By What Authority?

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  • Ucantnome

    rather be in hades

    The thread evolved.

    I was wrong

  • King Solomon
    King Solomon

    Apostatethunder sounds like a pretty Native American-y name to me.

    Yup: maybe "danceswithpagans" was already taken?

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze
    I hate professional sports. I say so often.

    You're obviously a bigot.

  • rather be in hades
    rather be in hades

    she did grab her pitchfork earlier lol

    sigh.... no christians to persecute. perhaps we pagans wiped 'em all out. what we SHOULD have done is issue persecution permits, that way we pagans won't make the christians extinct and that way we can continue to feed off our christian human sacrifices while being completely immoral as apostatethnder lovingly reminded us is our tradition and culture

    except for the agnostics which according to isidore, are too cowardly to make a decision. they're probably too cowardly to go persecute some christians and hence should not share in our bounty

  • NewChapter

    You're obviously a bigot.

    Yes, and I even belong to the SSS---Silly, Stupid, Sports. We hold our meetings during Monday Night Football and sabatoge chicken wing, pizza and beer establishments. We also pool our money and buy stock in stadiums where we make sure a hotdog costs $12. Then we sit back and laugh as we watch people standing in line for three bathrooms because we voted against funding repairs. We also run a company that produces stupid foam fingers and double beer hats with straws, cutting costs by simply using left over material from real manufacturers. Mwah Hah!

    Edit to add: OH, and we never pay to clean the stadiums---EVER. We leave that up to JW's once a year when we turn the field over to them.


  • tec

    The thing is Jesus didn’t found any Church, but he did say to Peter that he would build his congregation on him. It seems the Catholic Church (which also means Universal), is the only one that can honestly claim that was built on that rock mass, that is Peter.

    Yes... but Peter the man; or the faith that allowed Peter to KNOW Christ, revealed to him by God?


    tammy (still on page two of this thread...)

  • tec

    Agnostics are just cowards that won't commit to anything

    Or perhaps they are simply being honest with themselves, and do not know. So they won't follow something or someone blindly, like they might once have done with a religion that proved to be false? Not a bad thing, imo. My faith in Christ is not blind either, so I can respect that position.



  • jgnat

    Has Orthodox1 left the building? I'll be careful to preface my arguments by identifying the classic JW argument from those that are my own. Way back on page 1,

    "Wow, that requires a lot of faith... And why wouldn't Jesus commission a larger, more enterprising body instead of a small group..."

    A JW would reply that the small group (narrow road, little flock) is evidence that they have the "truth".

    Witnesses teach that Catholics became apostate as soon as they adopted the trinity doctrine. And yes, they grab the greatest saints through history as their own.

    A revealing story on the unique Watchtower spin on history can be found in Barbara Anderson's tale. Scroll down to "Searching for Answers"

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    You don't sound japanese?

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    of course i'm only 25% japanese so maybe i'm wrong lmfao.

    Ahhhh...that cleared that up.....LMAO

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