"Mentally diseased" article to be published in The Independent tomorrow

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  • ohiocowboy

    Other papers are now discussing the original article, and the police are even doing an inquiry on the JW's hate speech!!! The newspaper presses are on fire over this! Click on the links-This is going to be BIG!


    And here

    And here!!!



    There are more, just do a google or yahoo search on Jehovah's Witnesses, click on News, and you will be led to many more articles.

    I just wanted to give you more credit where it is due Cedars! You proactively did something many of us only think about, and if there were more people like you, I bet we could truly show the Watchtower for what it really is. Thank you again, you very well could have saved someone, if not many people, a life full of misery in the Org!

    Does anyone know if a large class-action lawsuit can be made against the Org?

  • sizemik

    The comments submitted by JW's on The Independent article are amusing . . . it's amazing what they will actually say.

    One came out and said . . . "Each person determines who is a bad associate for them" . . . in complete contradiction of the Watchtower article.

    It's like shooting fish in a barrel.

  • patient

    Class action lawsuit!!! any lawyers here could be a big payout - lawyers can keep it all just really need to set this straight - they screwed up a lot of lives..

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    Pams girl


    Happyfied. Much!

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    Yep - Most of them by Sizemik

  • rebel8

    Again, great job to all those who did this. Publicity on issues such as this is an effective way to reduce cult activity, no matter what the ultimate outcome.

    I have written an article on the Cult Prevention site which adds some background for the layperson who does not know about the dubs.

    I have also added an opinion poll and the site is open for comments.


  • carla

    Thanks for the other links Ohiocowboy!

  • punkofnice

    I wonder if any of the JW apologists will read the theads and think: 'Holy Bat Crap, Batman!' Wake up and leave the org themselves.

    Some comments seem a bit over the top even for so called JWs but you never know! MikeJChicago or Walsh or whatever he or she calls themselves have me scratching my head wondering if they are who they say they are.

  • sizemik
    I have also added an opinion poll and the site is open for comments. . . . rebel8

    Nice work rebel8 . . . the initiative being displayed here is bloody awesome!

    Some comments seem a bit over the top even for so called JWs but you never know! . . . punkofnice

    I've mentioned this on another thread . . . but it would be helpful I believe, if we make a practice of copying apologists comments to file . . . especially if they vilify and display hatred . . . it's the proof of the pudding. You just never know when/if they could be useful.

    This is a comment recently made on The Independent thread by Jane Robertson . . . it's a valid point that can be capatalised on . . .

    I think what is very telling is the comments from JW apologists who have shown from their responses that they do indeed have contempt and hate for those that leave the organisation. Their contempt, and attempts to demean and belittle those that have left show all the qualities the article intended. It shows that articles like these do have consequences for those that read and follow them making them less loving, less christian and less charitable. Those on the receiving end feel dehumanised, misrepresented and vulnerable.

    This is a very good comment IMO.

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