By What Authority?

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  • Prognoser

    Haha, sorry. I agree that the Catholic Church is backed by God despite its shortcomings. And that goes for many other Christian churches as well.

  • tec

    Sorry, Tams, but you cannot reinvent and re-interpret ancient Hebrew words to fit your own agenda: that would be a SIN, as if you were in fact, a lying interpreter of scribes.

    I do find it funny how you try to warn me off with telling me I might be SINNING... ;)

    Why don't you leave that to me and my Lord?

    There is only one interpretation of le-has-kil as used in the OT: "to make one wise". It's the same root as used to describe King Solomon's childhood request in a dream, when he asked YHWH to grant him wisdom (See, Solomon ASKED for wisdom; he didn't TAKE it, like Adan and Eve did).
    I am curious: what other types of wisdom can you possibly imagine, aside from the ability to exercise good judgment and discretion, to determine proper and prudent choices, determining right from wrong? That's the biblical usage of the word 'wisdom'. Did you have

    something in mind, or were you just tap-dancing?

    Romans 16:19

    ... but I want you to be wise about what is good, and innocent about what is evil.

    There is a distinction here, between what you can be wise ABOUT.

    I have not changed any definition of the word.

    Starts with "because you ate it" and ends with "to dust you shall return".

    Yeah... sounds like cause and effect to me. What was said to Eve, not so much... but this one still sounds like a consequence. E ven though this is separate from eat and you will die (which is not a threat or a punishment, just a statement of what will happen as a consequence)... this example that you provide is a secondary issue.

    Wages of sin being death also sounds like cause and effect. Not the wage of your sin is that i will kill you.

    You've launched into "Tammy's Tall Tales" again: for one, the words 'spirit' and 'vessel' are not mentioned in the A&E account, so you're on your own again, making up your own story. Careful, there: you're back into lying scribe territory, making up your own version of

    the account to suit your wishes. Your Jesus warned about that kind of thing, you know....

    Stop.. it is too hot to laugh here ;)

    It does not matter if spirit and vessel are mentioned or not... a) those things would need to be understood by scribes, translators, etc... which the Spirit of Christ would be needed to help them understand such things. But He could not even teach all that He had to teach to his disciples because even they could not yet bear it.

    The Spirit opens UP scripture; opens eyes (as you mentioned earlier), yes?

    Uh, Ya THINK? OF COURSE they weren't "trustworthy", because God created them AS FOOLISH, FOOLS! He, of all beings, should KNOW they were had immature decision-making processes: He made them that way!

    Now who is interpreting into the story?

    Never said it was the ONLY reason: if I did, it was a mistake.

    You seem very 'behind' that theory, so I guess i thought YOU thought it could be the ONLY reason. Cool if you do acknowledge that it might not be.


    tammy (and off to bed)

  • Isidore

    "I would submit to you to take a stab and read St. Thomas Aquinas. But I warn you, his writings have converted many a militant atheists.

    got some proof of that?"

    Still Thinking, I apologize for the delay. Been very busy. Here's a link for what you requested.

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    Thanks Isidore....I'll have a look at your link.

    [edit] I'll try to liven that too...

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