How many people watched "The Princess and the Frog?"

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  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Interesting how people make assumptions yet don't have the gumption to back up their assertions.

    Equally interesting is how black people assume that white people don't understand what discrimination is like. How ignorant.

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    In your case, I may have gotten it wrong, but generally speaking when it comes to resentment over the dating game amongst blacks, its usually the women who've got the most spite. A lot of black women trip for real when one of us links up with a white woman, I mean they trip FOR REAL.

    Yeah, I know, dear RM (peace to you!). My son is a black man and he dates black and Asian women. I sort of understand where those women [thing they're] coming from ("Even our own men turn their backs, when their mommas and sisters are black!")... but it's never been an issue for ME. Heck, my first "boyfriends" as a child were "Sinbad, The Sailor" and "Space Ghost". The dad on the "Herculoids" was hot, too! LOLOLOLOL! I'm pretty color-blind, myself - I am attracted to qualities, not looks. Or skin color.

    Most brothers I talk to, could care less if black women date white dudes.

    Yeah, different generation, though. It's not the younger black men who give me the "redeye" - it's the older dudes. Especially if they just came from church (or should I say, "choich"?). I think there's a long-standing "thing", too, here in Oakland, between blacks and hispanic men and women of the older generations. I don't CARE, but I think there is...

    It's never bothered me, and I can recall white guys coming to the house that wanted to date my sister, and my brother and my father didn't have any beef with it. On the other hand, there's been times I've been on my lunch break walking with an attractive white woman whom I'm not involved with, and I can see the resentment in black women's eyes.

    On behalf of black women everywhere, all I can say is... "sorry 'bout that, bruh"... and ask you to take it on the chin for the black women who HAVE had it bad in life... and so this seems, to THEM, to be just one more act of unfairness...

    It's really amazing, and kinda hilarious if it weren't so sad. Or other times I can recall not being interested in a black woman for multiple reasons, nothing to do with her being black, and later on I hear secondhand she made some remark like, "He must like white girls!"

    Well, c'mon, you know what that's all about: it's like the guy who asks me to dance and I turn him down, only to have him call me "bitch" as I walk away. I didn't wanna dance with him because (1) I'd just finished dancing and needed a break; or (2) I either knew or had heard he had a girlfriend and didn't want the "drama"; (3) I saw him dancing earlier and he's a groper; or (4) he didn't shower but bathed in Hai Karate instead... and was already sweating (uh-uh, no...). So, I won't get mad about that (being called a "bitch" cause I didn't wanna dance)... if you don't get made when girls whose egos can't handle rejection... come up with some lame reason that you didn't choose them.

    c'mon, was her not getting a castle that important?

    I don't expect you to understand, dear one, but... yeah, it kinda was. For a REASON...

    Africans of royal descent never had castles anyway, that's a European thing.

    Yes, I understand that. It wasn't about castles, though, dear one... it was about DREAMS... which is what Disney SELLS. Right? I mean, if folks don't get THAT... they truly don't get DISNEY.

    Plus the movie is set to modern times, right? I haven't seen it yet, but I'm supposing since she wants to open her own restaraunt that its set to modern times in the Bayou. What'd you expect, them to make a crown for her and him out of crawfish and shrimp, and a castle with jambalya wallpaper?

    You're cracking me up, dear one... because you forget that this is a CHARACTER: they could have CHOSEN to set the movie during ANY time period... and GAVE her ANY dream. In virtually ANY place. With virtually ANY outcome. Do you not SEE that... that the PROBLEM is the DREAM they CHOSE for her?

    Very true, very sad too. Self hatred is a mutha f#$#! Pictures of Sammy Sosa with bleached skin are coming to mind right about now. I love when they come to America and get a reality check though. They might checkmark yes to the Hispanic question on their application, but when they walk down the street, they're a nigga just like the rest of us.

    Okaaayyy??? Not in "everyone's" eyes, though, and you KNOW this, man!

    Well, in movies, and music, dark skinned with low hair, or even brown skinned dudes are more prevelant than in media than their light skinned contemporaries with the so called, "good hair." You remember how it was back in the day with light skinned guys. Nowadays, guys like, Tyrese, Idris Elba, Tyson Beckford, the dude that played Adebisi on Oz, amongst many other dark actors and musicians are far more prevelant nowadays than there are Drakes.

