CO Disfellowshipped in UK

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  • cedars

    Can we get a name? I might know him. There was one CO I knew in particular who was perfect material to wake up in the future. He had subscriptions to New Scientist and National Geographic - a thinking person. Please PM me if you find out who it is.


  • Phizzy

    I know of three that were DF'd over the years I was in, close on 4 decades, two were for adultery with hot sistas , one was more interesting, he appeared on a national radio programme and faced a number of christendoms finest at the time, a theologion and a bishop if I remember, and made them look silly about the Trinity doctrine, simply because he was very well prepared, but an intellect too.

    This was in the mid 1960's , I do not recall his name, but he went for Apostasy I was told, which does not surprise me, he probably espoused the Trinity in the end, if he carried on and researched it properly. LOL

  • Mr Moody
    Mr Moody

    Not been on here in a long while....but as the Mrs said (Mickeymouse) its possible we know this guy as an Elder in our congregation became an CO and went down to North London on his last assigment....

  • Hortensia
    Funny how the rumor mill works here too. Everyone just assumes he got caught with his pants down. Jws like to gossip.

    Yes, yes, the Nancy Grace school of journalism -- rampant speculation, hardly any facts.

  • Hortensia
    So, I have it on very good authority that a CO has recently been disfellowshipped in the UK. He has just finished serving the north west London area.

    Pretty specific. How many COs from northwest London get disfellowshipped? If the poor guy shows up here and sees that so many on JWN think he's been caught with his pants down, well, he won't stay long, will he? What if the poor guy was DF for apostasy, looks for some support and finds out everyone here thinks he's a pervert?

  • iarts

    A few weeks back I was told about a UK CO who was recently disfellowshipped. He was well known to some witnesses I know - they were really shocked. I'm guessing he was a former CO of theirs. I didn't recognize his name though, so I can't remember it now. Sorry.
    I was told he left his wife and moved to another country with another woman.

  • punkofnice

    I hate it when they get DF for jooking the punaani. That means they'll likely return to the filthy, paedo protecting cult.

    'Apostasy'(TM) is far better a reason. It means they usually won't go back.

    'Apostasy'(TM) rocks!!

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    iarts you have a PM

  • iarts

    Mickey mouse, you have a PM.

  • jookbeard

    any news or a name of this CO? the problem is being out all these years that I have virtually no info with the inside!

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