant... I do. "End of."


  • wasblind

    Cedars, you are starting to get really paronoid. The picture is about the EARTHLY part of Jehovah's Organisation. It does not matter what the heavenly part of the picture shows._______Alanv

    When we studied the Pay attention to daniel prophecy book

    On page 111 , the book study conductor specifically pointed out the intricate

    details of the water line on the wall of the fortress

    He pointed out that every thing in that pic had a meanin'

    Wit' the title of the book and page number . feel free to look it up for yourself

    Another example of what a pic signifies iS on page 56 in that same book

    They show the statue that represent the world powers

    You know , the statue that has the mixed feet of clay

    Everything in that pic has a specific meanin'

    Question : Explain to the board in detail why you think Cedars is paranoid

    as to the things he point out in the pics

    After all, when you make an accusation you should be able to back it up



  • gingerbread

    The WT Society has used pictures and illustrations as object lessons since it's inception - see Photo Drama of Creation. They understand the power of pictures and invest heavily in this area. The cost for the Photo Drama was $300,000 in 1912 ( abt. 7 million in current US dollars). The production costs for current videos are now doubt just as astronomical.

    Today every image is carefully orchestrated - down to the last detail - to give a "message". The art department is deliberate in everything it produces. And the publishers in every congregation that I've been involved with are well aware of this fact. Just attend the WT study - illustrations and their implied message are always discussed.

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  • DNCall

    When taken to task over mistakes made at any level of the depicted hierarchy the response is always, "we're human, imperfect." I think an appropriate subtitle for this picture would be "Human Imperfection in Action!"

  • notjustyet

    I don't think that anyone can 'wake someone up" using that picture as it only is relative to those of us who have already woken up.

    It borders, in my opinion, on subliminal to an extent. A way of reminding us that we do not have any REAL direct link to spirit creatures above and that if you want to recieve that reward sought after for decades, you gotta come through us, without having to actually vocalize that thought.

    It's shows who each level answers to and also shows that the GB are the ultimate ones when it comes to us Earth bounders.

    Also it shows that the GB is familiar with the old adage "Crap flows downhill"


  • Borges

    jwfacts - "How does this picture make sisters feel? Parts 1 to 4 are only men. Even number 5, with the congregation meeting, shows the meeting being led by a man. This sort of picture would really irritate the women where I work."

    I thought exactly the same. Just men, and by the way, just OLD men.

    This in fact a story-telling picture in many ways. You clearly see a hierachy and Jesus is missing. He can't be the one angel right from the globe, because there is another one following who is looking just the same. Finally the absence of Jesus is the most disturbing thing on that picture.

    And anyone who ever worked in an office knows how important chairs are. You could look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame, when you've got the better chair, they will envy you.

  • cantleave

    just OLD men

    Mark Sanderson is only 47 - so not that old.

  • wasblind

    I think an appropriate subtitle for this picture would be "Human Imperfection in Action!"_________DNCall

    Or Crap in action, This Organization claim to be guided by a perfect source ( holy spirit ) from a perfect source ( Jehovah God )

    I may be mistaken , feel free to correct me, But in the bible the only time a man made a mistake was when he did things on

    his own accord.

    Holy Spirirt was not involved


  • punkofnice

    This is beyond sickening. I can't even think of a mickey take caption I'm that unhappified.

    May the GB (who I suspect are a paedo ring), go to the electric chair for crimes against humanity!

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