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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee


    I could tell you really didn't want advice, but sympathy for your pregnancy plight, which falls under the title of, "you reap what you sow" and somehow, you think another set of lies will work out just fine.

    Is there some particular reason you are attackign this person? Do you have any facts?

    Is there anything wrong with anyone coming here asking for sympathy? If that were the case this board would have closed down long ago.

    And believe me just because a woman is pregnant doesn't mean her brain only thinks of baby. We continue to think about all kinds of things that are important to us. And sometimes the things we are passionate about actually intensify.

  • Chariklo

    Lady Lee, I think this thread may in fact not be all it seems, and Moshe has not truly been attacking Emilie, but maybe just expressing himself with more vigour than tact.

    The thread can't really be fully understood on its own, and should be read in the light of this one too. The two go together, for anyone interested.


  • Diest

    Char, while I apreaciate your points, stop excusing Moshe. I have watched this whole thing unfold and she seems like a normal person to me. Her story about the religion seems accurate. Her refusal to believe anything about the falklands fits with every Argentine I have met. Just because she is someone who is passionate/combative about the Falklands, it does not make her less believeable. We all have blind spots in our logic.

    That being said have some compassion, she got prego and dfed and is in a hard spot in life.

  • Joliette

    I'm sorry about you being disfellowshipped. Or as we african-american witnesses say in the United States: Dissed.

    Things will get better.

  • Chariklo

    Diest, not everything is as it seems.

    I suspect we all like to see fair play. I hope I have compassion. Those who know me tend to see me as softer-hearted than most. I certainly know all about being in a hard spot, but I also like to tell something as it is.

    I'm not excusing Moshe. He hasn't really done anything to be excused for. He calls a spade a spade, and I'd prefer any day that someone be direct and say what he means rather than say one thing and mean another. Like him, I note the discrepancies.

    I've done my best to research extensively and find out the truth, and on this thread here I was one of the first to welcome Emily. As a mother and grandmother I am well aware of all the significance of bringing up a baby in difficult circumstances.

    However, as in the other more explicitly Malvinas thread, I sincerely apologise for any genuine distress I've inadvertently caused. No offence was intended.

  • moshe

    There comes a time, LL, when kind words , while soothing, do not help a person redirect their life in a positive direction- Our society seems to bend over backwards in abetting the people who make "problems" that the rest of us have to pay for. What you call attacking, I call facing the facts- true words may not be kind, but true words are the best way a person can figure out how fix what is broken. It can be a positive thing when a JW gets DF'd, as it may be the only chance that a person has to get out of a cultish religion, when they lack the willpower to leave because of knowledge the WT is a fraud. They have been given a chance to, live a genuine life that is their story, not one forced on them by some old men at bethel.

    If most prefer offering pollyannaisms in place of hard, but sound advice, so be it.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    She has been here for 8 days and some of you are on the attack. And no we don't need to be all syruppy sweet. That would gag even me. Maybe like many other people who come here she needs to do a lot of reading about the JWs before she decides to go back.

  • moshe

    Some people, LL, are born skeptics- and thank goodness they exist.

    a Df'd JW asks for advice, then abruptly says a few days later- I've made up my mind-I'm going back to the hall, which is the same idea they arrived with, doesn't need any sympathy.

  • RubaDub

    Just my 2 cents but if she really wants to get reinstated quickly, I hope that she is using a fictious name and picture (especially the name). The Branch gets the S-77 (or whatever number they are) with the name of the person getting DF'd.

    We all know that there are "eyes" looking at this website and it wouldn't take much more than an email to the Branch in Argentina to make a mess out of her trying to get reinstated. If the elders were made aware of what has been written here, it could take years, not months, to get reinstated.

    If you don't care it's one thing, but if you want to play at their table, you have to at least humbly appear that you accept their rules.

    Rub a Dub

  • moshe

    There can't be that many JWs like her in Argentina, that have such a knowledge of the English language, just got pregnant, have a father in the USA and are so politcial- the bridge has been burned- if in fact we heard a factual story- and besides, headstrong Df'd people don't succeed in fooling the elders for very long.

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