If Jehovah Can Read Hearts Then WHY

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    This is pointless.

    Oh, my, another truth! What's got into YOU today?

    It's just more obfuscation, personal insults, twisting words and slinging mud

    Yes! MORE truth from you! You ARE on a roll, aren'cha?

    from you when you say silly things you can't defend.

    Aw shoot. Partial truth (and just when I was beginning to think you might have gotten what truth really was. Dang.). Yes, there is obfuscation, personal insults, twisting words, and mud slinging. But not from this direction. Just truth from THIS direction. Always... and in EVERY way. I mean, I did kick a little "mud" on you (well, I don't think it was mud)... but you TOLD me to keep up! Which mean I had to RUN! And since what you were leaving behind was getting pretty DEEP... so that I had to stop and roll up my boots...

    Well, I mean, I SAID 'scuse me when I passed you. Oh, wait... oh, I'm sorry! Do you need a hankie? 'Cause looks like you got a little, ummmm (SA snaps out a hankie, licks it, then reaches for EP's nose and cheek... and)...

    There! All bedda, now!

    Have a pleasant evening.

    I shall. You, as well.

    A slave of Christ,


  • tec

    Well im listening to Jesus and im worried that he failed to mention many evils inflicted against the week in our society. Ive already stated many times jesus did not condemn slavery nor pedophilia, nor racism, nor oppression of women and many things. The simple answer is he didnt because Jews of that time thought along those lines. Its that simple.
    How could Jesus fail to see any of those things ? How could this god fail to see or predict the future and realise it would be smart and avoid much pain to spend a few lines of condemning these evils ?

    Except that he did not fail to speak against anything. In addition to the couple things I pointed out already (which are just a bare minimum)... His words cover every possible evil you could think of... because love covers such (as does the golden rule... unless you, (whomever) are twisting that to suit yourself - in which case you are revealing what is in your heart, are you not?) Same as it reveals what is in the hearts of people, when they use that as an excuse (well, he did not come out and directly say that I can't do 'such and such') to do whatever they want. Like finding a loophole. But you can't hide what is in you, from God.

    Problem is almost nobody listened to Jesus for the remainder of the NT

    Even IF that were true... (it is not... but people do fail and sin... all people... including those who follow and belong to Christ)... that is on them, is it not? That is not on Christ.

    THe apostles refused to even eat, talk to gentiles etc for much of the NT until much later. Somehow they seem to have formed a very different opnion to the one you "read" from that text. THis same idea can be found in the 10Commandments, where it says not to steal,

    but then the next page the jews kill and steal from their pagan neighbours. THe problem is of course the 10C only apply to equals their fellow jews. We see the same in the American constitution, where all men are created equal, but the problem is in 150 years ago

    everybody knew the "men" did not include blacks.

    Actually, I think the problem is that you fail to see many of the things that were written into the law, because your eyes are searching for what is wrong, so that you can prove (to yourself? to others?) that God is wrong, does not exist, whatever. There are laws written that protect the rights of the non-Israelite as well.

    Delegating someone as less than 'men' so that you can find a loophole in the law, is also on... men.

    You will then see that what i post easily outnumbers what you post.

    Does that really matter? Is that how you determine what is true? Why? What makes THAT true?

    You go ahead and do what you have to, but you might want to consider if your parameters here are truth, or just what you want to be truth.

    Not only do you have to be right that 'I have more than you' makes you right; you have to be sure that you understand everything you have decided is on 'your side'. From past conversations with you, and even this one (considering orphans), you do not understand half of what you think determines your 'pov'.

    IF god does not change then why does his laws change ? The truth is Jesus said the Torah was perfect and will never change in Mat 5.

    HIS laws do not.

    But not everything written is from him (or has remained as it was originally given)

    Christ made this clear as well when he described how the law of divorce was given BY MOSES... because the hearts of the Israelites were too hard to accept the law of God. (no divorce, other than for adultery)

    So they got an 'addendum' added, that would cause the least harm, according to what their hearts were willing to allow.

    I've given you this scripture (from Christ) a couple of times, but if you want me to quote it again for you, then I will.



    (again, all quotes are from you)

  • EntirelyPossible

    As I said, your dishonesty makes actual discussion impossible. Have a pleasant evening.

  • tec

    just saw this...

    SA points two fingers at her eyes, then at EP's eyes, then at tec's eyes...

    okay, now, this was cute... lol.

    (and if no one is mad at anyone, then it should be seen as cute by all, right... right??? RIGHT!!!???? )

    I'm doing too many things at once right now. Can't keep up, lol.



  • EntirelyPossible

    You can pretend like you wanna know "Bible stuff"... but WE know better. We're ON to you, man! (SA points two fingers at her eyes, then at EP's eyes, then at tec's eyes... )...

    Good call, tec! You guys call the Bible parts you don't like lies and then make up the rest as you need to.

    Perhaps you should try reading comprehension as opposed to "making stuff up". Dishonesty is never appealing.

  • EntirelyPossible

    And no one is mad, tec, I just have no interest in trying to have a conversation with someone that twists words, lies, obfuscates and makes things up on the fly. It's pointless.

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    Well, okay, then, smarty pants: YOU explain why you keep trying to discuss things you've already made up your uncommonly large brain about? Ohhhh... wait... I FORGOT!! " You know you like me, you wanna date me ..." Oh, but then, wait... that's means you like and wanna date dear tec TOO! Dude! EWwwwwwwwww! She's my SISTER! Okay, sister in Christ, but STILL. And... we're BOTH married! Okay, what happened to the blonde by the pool? Whad'ya say to her? And the brunette in the airport bar? What, touched her knee too soon? How about the blonde... no, wait, redhead... no, wait, blue... or was it purple-haired chick you had lunch with the other day? EP, listen up - dear tec and I are RESPECTABLE wimmen! You can pretend like you wanna know "Bible stuff"... but WE know better. We're ON to you, man! (SA points two fingers at her eyes, then at EP's eyes, then at tec's eyes... ).........Aguest

    Thats just freaking weird. This forum is getting odd.

  • EntirelyPossible

    Yeah, ST, that was weird. Sounds like Shelby has made a list of every woman I have ever mentioned I have been involved with and is now talking about her and he in that context. Weird. Super. Weird.

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    Not just that...but the suggestion that you want her and Tec too...weird...

    Some women do seem to believe that every man on earth wants THEM...LOL

    Of course, some people will shag anything on two legs, but thats different to suggesting that the only reason someone discusses something is because they want to shag the people they are discussing it with...weird.

  • EntirelyPossible

    While I am flattered by Aguest's suggestion, I am not into old chicks.

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