How many people watched "The Princess and the Frog?"

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    Truth is, the whole racial issue was not even the issue between my wife and I as we are an interracial marriage (she’s black and I am white). It was just the simple fact that the man was a voodoo man that put her off quoting scriptures about demonism and black magic. Hence the double standards I witnessed in her concerning ‘The Little Mermaid’ and ‘Cinderella’ and why she did not want to stumble me. *blech*

    In regards to racism, it never crossed our minds though I can see the viewpoints of the people on this board.

    If anything, what’s stumbling me is her moralistic holier than thou behavior that she exhibits when we disagree about certain Bible teachings. I thought I left that crap behind when I left the IFB churches years ago but its back in my Jehovah’s Witness wife. BTW, the video post came from an IFB church.

    I’ve told my wife that if she is not careful she will create a forbidden fruit that our children will be itching to partake of in secret. She says that by viewing it we are inviting demons in our house. I did counter with the Bible where it speaks of demons not to mention the news, no avail. It’s the Independent Fundamental Baptist churches all over again. L

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    Hi Shelby! I hope you are finding Peace!

    Hola, dear CJ! I am... and the greatest of love and peace to you!

    Just a few of my feelings in regards to some of your statements about the movie. Cinderella-(An indenture servant) did not become a Princess either until the end of the movie, as is the case with several Disney movies.

    Yes, but they eventually DID become princesses... which is the whole "rags to riches" premises, isn't it? But some folks "riches" turn out to be castles and royalty and servants, and spending one's day impliedly laying around eating bonbons and sugarplums... while "others'" turned out to be WORK. See what I mean? Okay, so she didn't end up being an indentured servant. She also didn't end up with a "Prince Charming" to rescue her FROM work! And hard, dirty work, too! Not that I have anything against work... not at all. Just "funny", isn't it, how the "dream" is assumed to be different?

    Instead of Frogs, the White carriage drivers were Rats. (Being given a chance, I think I would rather be a frog than a rat-lol)

    Being given a CHANCE... I think our little girls would love to have a CARRIAGE... and DRIVERS... too. Regardless of whethe they were initially frogs OR rats. See where I'm goin'?

    In past Disney movies, the wicked witches are always White.

    Or green. But "white", yes. Everyone was white, dear one... even the "good" horses...

    In regards to the New Orleans setting, I wonder how the World would be without such Jazz greats as Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Billie Holliday, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, etc. If not for New Orleans, where would they be? New Orleans is full of tradition, both good and bad.

    Yes, and all of that could have been a backdrop. It wasn't. The SWAMP was the backdrop, luv. Which is funny... 'cause there really ain't hardly no black folks IN the swamp. Cajun, yes. Creole, perhaps. But black folks? In the swamp? Where there's snakes?? Seriously??? I've been to New Orleans... and out on the swamp. Didn't see ANY black folks... anywhere. Saw quite a few in the 9th Ward before Katrina. Hardly none, now. See some down in the quarter in the clubs. Out on Bourbon Street on certain nights. But in the swamp? Uh-uh... not in enough numbers to give the impression that we're "comfortable" there. Snakes in the swamp, dear one. We don't "do" snakes (well, not before they're prepped and cooked).

    Ever see any black folks on the TV shows that show folks, fishing on the bayou? How about catching catfish by hand? Gatoring? Hydro-boating? Checking on the enviroment/eco system? Snakes, my dear. Snakes.

    Even Voodoo had/has its place in NO to this day, and cultures and lives have been molded through what New Orleans stood for.

    Yes, it does. It is a religion for many. Wasn't portrayed that way in the movie, though. Nope, it was related to scamming, pimping, gambling, and out right conning. You know, the which is near and dear to EVERY black man... as we ALL know...

    Unfortunately, the grandeur of NO has been replaced in large by criminal elements (Of all skin tones),

    Yes. Including murderous cops... all of whom were of the paler complexion...

    but the fact remains that NO always has been, and always will be a city known for greatness, and many, many African Americans have been blessed by having been associated with the city.

    Ummmm... I can say that about Chicago, dear one. Even more so, actually. And just African Americans?

    If I recall correctly, the movie was even based on the time period of the early Jazz era of the late teens/early 20's-(not in the New Orleans we see today).

    It was based on a PARODY of that era...

    The movie shows Tiana as a hard worker, and aspires to open her own business. As a human, she was portrayed as a very beautiful young lady. (Had I been a Straight White Male cartoon character, I would have dated her-lol).

    Then why didn't SHE "get" a real prince?? Even WITH the restaurant?

    In regards to the frog character, she did have mighty fine frog's legs-again lol, just trying to be funny,

    Oh, I got it - I LOVE frog legs! YUM!!

    Disney has always mixed humans with animals due to either a curse or creative license whether they be Black, White, Brown, or purple with pink polka dots. It wasn't just a Black thing.

    Yes, no, I get that. Didn't have a problem with the humanization of the animals, dear one... not at all. Nor with the animals chosen to depict the characters, per se.

    Some earlier Disney movies I agree have had a degree of racism, but this movie, I just don't see it.

    I know. Again, though, it might have been the moccasins you were wearing. But I don't fault you for that. I'm just trying to help you "try on" mine. I guess they just don't/can't "fit"...

    It doesn't mean though that I am discounting what you are saying though, as I appreciate we all have our own opinions...

    Mine was subjective, of course. I can see how yours could be... unless, again, you change your moccasins...

