WT and the Illuminati - truth or fiction?

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  • bohm




    sorry, allow me to compose myself


    (tool of the illuminati)

  • bohm

    No, seriously, do you really believe that?

  • Prognoser

    Actually, almost everyone in Hollywood makes Illuminati symbols. Why? Externalization of the hierarchy? That was one small example. It's just a coincidence that the one-eye symbolism of actors and musicians mirrors that of the all-seeing eye of the Masons and Illuminists?

    Keep telling yourself, it's all a coincidence...........

    Ole Jay Z, who now calls himself Jayhovah.

  • mP


    The hand notions being done by Bush and Clinton were also done by Spock and are the Vulcan salute.


    n his autobiography I Am Not Spock , Nimoy wrote that he based it on the Priestly Blessing performed by Jewish Kohanim with both hands, thumb to thumb in this same position, representing the Hebrew letter Shin (?), which has three upward strokes similar to the position of the thumb and fingers in the salute. The letter Shin here stands for Shaddai, meaning "Almighty (God)". Nimoy wrote that when he was a child, his grandfather took him to an Orthodox synagogue. There he saw the blessing performed and was very impressed by it. [1]

    Funny how Prog is calling gestures that praise Jehovah and are part of bible tradition, illuminati symbols. Well at least he is true, Jehovah is simple our nature such as the Sun and Illuminati means illuminated ones. The irony...

  • bohm

    Location: underground illuminati lair, Switzerland.

    Member 1: Hey what about this, we use our resources to make a previously unknown-but-talented artist become an international superstar!

    Member 2: Great!

    Member 3: Excellent!

    Zombie Elvis: GRRrnnnrrggggg!!!!!!! this will surely help us get world domination! Grrrnnnggggnnnrrrr....

    Member 3: So aside promoting things which will obviously help our agenda for world depopulation, like gay rights, regular excersize and personal grooming, what will she do?

    Member 1: THE ONE EYE SIGN!!!!

    (all): ohhhhhh!! (GRRNNNrrggg).

    No, seriously, you actually claim some people once sat down desided Lady Gaga should do the one-eye sign because it would help the illuminati?

    you actually believe that?

  • mP

    Massive increases in population are in places of the world that are not customers for Lady Gags music. How many people of the poor people who have all the kids in Africa, China or India are fans of Lady Gaga. My guess is next to none. They barely earn a few cents a day, they have no chance of buying an ipod or cds from Lady Gaga. Great logic!

  • Sapphy

    The elite, however you define them, already have in the high 90%s of the world's worth. Do you really think they're siting around illuminatifying?

    All they're doing is trying to fight rising taxation & protect their own interests. Some of the good'un's create vast charitable foundations - it's the best we can hope for at the moment.

  • bohm

    Sapphy: No you got it all wrong, pay no attention to all that -- its the illuminati, see, they have this huge plan for world domination, an integral part of which is to make Lady Gaga do the illuminati symbol!

  • bohm

    I have uncovered another cog in the illuminati wheel-o-domination!

    Look at the picture:

    Look at the last kid! Notice the symbol! Its a PYRAMID, an illuminati symbol. and he is BEHIND all the other symbols, indicating his role!

    Clearly the village people is part of the illuminati conspiracy.

    I will be back later if my fridge has more truths to tell me about the conspiracy. I can hear her she is thinking...

  • Prognoser

    mP, the vulcan hand sign is from the Kabbalah, not the Bible. Ole Spocky even admitted that.

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