What do you mean?! I ALWAYS go to the beach after service and wear long pants and button up shirts while I play a game in the sand with my family! Sometimes I wear button up long sleeve shirts too!

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  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I keep staring at it because it looks so weird.

  • designs

    Maybe they're all fully dressed because you only have two days of Summer in England and it never gets above 80.

  • BU2B

    This Is one of my biggest peeves, the way the WT depicts witnesses either at gatherings, at school or work, at the park and now the beach. Why do the guys always seem to be in buisness causual attire? Why would you dress buisness casual on the beach?

    I live in NY near lake erie and ontario, so there are plenty of beaches to go to. From 1st and second hand conversations, most witness women around here feel that a 2 piece swimsuit is indecent and immodest Most in my immediate area would wear knee length shorts and a dark t shirt to the beach.

    Also, I just heard from my cousin that their congregation went to the beach and ont married young brother who is very muscular wore trunks and no shirt as is normal on the beach.. An elder pulled him to the side and told him, you need to put a shirt on, the sisters may get "hot and bothered" and you may stumble others. IT IS A CULT!!!!

  • Fed-up

    We once had a brother (i'll spare you his "credentials"), he told us we needed to represent ourselves as ministers all the time and needed to follow the example of the family in the Require Brochure when doing yard work. so stoopid.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    Ya know, for an organization that preaches not to make a specticle of ones self and draw attention, they sure know how to do it in weird ways. I can't imagine a scene like that in Santa Monica Beach. Esoecially with that weird stick. How many people have a clue what that stick is for is out here. Likely someone would call the police for thier bizarre behavior

  • BroMac

    its just not Cricket old chap!

  • BroMac

    not a chance is that on a UK beach. so I would agree it has to be from Aus

  • emperorslaundrist

    my CO told the pious-sneers that the congregation will look at everything they do, and do one step less then them. So they set the bar for everyone else, and need to be at least one step above what Jehovah requires. That seems to me to be the philosophy behind this picture.

    'If we show people in casual swimwear those lazy a** witnesses will think it's ok to wear bikinis and european swim briefs. Sooo, setting the bar ridiculously high will get those worldly witnesses to dress decently.


  • ronwashington

    pretty much that emperor.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    There used to be brother in our hall who went home from Sunday meetings and did yard work in full meeting regalia (suit, tie, shoes). As kids, we made fun of it.

    I believe he dug the hole for his swimming pool dressed like this.

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