What do you mean?! I ALWAYS go to the beach after service and wear long pants and button up shirts while I play a game in the sand with my family! Sometimes I wear button up long sleeve shirts too!

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  • Crisis of Conscience
    Crisis of Conscience

    BTTT, in honor of today's Watchtower study.

  • gma-tired2

    i showed this pictuere to my two teenage grandaughters their eyes got big and asked if this is how their mother dressed for the Beach when she was a JW. She laughed and said not quite. SHe and her friends dressed like normal teens and that I always encouraged her and her brother to have some fun.

  • Tater-T

    I remeber this thread.. theyed look like a that would rather sit around reading watchtowers, than having any fun

  • prologos

    defienttruth on post 8 of 52 You asked: --"--what do the Jdubs do in countries where beach attire and custom is LESS than Puritan? inluding the topless ladies on your FL island?? answer:

    They wear sunglasses, so nobody can see what they are REALLY focussing on, looking at. (keep your eyes on the price)

    BSW: Adam and Eve controlled their impulses quite well, like your idyllic island crowd. instead of embracing, talking to the snakes and Forb Fruit snacking.

    Does the 15 mile boat trip put you out of reach of the local wt kh thought police?

  • doofdaddy

    Strange comment from the (I assume) Australian Max Divergent. I have lived near the ocean for fifty yrs and I have never seen clothing that is in the article being worn on the beach. Yes, there has been a sun aware campaign since the eighties but really to say Aussies wear long pants and long sleeve shirts. Look at Cocos comment on the first page on the Gold Coast, that's more like it.

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    Yep I live on the Gold Coast and people who are sun smart dress more like the man in the Awake. Never chinos or slacks! Boardshorts and ras shirts are common, and most parents cover their children up to prevent sun burn and cancer. Many families even bring pop-up tents to rest under. Here on the Gold Coast, one of Australia's top tourist destinations, people wear all sorts of things. For beach cricket, which I've played with my non-JW family on occasion, you wear your boardies and a t-shirt or tank top of some kind.

    As for JWs playing beach cricket, they wear their boardies and a t-shirt or tank top of some kind.

    People walking their dogs on the beach wear their boardies and a t-shirt or tank top of some kind.

    JWs walking their dogs on the beach wear their boardies and a t-shirt or tank top of some kind.

  • Max Divergent
    Max Divergent

    At risk of prolonging trivia... Of course wearing chinos is unusual on the beach. I can remember wearing trousers on the beach twice: once for wedding and once because we decide to walk on the beach after a meal at a beach side restaurant. Maybe this group is supposed to have spontaneously just decided to head to the beach after a meeting or service? If so, that's quite healthy for JWs. Few would plan to wear chinos on the beach, but at least the WTS is showing JWs having normal(-ish) fun, not the usual meeting, service, study, pray routine.

    I didn't say wearing meeting clothes to the beach was normal (!!), just that covering up the skin (with some kind of clothing), especially in family settings, is hardly freakish behaviour of itself. I think I wrote that after a week on a family oriented beach (ie: a bay with no waves, everyone had small kids and most had beach tents: not the Gold Coast) when temps were in the 40s. Some people covered up more than others. No one wore chinos. But if some grandpa had chosen to, well, freaking good on him is all I'd want to say.

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    c'mon guys, how often does anyone wear anything other than t-shirts and shorts, not to mention bathing suits, when at the beach?

  • Pickler

    Sydney beaches... We cover up, but more stylish than that picture. Mums wear bikinis/one piece with floaty see through caftans, beads, sarongs...............you've still got to look pretty!

    Teens will die rather than wear rashies in my experience. Bikinis rule.

    boys wear boardies. But not baggy...kinda tight, once again rashies are an abomination, how will girls check out those muscles?

    There are some real "Christian" clothes in these beach pictures

  • BU2B

    Maybe this will be next for JWs

    oops im sorry, no JW man who is exemplery would have a beard! Gasp

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