CO Disfellowshipped in UK

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    Balaam, did you hear of the young Circuit Overseer in Arcadia, Ca with a women in every congregation? Single man claimed he had conquered thirty-six sisters, some of his fornication created "New World Society" members. This CO decades ago tried to convince the sisters to have abortions. Why do JWs think their guys are any different than "ancient Isreal?", because the Watchtower lies and say's we "live in a spiritual paradise with the best people in the World" with no evidence to prove their point.

    Five years ago in Thousand Oaks area, a "substitute circuit overseer" with the brighest future fell to fleshly temptations.

    May I ask a question, why do you make the presumption this brother in England has any more insight than Ray Franz or Sam Dunlap, Billy-the-Ex-Bethelite, Cedars, "James Wood", "blondie", "Terry", Dogpatch", "Grumpy", "Ray Publisher", "Balaam", SolomonGrundy", and "Juan Viejo"?

    We know what goes on in the Organization, we have "men of fame" and "women of fame" on JWN who know the inner "workings" of the Organization. It reminds me of the Jews telling Jesus Christ "We want a sign!" even though Jesus spoke the truth, performed mircales and gave the poor comfort. JWN has delivered more deep hidden information in the most timely manner but it's not enough, you think there's some deeper meaning out there, than JWN members have brought forward. JMHO.

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    I'm very new to this - only my second thread post.. gosh I should stop gushing haha :)

    But these posts remind me of a CO we had from the UK, say about 15 years ago... The country I lived in was far from the UK but the Britain office "governed" the cong there as it's a banned country.

    So anyway, the CO's were virtually worshipped whenever they visited. People in the cong were mostly asian or the sort, and to have someone white like the CO come and visit, it seemed like a big deal. I don't remember if this person was a CO or DO but I distinctly remember him having a fondness for my 10 yr old brother. He was single, in his late 30's or early 40's then I think. My mum was flattered and kept telling everyone how my bro was "blessed" to have the CO/DO like him so much. I was only a year older than my bro and didn't know what to think but I remember one late evening, we were at a cong dinner... some families got together with and invited the CO/DO and the adults were sitting out after dinner and got to drinking a little, kids were indoors playing video games, and I was sitting at the table reading a book just behind them. The DO/CO then came in and made a few friendly remarks at some of the kids and then came to me and asked me what I was reading. He started off with his hands on my shoulders but then started to massage my back sort of going up and down. It was weird and I didn't know what to think, but he was respected so I sat still. He continued to do it till someone came into the room, then abruptly stopped.

    Thinking about it now, I'm quite certain he was a pedo. He never married and was too attached to pre-pubescent kids. I don't know if I'm just being accusatory and I should be glad nothing happened, I'm pretty sure nothing happened to my bro either as he never got him alone. But scary eh? I just hope he NEVER got to any other child.

    I hope he never

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    I heard a story from an extremely reliable source that a sister came forward and confessed to a relationship she had had with a CO about ten years prior. The CO confessed, said he had prayed about it, it only happened once, he felt Jehovah was still blessing him as evidenced by his service, they forgave him and let him continue as a CO. It happened again, same story, let him continue. Finally the third time they realized this clown was pulling one over on them and gave him the boot. No names though, but I know a brother that was on the committee.

  • konceptual99

    I don't have any updates on this and to be honest, please don't hold your breath waiting for anything as I don't have enough contact with people who would know first hand info to be able to do any digging without it seeming odd. The time will come however. Just to reiterate that I don't know a name and have no details on the circumstances. Speculation is pointless and it does not really matter anyway.

    What I have already mentioned is 100% accurate and as soon as I have the opportunity to get any further facts that are worth sharing then I will do so. The matter is really only of interest in as much it is very unusual for something like this to happen and it proves that organisational heavies are people like the rest of us and deserve no special treatment. Please let's not get swept along by the apparent scandal of it all as it is really only of long term import if the reasons are due to some kind of organisational corruption or doctrinal issue. If the guy just wanted to be with someone else then that's his business and simply proves that holy spirit has very little to do with the appointment and actions of anyone with any kind of privileges in the org. The fact that I am still an MS in good standing is proof of that!

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    To clarify my above post, this was NOT the CO that the thread here is talking about. Don't want to cause any confusion. The case I am talking about happened in the US.

  • Etude

    Maybe he was disfellowshipped because of what ziddina suggested he would do and already did: started drinking heavily, turned to drugs and committed acts of sexual immorality.

    Really, I hate to specualte on that. It makes me feel just like the witlesses who just repeat gossip about some disfellowhipped person. I was a victim of that type of gossip even though I had not been disfellowshipped. Come to think of it, I probably agreed with and abeted some opinions about someone who was disfellowshipped without having all the information. Stupid me.

    I don't know if providing a name would help the guy. It just may add to his embarrassment and shame, which is the last thing I would want for him and the first thing the witlesses desire. It should be up to him to come out with the truth. But for the cloak of piousness cast by the witlesses, there is inherently nothing wrong with drinking, smoking something and occasionally getting your rocks off.

  • Nebeska Nada
    Nebeska Nada

    This is our former CO.

    Also DFed.

    Notice what he wrote in his CV about years being CO:

    Activities and Societies:
    • 1991 – 1999 RAPPRESENTANTE INTERNAZIONALE – PR e coordinatore aiuti umanitari per Organizzazioni Internazionali non governative a sfondo religioso durante la guerra nei Balcani (Croazia, Bosnia Erzegovina e Repubblica Serba)
    • 1983 – 1991 RAPPRESENTANTE NAZIONALE impegnato nel sociale nel sud Italia Calabria e Sicilia nel 1991 invitato dall'America prestare servizio in Croazia con inizio guerra Balcani

    In english:

    Activities and Societies:
    • 1991 - 1999 INTERNATIONAL REPRESENTATIVE - PR coordinator and humanitarian aid to non-governmental international organizations with a religious background during the war in the Balkans (Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republika Srpska)
    • 1983-1991 NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVE involved in social work in southern Italy Calabria and Sicily in 1991 invited from America to serve in Croatia starting war Balkans

    For all those who didn't know: your CO is PR coordinator for "NGO with religios background". Religion is only "background".

  • bigmac

    There was a DO in the UK who was DF'd back in the 60's or 70's. Name of Turnbull.

    As I recall he'd legged it with a lady. They confessed what they'd done and admitted that they knew they would be DF'd but decided to carry on and eventually hope to be re-instated.

    The JC gave them a minimum of 10 years before any application would be heard. Don't know if that's what happened though.

    Last I heard he was back in and oop North.

    you beat me to it. i remember this--the rumours that flew were hilarious--like KNORR flew over and d/f'd turnbull personally. ha ha.

    i understand ( told directly by the circ at the time )--that Doug was by then "just a publisher" in the tamworth cong--and owned a laundrette. i had heard he did a TV interview.

    i wonder if hes on here?

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