By What Authority?

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  • Prognoser

    Orthodox1, by authority of the Illuminati. I think the elite had bigger plans for the IBSA/WTBTS. I think they expected at least one among the triad of JW, Mormon, and Aventism to forge ahead and succeed in cripling, once and for all, "Christendom". All three of them failed, in a global sense. Scofieldism succeeded them, I think, as the winner. Now we see that the Illuminati has stepped back from the Watchtower, thus its current implosion. It accomplished its goal.

  • rather be in hades
    rather be in hades

    no more soul saving?

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    I've been saved........I might become catholic again...

  • rather be in hades
    rather be in hades

    i haven't, still a heathen

    i could be convinced though...if that 420 bag shows p that never runs out, i'm sold

    in the name of the father, the son and the holy ghost of course

    bt i bet biden would say i've been put back in chains...

  • dreamgolfer

    LOL -

    Yes, and I even belong to the SSS---Silly, Stupid, Sports. We hold our meetings during Monday Night Football and sabatoge chicken wing, pizza and beer establishments. We also pool our money and buy stock in stadiums where we make sure a hotdog costs $12.

    THERE IS A GROUP IN NC now, they have grown all over the USA (say they are BENGAL FANS in disguise)

    Then we sit back and laugh as we watch people standing in line for three bathrooms because we voted against funding repairs. We also run a company that produces stupid foam fingers and double beer hats with straws, cutting costs by simply using left over material from real manufacturers. Mwah Hah!


    Edit to add: OH, and we never pay to clean the stadiums---EVER. We leave that up to JW's once a year when we turn the field over to them.


  • rather be in hades
    rather be in hades

    lol i also could be convinced to join the clt of football, but object to roger goodell being my pope

  • Orthodox1

    Still here jgnat,

    Was just waiting for the conversation to come back around to the topic. Thank you for giving me some of your perspective.

    A JW would reply that the small group (narrow road, little flock) is evidence that they have the "truth".
    Witnesses teach that Catholics became apostate as soon as they adopted the trinity doctrine. And yes, they grab the greatest saints through history as their own.

    Wouldn't Christianity itself be the small road, seeing that it is about 1/3 of the earth's population? Couldn't the Catholic Church make the same statement as it is about 1/6 of the world's population?

    I understand JWs teach the apostate, but what gives them the authority to teach it as a certain fact?

    As far as "grabbing the greatest saints", I don't believe the Catholic Church did that... There are many thousands, but popular hundreds, of saints, and those who wrote devotionals or biographies were profoundly Catholic from Ignatius in 100 A.D. to Hillary, Iraneous, Augustine in the fourth century, Francis of Asisi, Theresa, Vincent de Paul, etc., etc.

    Couldn't anyone say that they are the true church because the Catholic Church fell into apostacy when they adopted, for instance, the "dogs do not go to heaven" doctrine of the fourth century, therefore they are wrong, and we are right because we know dogs go to heaven? Silly argument, but can't anyone do that and proclaim themselves to be the true church wherever they disagree with the Catholic Church?


  • rather be in hades
    rather be in hades

    the very same authority jehovah's witnesses seem to think they have the one true religion.

    every single thing you claim as "evidence" they can claim.

    the protestants can definitely claim it. 95 thesis and the CORRUPTION in the catholic church? you honestly think jesus would bless the very church that gave us many of the darkest moments in human history? would christ honestly give his blessing to the chrch that couldn't even get basic science right?

    or do you still believe the sun goes 'round the earth?

  • Orthodox1

    rather be in hades,

    The sun revolving around the earth was a worthy theory until disproved. What's wrong with that? Just like, for instance, when people ever wake up to the reality that abortion is murder of an innocent human life. Wow! I would prefer to be wrong about the revolving sun than the non-life of 53 million aborted!

  • Orthodox1
    would christ honestly give his blessing to the chrch that couldn't even get basic science right?

    Roger Bacon, Franciscan Catholic, creator of the scientific method, adopted and use by Pope Clement IV and the Catholic Church... any of this sound familiar? No?

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