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  • DaCheech


    Nice, getting racist? huh?

  • Violia

    Yes, the left has claimed the right ( he he) to call anyone who disagrees with them racist names , and your mother wears army boots too!

  • FlyingHighNow

    Nice, getting racist? huh

    Okay, this is serious here now, since when is the term redneck racist? I grew up around rednecks. Redneck is more of a frame of mind and lifestyle than it is anything else. I've known poor rednecks and I've known rich ones. My own son has developed into a redneck. In some ways this is a good thing, but in others it's not so good. I have known a few rednecks who would not be naive and ignorant enough to fall for the propaganda on Fox News. The definition for redneck is pretty broad as well. Even rednecks can't come up with one hard and fast definition. By the way, I note that you have no problem with me using the term fundamentalist. Where I grew up, redneck is not an insulting, racist term. Calling someone a cracker or white trash would be considered derogatory.

  • FlyingHighNow
    I watch Fox News, am a big fan of Morning Joe, and prefer MSNBC's analysis because in my view, they do have more views to share. I think Fox News goes out of it's way to portray only one view of everything. That isn't news. That's a game show.

    I've heard Rachel Madow and others on MSNBC criticize and fairly report on Obama. I will watch any of the networks, to compare. I strongly dislike the bully factor on fox.

  • FlyingHighNow

    Besides, most rednecks are very proud of being rednecks:

  • FlyingHighNow
  • NewChapter

    FHN, don't worry about it. Everyone knows what you mean by redneck, and we know you aren't racist. They would love it if they could really call a liberal a racist (and I'm sure they exist) but also love denying all the code words the conservative party loves to use to cater to their own racists. Remember when they called our black president 'urban' and such? Rush Limbaugh just had a whole speil on how the Obama's were acting like "entitled white people" *gasp*. Oh of course, he's not a racist. Nobody is a racist---no. It's not racist to support a business's right to not serve African Americans.

    Shake it off chicky. You are not a racist. It's slight of hand.


  • FlyingHighNow

    Just some of the comments made for the song Redneck Girl, from youtube. For Da Cheech and Viola, for educational purposes. Redneck is not a racist term:

    my cousin and i used to blast this almost as loud as the speakers in my daddy's truck would go as we? whent flying down the backroads. we were and still are redneck girls and we have the belts too.

    Articmewmew 1 year ago 9

  • First off Redneck and White Trash IS NOT THE SAME THING! I've been Redneck all? my life and I do NOT consider myself trash! Most people mistake me for being a lady until I whip out my Redneck attitude and prove otherwise, but I ain't trash! Secondly, Jessica Simpson needs to learn the difference between sexy and slutty! She has the slutty down pat! She can't hold a candle to Catherine Bach for the sexiness of Daisy Duke! At least Bach was classy with her protrayal of a Redneck woman!

    Fantazunique1962 2 months ago 8

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    • just seen these guys on the mike huckabee show? last night.thought the song was great even tho im not a country music fan.

      cali714ish 4 days ago

    • I am not a big Country Music fan, but I must admit that this is a good? song and the video is well put together as well.

      Billyyank1 5 days ago

    • She never will? be as good as Catherine by far. Proud to be a redneck and love my women. Not no damn Simpson

      RandomDude1713 2 weeks ago

    • @Redneckhotmama I know what your talkin' about, sugar. I will have to admit, though, you sound more redneck then me, but my heart has always been country as all get out! I only got to? live on a ranch for a short time as a girl, but helping a cow to give birth I believe was my introduction into being as Redneck as you can be! I love riding horses and being out in the country whenever I can be! I drive anything from Ford to Chevy pickups to a GMC dump truck, and I'm proud of my redneck roots!!!

      Fantazunique1962 1 month ago

    • @Fantazunique1962 Thank you so much for clarifying that for these idiots. I grew up on a farm in N FL. I wear my boots and wranglers that cover my butt. Yes, I wear a belt with my name on it and I have since I was in diapers. I spent? my weekends at the practice pen and nights riding around in an old pickup truck with my true love. I respect myself and others untill you irk my soul and my temper flares.

      Redneckhotmama 1 month ago

    • its a? girl with no meat on her bones by the way dancin around in her panties an butt shorts with red boots... um yep agree that hey yall you aint seen redneck girl yet :)

      2thecorecowgirl 1 month ago

    • awesome song bro thanks for the? upload!

      OPAWhiteNoize 1 month ago

      I'am from Alabama, and yes I have met many? a Redneck girl, and the are awesome.
    • TheWilliamjsmith 1 month ago

    • @lifeislikeapuzzle what a moron lol, what is it? like going through life being so stupid

      ballsackbillie 2 months ago

  • FlyingHighNow

    Oh and just in case it ever comes up, hillbillies is a term my northern 1st mother in law used to use to insult all southerners. But true rednecks and hillbillies don't find the term insulting.

  • NewChapter

    It was never a racist term FHN. I believe it goes back to the country folk who would get red necks from working in the field all day. Then the country culture started to be defined as "red neck". The nerve of any supporter of FOX news to make up a racist term and point fingers is amusing. Oh, but that's right, nobody is a racist. Ask our foodstamp president. They've built a trope (blacks abuse foodstamps) and activate it at will (foodstamp president). No racism there---nope---not at all.

    Denying racism is the new racism---but hey. YOU said REDneck. LOL redneck. a racist term. HYSTERICAL. Gotta go listen to Rush. Or maybe Trump, he is really popular with "the blacks". Or FOX---their blacks are better than our blacks. Nothing to see here. No calling on the "race card" oops---that's not a racist term either. Racism is dead.


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