    Have a wonderful day!!!

    And you, as well, truly! And, as always, peace to you, dear one!

    YOUR servant and a slave of Christ,

    SA, closing with the thought that many of us thought, "Okay, never could've imagined that WE could have a princess when we were little, but now it's our daughter's turn and, well, ANYTHING is possible through the movies, so SURELY our little girls will now be able to at least DREAM like other little girls... other white, asian, native american, arabian, russian, european, etc., little girls! Sure, it may never happen - not a lot of black princes out there - but, who knows?" Well, nope... apparently, not. Not even in the movies... where ANYTHING is SUPPOSED to be possible.

  • ohiocowboy

    Sorry you are going through that Gary. JW's have such an unhealthy attitude towards demons, it is almost as if they are worshipping them instead of Jehovah, due to the power that the thought of demons hold over them. They think demons are everywhere, in everythng, and are out to get them. Being raised in that environment, I saw firsthand the power that JW's give them. It is really unhealthy, and I hope that your wife does not influence your kids too much in regards to them. Young kids have enough on their plate these days than to have to worry about thinking that demons are everywhere.

  • garyneal

    Well, here's hoping she'll snap out of it when she returns to work at her teacher job. She's been out for four weeks solid and has been doing more pioneering than normal. That and the shepherding call she got yesterday must have gotten to her. I'll be going into damage control with her cult personality and I hope her friends at work provide a positive influence as well.

    I at least managed to appeal to the teacher in her when I pointed out in one of her publications how ridiculous it was to tell a child that the demons 'like it when you touch your private parts.' For real? They really teach this stuff to children? *ugh*

  • garyneal

    Well, I am out, have a good weekend.

  • trailerfitter

    Aguest,...thank you for the corrections in my bad english...yes indeed not all black people do voodoo magic but it is steriotypical that certsain regions of the world will see that sort of practice,...just look at pirates at the carribean to who does///...

  • ohiocowboy

    Hi again Shelby! I can see some of your points, but Tiana's dream was to open her own restaurant. It is what she wanted, and not what you wanted her to have. Had her dream been to marry a Prince and to never work again, circumstances may have been different, and the storyline would have been changed. She ended up getting what she desired, not what the viewers wanted her to have. Our world, and many viewpoints nowadays are a little different than the old "Marry a Prince and never have to work again" such as in the case of Cinderella. Everyone is different, we all have different goals. I have more respect for Tiana and Naveen for not following a standard story line, but rather they again pursued and got what they ultimately desired in life, which included a job. Kudos to them! Lots of rich people today, often times opt to continue working even though they never really have to. I respect those individuals a lot more than I would respect someone who has no goals or dreams in life and just sits around doing nothing of value. Perhaps Disney could have done some things a little differently, but the fact is they are trying. Again, I don't think that Oprah would have had anything do do with the movie had she thought it was racist.

    Again, have a great day, and I wish you a speedy recovery!


  • WontLeave


    Make sure your wife skips over the magic-practicing priests parts in Exodus, too. For that matter, there are tons of things in the Bible that may "stumble" her. I hate JWs' catch-all use of that word. It's lost all meaning with them. Anything they don't like, scares them, is unfamilliar, or confusing will invoke the S word. It's disgusting.

  • AGuest

    Okay, did my usual bump-by-bump response, dear CJ (the greatest of love and peace to you!)... and realized... wrong moccasins... and nothing I can do about that. One thing... voicing animated flicks is not exactly like acting. Often... and as with this film... the characters do their voice parts separately. The lead, Anika Noni Rose... said, and I quote:

    "Other people would sometimes hear my voice... but I rarely heard anyone else's voice."

    That's because one does one's part... and then they put it all together at the end. Now, do we really think Oprah... the young lady asked to play the lead in Disney's FIRST African American "princess" movie... would badmouth Disney?? Of course, not. Disney is an "American" icon. Yes, it has its dissenters... but most consider them off the wall fanatics. Oprah doesn't do controversy anymore, not even about Stedman. She cut THAT out after the Texas beef ranchers lawsuit fiasco and pretty much goes with the flow. And I don't knock that - it's worked for her, big time. There IS something to be said about going along to get along... especially when your paycheck can be effected (and if you think Disney didn't pay Oprah for her participation and endorsement... you're crazy).

    I do get it how some can't/won't'don't want to see it as I do. That's fair - again, it's the moccasins. For me, a "princess" is someone who's mom/dad is a queen/king... and/or who marries a prince (the son of a king/queen)... and not someone who gets to open her own restaurant in New Orleans (at least, that's what one was until this movie). But, hey, that's just me.

    I didn't get my princess, dang it... and I was mad as heck. As were a lot of "us".

    But, no worries, dear one... I'm done here. Stated my position... and that's all it was. Not planning any sit-ins or civil rights marches over it, so no worries

    Again, peace to you!

    SA, on her own... and wishing to kindly remind dear TF that voodoo is primarily a Louisiana religion, practiced in great part in New Orleans... neither of which is in the Carribean... and that not all of "us" LIVE in Louisiana... or New Orleans... or anywhere near it... OR practice voodoo...

  • Diest

    I like Briar rabbit...and as a side point a tar baby was created as a trap to catch animals before it was racist....that being said i dont want anyone to feel wronged by a video. If you dont like it I dont mind....but I dont believe in censoring anything including litertrash.

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