A picture so outrageous, it deserves its own thread...

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    This picture is in fact very significant.

    I find it absurd that someone here is trying to make the point that if you try to make a point to a JW using this picture, that they will dismiss it. What is the surprise there? They already dismiss many more lines of evidence which are even more disturbing. That is not the point. The point is what this picture shows to the rest of us, who are open minded enough to read between the lines.

    The Watchtower society has always been ( and continues to be) very careful and thoughtful about the images they insert in their magazines, so you can be sure that every aspect of this image was made in a deliberate way in order to convey something - a thought, a concept, a way of looking at things.

    I consider this a borderline subliminal message, and to me personally it is obvious that the intention here is to advance (and reinforce) the idea of who mediates the relationship between mankind and God, and although when asked, most JWs will say Jesus, this picture serves to show that the GB are as important, and the only way to serve Jehovah.


    " 1 The picture is about the earthly part of the organisation. Nothing to do with the heavenly part. Do many of you really think that Jesus is about to be booted out, because he is not in the picture?

    If it's just the earthly org, then DON'T show YHWH and the chariot. The point of the pic is.....

    1) Jehovah

    2) GB


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    The Witnesses are just a social club anyway, especially for those who have seen all the pathetic 'prophecies' fail in the late 20th century: so it makes sense to show the various levels of the Borg that people should strive to be promoted to.

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    Well one good thing has come from this thread and that is it got everyone talking.

    I would say Cedars I do apologise to you for calling you paranoid. That was uncalled for and I didn't think it through. I have tremendous respect for anyone that can write clearly and concisely and your blogs do that.

    As for the fact there is no Jesus here, some have given reasons why he may not be, but it is strange I admit.

    Everything else though is nothing new. The dubs already know that if you speak against the gov body you are in fact speaking against Christ. That is what they have been told. They already know how important the gov body are in the org. They think that is where their spirtitual food comes from after all.

    So certainly to the average dub as some have said on here this will change nothing. All it does is reinforce what they already have been told and believe. But as we all know the society like to go over the same point again, and again, and again. That is mind control.

    I dont think the average lurker on this site would be at all surprised by the picture. They already know that the Watchtower society provides all the literature, and to them the gov body is the society. I dont think they will get too upset by the chairs either, or the position on the globe.

    So interesting picture, but as I and others have said lets move on to something new that is happening in the organisation. There are much more important things to discuss than a picture showing the dubs what they already know (apart from the absence of Jesus)

    Sex abuse scandles, the worldwide report, the big changes in the the way the society are using the internet, the new comic characters for the children which again is mind control. These are the things we should focus on and expose.

    A picture depicting the way the organisation has worked for the last 30 years is certainly not going to have any impact on most JWs or any lurkers.

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    So interesting picture, but as I and others have said lets move on to something new that is happening in the organisation. There are much more important things to discuss than a picture showing the dubs what they already know (apart from the absence of Jesus)

    ....this is just as important...because most JW do not know that subliminal message shown in this picture. Most really are not paying attention.

    And as you have read here...many leave for different reasons...and this may be a point that help one person....or a wonderful seed planted.

    One thing we all should learn from our JW experience...that we are not all the same. And to be cautious to anyone suggesting such.

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    Very excellent thread.

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    edmond dantes

    It's fruit and nutcase picture it should have a caption that reads FLASH GORDAN DIRECTS THE WATCHTOWER ORGANISATION.

    It just does not look like a picture produced by a well balanced intelligent person it gives the impression that a nutty commercial book publishing company is controlled by aliens with tons of old follicles around the face.

    The only thing thats right about the picture is the commercialistic aspect of the book sellers.

    It also makes me want to shout "GORDAN'S ALIVE "

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    Alan V said:

    As for the fact there is no Jesus here, some have given reasons why he may not be, but it is strange I admit.

    Isn't the Kenny Rogers base jumper figure supposed to represent Jesus, the master returning to inspect how the head slave was taking care of the other domestics while he was away (and I don't understand why he can't just look down at Earth from the edge of the platform, just to keep an eye on things? Is Jesus highly myopic or something?) That's what I'd guess, but it looks like he's not wearing a nametag or football jersey (unless someone wants to take a look under high-power magnification?), so that explanation seems as likely as any.

    BTW, the JW's don't need to dispose of Jesus anytime soon, eliminating him from their theology: the mortal man has been dead for 2,000 yrs, and it turns out that someone being dead works really well for those who'd like to manage their image.

    It's just like how a dead famous person is a much-safer merchandising bet as an celebrity endorser vs someone who is alive, since the dead celebrity cannot tarnish their legacy. Think of Lance Armstrong: he would've died a hero if only he had been hit by a car before the doping scandal emerged. He didn't die, of course, but the doping scandal emerged and now manufacturers are dropping his endorsements like he's radioactive waste. Marilyn Monroe's estate continues to make HUGE amounts of money by licensing out rights to use her image in commercials, etc. She is a solid-gold generator of $$$, not only now, but for likely for a few centuries.

    Similarly, Jesus doesn't represent a threat to the GB: he lives on in the concept of Jesus, and they control the interpretation of the Bible, and hence his image for their followers. The GB is not threatened by him, in the least (unless some blood doping scandal were to emerge from archaeological digs in Jerusalem, showing he may have used steroids, which would explain the rage he displayed in the table-overturning hissy fit incident).

    BTW, the irony is most of us (me included) probably didn't give JW theology as much thought while we were in, LOL!

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    What is that big golden glass table floating in outer space, held up by wheels and angels?

    Also, what brand of sunglasses is the big angel on the right wearing, I wonder? They're odd. Or maybe he has giant holes in his head instead of eyes.

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