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  • VIII

    Hi Terry, perhaps if you're at home you'll recover quicker. Hospitals are pits of staph and other infection. Even with all the antibiotics they are giving you, you may be safer at home. My thoughts are with you. I hope you feel better!


  • Mall Cop
    Mall Cop

    Terry! I just checked in by chance looking for your latest topic and I find " About Terry " posted. Wow! Well, so many friends have wished you well and given some advice that may help you get better. You have helped me with your many topics and post responses and I am sure many ,many others agree. There is a song out there some where, called "It's only words, but words are all I have to take your heart away!" You have touched the hearts of so many of us, as you have seen here with all the words coming from the hearts of us.

    Hoping to see the next topic called "Terry Has Recovered From His Illness".

    Blueblades/Mall Cop.

  • life is to short
  • Finkelstein

    Sorry to hear of your health problems Terry , lets hope for a speedy recovery !


  • Quentin

    Thank you Talesin and thank you CoCo....If I could manage it, I'd be like Rover. By the way, this is the first time in his life Terry has been the patient in a hospital and not the visitor.

    Terry will remain in hospital. The bacterial infection has been contained. He will now be tested for, as he says, "exotic viruses".

  • Terry


    The antibiotic drips stopped the spread of swelling.

    Puzzlingly, however, the core jaw area remains hard as a rock and round like a wisconsin cheese.

    That area is entirely resistant.

    The doctor has concluded this must be VIRAL and not bacterial.

    By exploring my blood work for clues they are eliminating the presences of viruses.

    Virus cannot be cured. But, by identifying specifically, they can do what they do to AIDS and "contain" the problem.

    Some "mono" type molecules have been found. An epstein-barr type viruse that most people have dormant in them and is associated with Mono-nucleosis, Mumps, chicken-pox, etc. has been ruled out.

    But, I've been doing a lot of bike-riding around parks in the city. I drink out of water fountains in public places where there are birds.

    Get the picture?

    Exotic virus X is what we're trying to discover and type.

    I'm not being sent home from the hospital until the CDC person on staff knows I'm not a menace to others:)

    How do I feel?

    In one sense of the word, sort of semi-normal. In another sense, really weird. I have a hard painful wisconsin cheese in my jaw. How would YOU feel?

    I'm on pain medication and I can't swallow.

    Have not had a B.M. (children, hide your eyes and plug your ears) since last Friday since I can't eat real food.

    Strange life I'm living. Interesting and different, too. I'm wearing a chin support ice pak and typing on my lappy with Turner Movie Channel playing.

    It could worse....believe me.....

  • james_woods

    Terry, have they discussed possibly pulling the broken tooth?

  • blondie

    Terry, wow, water from a fountain or bubbler in this area. No more bubblers any more. I won't drink out of the fountains at work, just bring filtered water f rom home. But no birds inside, but who knows who spits in them. I was on codeine once and had the worst case of constipation. Maybe Scully has some other suggestions as to pain. Hope everything comes out okay...


  • whathappened

    Our hearts go out to you, Terry. At least they are letting you stay in the hospital so you can be watched closely. So sorry this had to happen to you.

  • mrsjones5

    Nice to see you're keeping a sense of humor about this Terry.

    Best wishes

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