A picture so outrageous, it deserves its own thread...

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  • besty

    See AnnoMaly on previous page - could all conscious class faders pls make a point of asking as many JW's as possible if the man on the throne in the picture is Jesus or Jehovah.

    (The answer doesn't matter - the followon question is the start of the fun)

  • EdenOne

    It's not like me to get conspiracy theories started, but I can see the writting on the wall that "1914" is about to change big time .... in what form and with wich face-saving theology adjustments, I am yet to see. But surely, in good Watchtower style, it will be under the pretext of "new light", the blame for false expectations will be thrown into "some" who got ahead of themselves, and the organization is to be trusted at all times, and nevermind what the apostates were saying, because they are wrong because we are right. Something along those lines.

    Edit: I've started another thread about this speculation.



  • Caedes

    Eden One, you look familiar, you aren't my long lost twin are you?

  • EdenOne

    Only if you're my EVIL twin ...


  • alanv

    Hey Alan,

    Is there a meeting in Feb? They have just had one over Christmas? Is this another one or just different dates?

    Hi konceptual99 This is what I remember reading. No idea if it is still on or even already happened.

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    Re: Zonal Superintendent will visit Brazil in January 2012

    by Roncalli Spinoza on 31 Jul 2012 21:05

    Hello everybody.

    Apparently it has come a doubt about the character of the School of Kingdom Ministry in February 2013. Some trivia about it help us to discern the importance that the Governing Body is offering this arrangement. Look:

    (1) Only elders will participate.

    (2) All the elders of all the congregations of the world will be invited.

    (3) The school will be held in all countries almost simultaneously, between 16 and 24 February 2013.

    (4) Superintendents Circuit and District as well as some selected elders who minister the course, will only receive the materials in full consideration for two days before the date on which the course will be held.

    (5) The sketches are in manuscript form, and no one is allowed to contain anything different. (I have not seen the sketches, but this detail was passed on to me by a source that I consider capable of owning and reliable)

    (6) The Branch Committee were assigned to organize the school, but received no further information than it is to 'which dictates'.

    (7) Elders appointed, but still pending, ie, not yet officially announced in the congregation are expected to attend mandatory. No elder, absolutely none, should be out of it, except in medical emergency. This is the approach adopted.

    Regarding the content, although no one yet knows at Bethel what it is, it is expected that such a doctrinal shift. Example: It was requested that the branch committee appoint elders who could only "give the right direction to a depth biblical teaching and to be good readers and experienced '.

    Regards to all.

  • konceptual99

    Cheers Alan. I will ask one of the elders and see if they have another one scheduled.

  • mamochan13

    Appreciate your observations, Cedars. I agree that the pictures have a great deal of meaning to the R & F. The GB are conveying a powerful message with this one.

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  • minimus

    But Jehovah's Witnesses do not have a clergy/laity class.

  • Sapphy

    I think it's a funny picture & depicts the hierarchy really well.

    At the top you've got some faceless, nebulous god magic, then in reality you've got:

    The governing body, brown suits, presidents chairs.

    The branch committees, blue suits, directors chairs

    Elders, men in grey suits with plastic chairs.

    They could not have shown their own Pope / Cardinal / Bishop / Priest structure more clearly.

    Also, it definitely shows where women are; sitting demurely being lectured at, or one step behind their husband.

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