    Yes, but you must keep in mind that, for ME, that is a relatively new phenomena. Which I am GRATEFUL for. Apparently, however, Disney "decided" to take "us" back a notch. And THAT is what got to me, dear RM...

    So, hopefully, this will help you understand me and WHY I view the flick as I do. It was NOT the step forward that folks think and Disney wanted everyone to believe. And I get that some believe "we" should be happy "we" got SOMETHING... as well as with what that "something" was... but I believe I would be selling out if I were and did. And I'm not a sell out, sorry, folks. I'm a lot of things, but not that.

    Again, peace to you, dear RM... and thanks for the "civil" discussion!

    SA, on her own...

  • AGuest

    Dear, dear Josie... the greatest of love and peace to you! I know you've closed the door on commenting here, but in case you peep back in... THANK YOU!

    BP... peace to you... and I have a confession to make, one that will hopefully prompt you to look at why YOU "see" this matter as YOU do: I had cause to state to someone awhile ago, during a similar discussion between you and I that I was CERTAIN that you [also] dated black men. Your comments today confirmed that. Now, wait... before you get all in a huff... I have absolutely NO problem with that: I believe in the sisterhood... no matter WHAT color. You like black men? Girlfriend MORE POWER TO YOU! I don't care WHO my son marries, so long as she's treats him well. And he'd BETTER treat her well - I did not raise him to disrespect women of ANY ilk.

    However... I knew this about you because of how you respond in these kinds of discussions. You truly want it all to just go away. And I get that, dear one, truly. I am SORRY that some insecure black women give you the eye like you "stole" something from them. You did not - and "he" doesn't deserve their anger and disdain any more than you do. We are all HUMAN first, THEN whatever gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, etc. So I apologize on behalf of those black women who send out such messages: they do NOT represent "all" of us. Any more than Jesse Jackson {{{{{shudder}}}}} reresents "all" black people. He absolutely does NOT.

    All of tht being SAID, though, I don't think you can tell me that a movie meant to depict "me"... and "my" dreams... was not racist if, IMHO, it is. Because it is based on what is or is not offensive to ME... not what is or is not offensive to YOU. I know of and understand the implications and insinuations of the stereotypes used to describe "my" people. Sure, sometimes it's covert and subtle... but it's not completely hidden.

    Now, does everyone who engages in or perpetuates racism always INTEND to do so... or even KNOW they are? No, of course not. But that does not negate the reality that that is what they've done or are doing.

    And, yes, it works both ways and other ways. But it is not for ME to say that "Aladdin" was racist or whatever. It would be for that culture to do so. Same with Mulan, Pochahantas... and whatever others there are. Keep in mind that some cultures are considered just as "okay" as those that have European origins, though...

    But perhaps you can bring yourself to consider, though, that although dear Josie and others won't bother even trying to explain this issue... and I can't say I blame them... someone IS trying to explain this matter... and WHY it is racist. You just don't want to HEAR that... which is absolutely your prerogative. However, you CANNOT deny me MY prerogative on this, nor will I allow you to.

    Not all black believe the same, nor are all white people racist. That argument is so bogus. That's like saying ALL movies depicting black people are racist. That's absolutely NOT true. But we weren't speaking of all movies - we are only discussing THIS movie.

    Again, peace to you... and please, at least TRY to understand, rather than trying to summarily dismiss another's perception as to something meant for them.

    SA, on her own...

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    for the last time....


    And if you think I am, perhaps that is saying more about YOU, than it does about me.

    AGuest, at least you had the girl-strength to return to this thread and explain a little more about yourself, unlike certain crybabies that get themselves in a huff, make insults then leave without explaining themselves.

    Yes, I have dated black men - one an African, one a black American. I've dated white men too. I don't have a preference for any colour, it's just how things happened. I look at the character first and foremost. Colour is waaaaaaay in the distance. I just pity ppl who aren't as colour-blind.

  • AGuest

    BP, again, peace to you and, again, I get that you may have been hurt previously by black women who had a problem with who you dated... BUT... do you NOT see that YOUR anger and chagrin over THAT... is absolutely NO different than some black folks' anger and chagrin over what happened... and STILL happens... to THEM?

