CO Disfellowshipped in UK

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  • soft+gentle


    you have a pm

  • bigmac

    When you become a CO, you hand over everything. You have nothing but a suitcase. It is rare for a CO to be super rich, so there is no money for a mortgage etc. So no house of your own, no car of your own, no income of your own, no privacy, no nothing !!!

    really?? hand over--what?--to who?

    the Co's & Do's i met--back in the 60's---all seemed well connected--often their wives were very well dressed--and came from very comfortable families--to where they returned on sunday evenings at the end of the visit--till the next visit on the tuesday.

  • BroMac

    if anyone has a name and would like to share, PM me. thanks

  • soft+gentle

    thanks iarts for your pm. so many CO's disfellowshipped - we all seem to know of different ones.

  • tim hooper
    tim hooper

    Big Mac - He did do a TV interview. I saw it. It was called "The lions den".

    For 30 minutes he was grilled by bishops and clergymen. He absolutely wiped the floor with them. He'd quote Scripture, ask them to look it up with him and then exclaim "What? None of you have brought a Bible with you?"

  • bigmac

    yes--tim hooper--thats exactly what i heard

  • jookbeard

    if there is any news come someone PM his name please, full confidentiality will be observed .

  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    I would be pleased to receive a pm too please. This is all fascinating. If its who I think then he must be ancient! And Scottish.

  • BroMac

    If you had a PM from me please check again

  • edmond dantes
    edmond dantes

    Hi Tim Hooper,

    I remember being told of Turnbull being disfellowshipped way back in the Swinging Sixties I can't remember the reason for it I had a feeling it was for apostasy but it could have been as you say . I also heard later that he was back in the fold which surprised me at the time which makes me think he questioned the Org's doctrines.

    I remember he was something of a charismatic speaker and gave good talks when I saw him in Lancashire UK. It was a shock at the time when I heard of his being made personna non gratis because I was young and gullible way back then but it eventually had a positive effect on me by making me start to realise that the Witness religion was just a cult and not as super duper as they like to make out.

    I can picture him in my mind now he was a bit stocky and wore glasses in a suit and tie but they all had suits, I had a feeling he was from the Manchester area .

    Ghosts from the past hey !

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