CO Disfellowshipped in UK

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  • wizzstick

    There was an stand in CO in London called Andrew Meredith who was DF'd for an affair. About 3 years ago I think.

    Pity - lovely guy, and he and his wife looked very happy.

  • Quarterback

    His name was The Walrus. He was a Fool on the Hill, and he usually hung out in Strawberry Fields. Yesterday, he spent the whole evening with Penny Lane, and last week he was dating Eleanor Rigby. The congregation commitee told him to Get Back, to where you once belong. But he just replied, Naw, Naw, Naw, Na, Na, Na. He started misquoting the book of Hey Jude, and said we wanted a Revolution. But, he was was always trying to build up material for his new book, because he was a Paperback Writer.

  • snare&racket

    CB was in the same local JW fantasy football league online as me, but i didnt know him, he was amongst a handful of other JW's on it. I was surprised to see he was on twitter and FB too.

    He seemed like a proper normal guy, proven by his exit. Probably did some damage because we had some tough old boots for CO's over the years. The J dub locals liked CB because he was real and he was honest, wasnt putting a front on. To see such a 'normal' guy leave must have made some people think a bit harder. Not sure, I had gone to uni by then.....

    Timothy T, cant think who you are, but I was from the next cong down. Was in the area for years, faded away around 2004 and was asked to stop going around 2008 while CB was around.. Too many difficult questions like... "Why did we own a navy funded military engine company?" And other such pesky milarchy.... "Will god be annoyed with us for following what Brooklyn says if we feel that they are wrong and there is no scriptural reason to believe it." Etc etc..

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