    There really is difference, girl! "Our" pain... is just as real is yours. And vice versa. However, rather than trying to dismiss OURS... shouldn't you allow yourself to at least entertain, if not try to FEEL... the same empathy that you want others to feel as to YOU went through on the OTHER side (i.e., dating black men)? How is it that you can see and understand when other mistreat YOU... for the color of YOUR skin... but continually try to deny that it worked the other way FIRST?

    THREE of us have tried to tell you that you're "better than" your responses are indicating. All three of us, black women. C'mon, sistah... you know we're not crying up a stream here (whatever that means - LOL!). You KNOW there is a basis for what I've shared, even if you don't agree that it was prevalent in the movie. But your cries here... and on another thread... that [we think] "it's all whitey's fault"... is absolutely bogus. SOME things... like this movie... like experimenting of black people (and my mother was a victim of that... "they" tricked a WHOLE lot of black women into hysterectomies during the 60's, so...) ARE whitey's fault. Yes, there are a LOT of things that ARE whitey's fault. And there are a lot of things that are not.

    But the question is... who IS "whitey"?

    "He" no more encompasses all white people, nor even most of them, dear one... than "Tiana" or the dreams they gave her represent all, or even most black women. I am SURE you have enough intelligence to understand THAT.

    Again, peace to you!

    SA, on her own...

  • garyneal

    Okay, wow, this thread took on a life of its own but I guess the issue of 'race' gets a lot of people feathers ruffled. Oh well, that aside.

    The whole concern for me and my wife has never been about race, the thought just never came up. It was her fundamentalist attitude concerning 'da demunz' that could be coming into our home via this movie. Hate to say it, I've heard it all before. I was a former IFB and they are real bad when it comes to those things. It amazes me how ultra scared they are of life in general and try to shield themselves so much. But to each their own I suppose, but then this comes down to how we handle this with the kids.

    I think what really bothered me was her coming out in the open in front of our daughter with it. Granted, when I objected, she allowed us to watch the movie but when I tried to make my point she pulled out the Bible and interpreted the scripture in Galatians 5:19-21 as her reasoning for not wanting to watch this movie or allow our children to watch it.

    Later that night as we discussed it, I pointed out the following scripture and told her that if she intends to 'win me without a word' she might want to consider following it.

    Galatians 5:

    22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.

    Let's try to maintain some peace by talking about these things when the kids are not around.

    Anyway, this morning, my daughter asked me why mommy did not want her to watch that movie. She really likes that movie.

    I explained to her that mommy is scared of the shadow man because he does mean things to hurt people, but you know what, he loses at the end.

  • PSacramento

    Interesting thread....

    My little girls love that movie, they find the characters funny and they love happy endings.

    My eldest asked me about the Shadow man and I simply said that some people like to play games with things that they shouldn't and whether or not it is true that those people THINK it is and if they think that and try to do bad things to other people then they are NOT good people.

  • AGuest

    Oh, uhhh.. woops, dear GN (peace to you, dear one!)... I guess "w"e did hijack your thread. Let's see: how can we* make it up to you? LOLOLOLOL!


    SA, on her own...

    *Yours truly... and you others [alls] know who you are - LOLOLOL! Peace to you, as well!

  • sizemik

    Well . . .

    I only visited this thread because of comments thrown about in another (and you all know which one)

    There's a lot of mis-guided venom here. It's plain that some people will see a racist overtone in almost anything that is culturally anchored.

    Frankly, there's a few people here who should go back and read there own posts before feeling utterly ashamed of themselves.

    And you must know who you are.

    Spittin' venom out of one side of your mouth and "peace" out of the other?

    Seriously? . . . you're a joke people! And a bigger stain on Christianity than the JW's ever were!

  • Curtains

    shelby - interestingly the "original" story has a black pharoah as prince and a fair slave girl as Cinderella (some traditions suggest she was Greek) plus the greek word translated fair could mean brilliant, striking etc. The Europeans updated the story in order to propagate a white feelgood ideology in that both the princess and the prince are now white. Perhaps Disney could do a version in which the Prince is black and an heir to a kingdom.

    You are so spot on in your assessment

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