What do you mean?! I ALWAYS go to the beach after service and wear long pants and button up shirts while I play a game in the sand with my family! Sometimes I wear button up long sleeve shirts too!

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  • AnnOMaly

    Far more suitable. Notice these women are even wearing a head-covering - just in case.

  • cobaltcupcake
  • undercover

    Now, now...

    If they had come straight from service, they'd be wearing mostly white shirts and the sisters would be wearing prarie dresses. No, this is definitely casual beachwear as prescribed by the WTS.

    Seriously though... while most dubs ignore, and rightly so, the examples as printed in WT publications when it comes to dress and grooming, there are those super zealous, uber-dubs, who actually look to the illustrations/photos in the literature as guidelines in how to dress. Maybe not to this level of stuipidity, but not too far from it. I know some who were like that.

  • Dagney

    This thread is hilarious. **sigh**

  • prologos

    may be some of you computer nerds can post a picture of the page 4 BEACH photo in the March 2013 AWAKE? there is a good surfing wave coming and wasted in the background, and again everyone is covered up. These are not regular beach goers. they have no tan. clearly more than 4 hour per month persons. Where is this taken? good beginners surfing spot.

    put on you sunscreen.

  • Crisis of Conscience
    Crisis of Conscience

    prologos, you asked for it! Here it is.

  • hamsterbait


    YOu make one big mistake about illustrations of witless gatherings.

    If you look at the balance of the adult sexes, it is always even. Hell you can even tell who is married to whom. The only exception is if an article dealing with LONELY MISERABLE SINGLES wants to say how welcome these potential pedos are at our gatherings.

    Singles - remember - can OCCASIONALLY be invited to share our family worship evening. Otherwise they are expected to spend yet ANOTHER evening alone, like all the old ones.

    In the window above mine, it is obvious that how to be a good father does not include being a witless elduh, as they would never have time to do such profane things with their kids other than door to bore misery.


  • Max Divergent
    Max Divergent

    Get a grip.

    The OP image was Adealdie, Australia and the March 2013 picture could be southern hemisphere too. Skin cancer rates in Australia and New Zealand (probably South Africa too) are 2-4 times times higher than US, Canada and UK (depending on the source) as a result of ozone depleation and outdoor lifestyle factors. As a result many people do cover up on the beach including in garments like shown in the March 2013 image which are made of a fabric is designed to block ultra violet rays but be acceptably comfortable in the water. The amount of skin coverage in the OP image is unsuprising on beaches or anywhere outdooors in Australia, although the style of clothing might be uncommon on the beach.


    Showing these images is a pretty responsible action by the WTS - even if they also feed into the body modesty ideas they promote.


    Use the above link to buy your own WT approved beachwear.

  • BroMac

    looks like dad is going to baptise them under the guise of surfing and having fun. I mean they are old enough huh?

  • Crisis of Conscience
    Crisis of Conscience

    Max Divergent, perhaps you need to get a grip. Here in the good old USA no one hangs out in the beach dressed like they just got done with service.

    And this picture is being used worldwide which makes it ridiculous in certain regions.

    Just sit back and enjoy the satire.

    AnnOMaly has the right idea. LOL


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