How many people watched "The Princess and the Frog?"

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  • wasblind

    Alright, I took a deep breath and exhaled :) I'm good ;)

  • AGuest
    had you ever heard of the Princess and the Frog story before it came out in Disney?

    I have. It is/was about a PRINCESS... and a frog who, in reality, is a PRINCE. Not about some working girl in New Orleans (and I DON'T have a problem with that; just think it's another story altogether)... and loser guy... both of whom turn into frogs... and neither of which are actually princely. In the "fairy tale"... she (the princess) kisses the frog who, as a result (or by some other means)... turns into... wait for it... a prince.

    You are missing the entire point, BP. It was about having, once again, to take less. Not being given the SAME. Bottom line: being given less and not the same... is not... the... same. And that's all we wanted: the same. Something that said our dreams are the same and therefore, just a valid... even if they don't ever come true. YOU can dream of being a "real" princess; why can't I? YOU can dream of having a "real" prince; why can't I?

    That has been our SOLE request... for so, so long. But, as the late Richard Pryor once joked... and this movie BROUGHT HOME for me:

    "Got any dreams? Well, "we" want THOSE, too!"

    You have no idea what my community and culture dreams of. I can tell you: it ain't running through the swamp... or playing games with some "voodoo" man.


    SA, on her own... thinking that this really wasn't the focus of dear GN's OP... and so perhaps we all should move on... or take it to another thread...

  • watersprout

    LOL! I have been chuckling at Wasblinds responses!

    I have to admit I didn't like the film... When I started watching it I was like ''ummmm where is the Prince?'' I couldn't understand that after HOW many Disney films with white girls (where the peasant/poor girl found her prince and lived in a beautiful castle with beautiful dresses and everyone adoring the the new princess) they suddenly thought it was ok to make a film with a black girl and NOT have her find a wonderful prince and live in a castle! Yes to me it was rascist and i'm WHITE! Why did all the other disney princesses (including princess Fiona who married an ogre and was STILL a princess) get a castle and a prince but Tiana got a random bloke and a restaurant??

    I was excited to see it advertised and I remember saying to Carrot that it's about time there was a black disney princess...How wrong was I????

    Rant over!


  • AGuest
    Why did all the other disney princesses (including princess Fionawho married an ogre and was STILL a princess) get a castle and a prince but Tiana gota random bloke and a restaurant??

    Okaayyyyy???!! That's all ah'm sayin', dear WS (the greatest of love and peace to you, dear one!). All ah'm sayin'...

    Peace... and THANK YOU!

    SA, on her own... 'n jus' sayin'... nohmsayin'?

  • TD


    What do you do when confronted with stuff like this?


    I haven't seen this particular movie and since my children are grown, don't have any reason to, so I honestly don't know what the portrayal was like. But if the 'Voodoo Man' was clearly a villain and if what he did was portrayed in a negative light and if good triumphed over evil and villainy in the end, then there is nothing wrong with it.

    The mentality that would condemn such things in a work of fiction regardless of how they are portrayed would also have to condemn the Bible itself, which certainly has it's share of villains, demons, etc. The mere presence of such things in a story has nothing to do with the morality of the story. It's the context in which they appear that is important.

  • watersprout

    Your most welcome Shel (the greatest love and peace to you). I completely understood the point you were trying to make... I asked Babysprout what she thought of the film when she watched it and she said it wasn't fair that Tiana didn't get a castle... Then Carrot piped up and said ''she didn't get a castle cause she was black''.... I have to agree... Disney was rascist... It's not just disney, how you noticed how the black man always dies in action films?? (Unless your Will Smith and then your indestructable) It irritates the life out of me!

    Peace my sister.

  • AGuest

    You're a breath of fresh air, dear WS (again, peace to you!)...

    if the 'Voodoo Man' was clearly a villain

    Some whose religion is voodoo would take great offense at that, dear TD (peace to you, as well!). Oh, no, wait... we all know that voodoo is "bad", don't we? 'Cause the WTBTS says it is... and apparently, Disney agrees with them.

    This wasn't about good triumphing over evil, dear one.


    SA, on her own...

  • watersprout
    You're a breath of fresh air, dear WS (again, peace to you!)...


    I weigh as much as fresh air too! Lol

    Peace my sister

  • TD


    Some whose religion is voodoo would take great offense at that, dear TD

    I agree. --What I hoped to show by putting the term in speech marks is that I was borrowing it from Gary's wife and don't own or necessarily agree with that usage myself. I don't know for sure if the character even was a villain, not having see the movie. My impression from the picture was something like a male counterpart to Ursula from The Little Mermaid, but maybe that's way off.

    --I know JW's that refused to read The Devil and Daniel Webster in school, (Regardless of how badly the devil gets trounced) simply because the devil is in the story and for no other reason. They balk at the mere mention of spirits or magic with no consideration of the message.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises


    You complain about ppl not seeing things from your viewpoint... would it hurt for you to look things without your racist glasses on?

    Same for you, Wasblind. You see everything in black and white, without realising there are thousands of shades of grey. So sad. Hopefully one day you'll understand there is only one race, the human race.

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